Susan Maddux x All We Ever Wanted

by Grace Bonney

It’s been a while since I went to a new art show, but after seeing these photos from ROW DTLA, I’m reminded of how much I need to get out of the house to be inspired by projects like this in person. Artist Susan Maddux recently debuted a collection called “All We Ever Wanted” at ROW DTLA where she used stunningly painted canvas that was folded and displayed in dramatic hanging forms. When I first saw these pop up on Instagram (which is, for better and worse, how I seem to see everything these days) I was gobsmacked.

I have such a weakness for huge swaths of fabric and seeing these gorgeous painted fabrics folded in weighty but beautiful displays took my breath away. They remind me of a modern combination of Issey Miyake’s Pleats Please and these dip dyed folders from HAY. I’m nowhere near this exhibition, so I’ll be admiring these from afar, but if you want to check out more you can see more of Susan’s work online here. xo, Grace

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