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Lauren’s Spare Room Makeover: Introducing Trim and Pattern Color

by Lauren Chorpening Day

We’re excited to bring you this post with Behr, who kindly sponsored this project! All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help us bring you free and original content like this daily.

I’m back with the latest update from my spare room makeover! Last week we got the ceiling and walls painted which made the space feel completely new. The next phase was getting the new trim finished. My husband, Austin, and my father-in-law installed new crown molding and I got everything prepped and ready to go for painting. I’m working with Behr Marquee® Paint  and love the one coat coverage.* I also couldn’t be happier with my final palette: Cameo White for the walls, Creamy Mushroom for my ceiling and accents. Breezeway, a soft blue Behr color, will also serve as an accent color since it’s the color I decided to perk up the closet interior with!

My home is an older home and that means that there are a lot of layers of paint on the trim. It’s not too noticeable in most places, but in other places, it’s hard to edge a straight line. Getting a good, secure edge with tape was an important first step. Going slow with this process is hard for me because I pride myself on being able to cut-in with paint pretty evenly but starting with an uneven surface in a space that I don’t want to repaint for a long, long time made the prep work worth it.

Once the tape was down, I got out my Behr Marquee Paint and an angled brush. I started with the crown molding, moved to the door trim, tackled the windows and then worked my way to the base trim. Having a ceiling to floor workflow helps give structure to the process instead of bouncing from one area to another. The advantage here is if I accidentally get a drip on an unfinished surface below, it will just get painted over as I move down to the next level to be painted.

I really wanted to use my color palette for some unexpected details in the space. I’m going to be painting the room’s closet soon, bringing in a pretty, happy color that will stand out in the room and bring some whimsy to that area.

I mentioned in my first post that my design plans included a hand-painted pattern in one section of the room that would add another bit of the unexpected. This pattern, along with the closet rework, will add so much personality to the room. Both of these decorative details also allow me to work with my palette on a smaller scale and enjoy the combination of hues I chose in a more detailed, personalized way.

I was most nervous about actually creating the pattern in my Creamy Mushroom color. I knew what I wanted it to look like in my head but was unsure how to get the right combination of orderly and painterly in real life. I practiced on the wall several times and then covered that area back with Behr Marquee Paint in Cameo White, given it’s one coat coverage*. It was nice to practice on the “canvas” I’d be using to get a feel for the scale and technique I wanted to use.

I’m so excited about how it looks. It’s already an inspiring place to be that I’m thankful I get to work in—and the furniture hasn’t even arrived yet. I know that once the space is filled, it’ll be such a wonderful environment for me to work and for kids to grow up in later on. 

This is Post 4 in a series of 5 where I’ve been sharing my color selection process and my spare room’s new design where the final palette chosen from the Behr line-up of colors will do the heavy lifting in bringing the space to life. I hope you’ll join us on our painting journey and take away a few helpful painting tips along the way! We’re grateful for our sponsor, Behr, for funding this series and makeover. Thank you for supporting our sponsor who helps us bring you free and original content like this every weekday. You can see Post 1 of this series here, Post 2 here and Post 3 here. Next week I’ll be sharing the completed room! –Lauren

*Limitations apply. Visit Behr.com/MarqueeInterior for more details.

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  • I want to do this design, and I’m wondering what size/type of paintbrush you used for the design? Thank you!

    • Hi Morgan!

      I’m so glad you want to do this too. I used a brush I found at The Home Depot — The Zibra 1 inch Square Moulding and Trim Brush. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Zibra-1-in-Square-Moulding-and-Trim-Brush-PB100LZS/100549996

      A standard 1-inch paint brush would also work as long as it isn’t angled. I just found the square shape of this brush helpful to keep the brush strokes consistent and more opaque.

      I’ll check back here so let me know if you have any other questions about the process!


      • Perfect! Thank you! I think I’m going to go for a pale blue background with emerald green strokes! Can’t wait! Thank you for the inspiration. I’d been looking for something unique and cost effective for a while ☺️