Design*Sponge Farewell Party August 2nd in Philadelphia (Come Join Us!)

by Grace Bonney

I always knew I wanted the end of Design*Sponge to feel like a celebration, and thanks to our long-time friends at Terrain, it will be. To celebrate our final month of posting and our 15th birthday, Terrain at Styers is throwing a beautiful *FREE* farewell party for us that is open to everyone who wants to come celebrate with us. So I hope you’ll come join us in Philadelphia on the 2nd of August from 6-8pm. What will be there? Well, for starters, we will! Our entire team is flying in from as far away as Finland, Italy, Chicago, Iowa, Alabama, West Virginia and California! We only get to see each other all together every other year or so, so this is going to be a very special night. We’ll be surrounded by friends, family, DS alum and, we hope, you all! We’d love to celebrate with our community, so we hope you’ll consider joining us for a one-time-only Farewell to Design*Sponge party that will include drinks, snacks, and lots of hugs. We’ll also be recording a little video at the party that will turn into our final post — EVER. So if you want to be a part of that and live on in DS history here, please come join us! Details are below. We can’t wait to celebrate with you all! xoxo, Grace

  • What: Our Farewell to Design*Sponge (and happy 15th birthday!) Party at Terrain
  • When: Friday, August 2nd from 6-8pm EST
  • Where: Terrain at Styers– 914 Baltimore Pike, Glen Mills, PA 19342
  • What to expect: We’ll be spending time celebrating together with snacks and drinks from Boardroom Spirits and Seedlip Drinks
  • RSVP HERE (Tickets are free!)

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  • I was so excited that your farewell event was going to take place in Philly, until I discovered that it wasn’t – Glen Mills is an hour outside of the city. Oh well, hope you all have a wonderful night!

    • I was so incredibly pumped when I saw Philadelphia and really disappointed to see it’s at Terrain, too! I’m sad I’ll have to miss it!

  • The comments section didn’t have anything in it so I’m leaving this in the reply section. I can’t be the first person to see it, so everyone else must still be in tears. I’m so sorry to see Design Sponge go. So sorry to see such an enjoyable ride end. But … I am so glad to have been part of the whole party that was Design Sponge. Thank you for allowing me to join in all the fun. Thank you for showing me so many things that I didn’t know, and for adding a couple of my own ideas. You will be sorely missed, but fondly remembered. God be with you and all of the people ever involved in anything you ever did. Goodbye and Love you all.

  • As a Canadian, it’ll be a little to far for me to be there, but I’ve been reading Design Sponge for years! I’ll miss it so much, and don’t think I’ll be able to find the same quality content elsewhere. What a beautiful digital space you’ve all created. Thank you for your inspiration.

  • Thank you for your labor of love in posting Design Sponge all these years. I’ve been a long time reader as well and can’t tell you how helpful your Design Sponge City Guides have been. Best of luck in whatever your next adventure is.

  • Hey Grace and co

    Can’t remember when I started the day with a dose of Design Sponge but it feels like a part of me is being shut down. Always appreciated the ordinary homes with extraordinary interiors, ordinary folk with extraordinary ideas and it is these I will miss on the daily basis with my first morning coffee here in OZ. Have tried a few other sites but feel it’s the end of an era when DS closes down. There was a sense go belonging that I haven’t found elsewhere. Many thanks to you all, I have felt a joy amongst you and wish you all well in future endeavours.

  • Thanks for years of inspiration Grace and Company! I must have missed the ending anouncement…why is Design*Sponge ending? Such a great plataform…

  • Thank you Grace for sharing all that you have encountered thru your blog. I have been introduced to people and places I would never have been able to know. I wish I could recall when I was introduced to your blog–I know it was earlier than ten years ago as I remember seeing you demo crafts on several TV shows. I am happy for you opening a new chapter but am sad that I’ll not be able to share with you all the adventures in your home and community. My very best wishes for your future. Sending hugs and smiles as you move forward.

  • This makes me so sad. I remember coming here for design ideas, fleeing other blogs’ endless product placement, and realizing that this is so much more than just another design blog. This site is one of the last beacons of true take-it-slow essay writing, the kind that encourages you to slowly sip your coffee and settle into the morning, grounded and satisfied. As a relatively recent grad of an English program heavy on peer review and public readings, the type of writing found here feels like coming home. I’m going to miss you guys so much, and I’m dreading the final post. I hope you all find ways to continue writing and sharing your ideas with the world (and the internet, of course). I’ll be waiting to cross paths with you all again.

  • Thank you Grace and entire Design Sponge gang for 15 years of inspiring reads! I will sorely miss you all!

  • I’ve been reading Design Sponge for 10+ years. This has long been one of my favorite reads and such a welcoming, refreshing space. Thank you for everything that has gone into this blog. Best of luck in all endeavors.

  • Any chance for more tickets to be made available? I normally read DS everyday but missed this post.

  • I’ve been reading since I was a design student in college – since nearly the beginning! I miss you already! Best of luck in everything that the future holds.

  • Thank you Grace and Co! 15 years of such lovely design inspiration. I’ll miss you dearly. xo Jess

  • I so want to be a part of it ! I believe the RSVP for the farewell has closed – is there any way I can still join it.

  • Will the blog remain up to look at for reference or will the site be shutting down. There is so much beauty in these posts.

    • Hi Sheryl! The blog will remain online throughout the coming year or as long as it is financially feasible. Thanks so much for reading and being a part of our community! Caitlin