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Top 20 Life + Business Posts of All Time: #2 Being the Face of Your Business

by Grace Bonney

Our #2 spot on the Top 20 Business Posts of All Time list belongs to the final in a series of three posts that Erin Benzakein of Floret Flowers wrote. And this post was my personal favorite because it touches on a topic that’s been a part of my story here at Design*Sponge: Being the Face of Your Business. This is a tough topic. Being the face of your business can be a blessing and a curse — you are the first and last stop for both praise and complaints, so it can be tricky. Erin handled this topic with such openness and warmth and that’s exactly the way she comes across as the face of her own business. Whether you’re hoping for a refresher course on this topic or are diving in for the first time, this is an issue facing so many of us these days. I hope you’ll join in the discussion and tell us how you deal with the ups and downs of representing your business. xo, Grace

#2: Being the Face of Your Business

  • Who Wrote This: Erin Benzakein of Floret Flowers 
  • DS debut: January 2016


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