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Revisiting A Memphis Home Full of Plants, Personality & DIY Touches

by Erin Austen Abbott

I love that we are revisiting some previously featured homes here at Design*Sponge, as the blog winds down in our final months of publishing. So often, homes that we’ve featured have gone on to evolve and grow over time, while still holding onto their original spirit. Such is the case with today’s tour as we revisit the home of Carmeon Hamilton. Carmeon lives in Memphis, TN with her husband and her son, where she works as an interior designer, merchandising manager, blogger and content creator. When we first featured her home, she had just moved in four months prior to the feature. With subtle changes, a few DIY projects, and a lot of plants later, I hope this feels like a completely new tour for you.

When Carmeon and her family were looking to buy their home just three short years ago, they knew that they wanted a home that was in an established neighborhood, had mature trees (which is one of the perks of Memphis: beautiful, mature trees throughout the city), and a home that sat on a larger lot. Within five minutes of being inside this house, Carmeon and her husband Marcus knew that it was the home for them — its 18-foot ceilings and natural light that poured in from the two-story windows spoke to each of them. It has proven to be the perfect choice for Carmeon and her family both inside and out in the community. “Our neighbors are some of the most incredible humans and they’ve welcomed us with open arms,” Carmeon shares. “One neighbor does all of our lawn work. Another gives us food out of their backyard garden! There’s an annual neighborhood garage sale that happens at the end of every summer, where people from all over the city walk our neighborhood streets. Food vendors show up and it ultimately becomes a block party! We’ve made purchases over the last two years, but are hoping to set up shop and sell this year.”

Sometimes it’s hard to not bring your work home when you’re an interior designer, but Carmeon has this sage advice to offer, “Decorating this home has taught me to take my time and to enjoy things as they are for as long as I want. There’s no pressure to make major decisions, like total kitchen renovations. Small adjustments, like a can of paint, can make a huge difference before having to tear down any walls or rip out any cabinets. Patience is really key.” As a self-proclaimed modern bohemian, Carmeon believes in elevating the everyday and finding beauty in the now. In both her corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, she seeks to not only discover the beauty in all things, but to also help others find that beauty in the things that surround them every day. She’s living that motto well in her own home. Follow below for a tour of this serene retreat. —Erin

Photography by Kim Thomas@kpfusion

Image above: The wet bar shelves were a late-night DIY project that Carmeon tackled herself.

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

Carmeon pictured in her living room.

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge
"The blue paint color was a selection by the previous homeowners [that] I have worked around until [I get] the nerve to paint up to the 18-foot ceilings," Carmeon shares.
Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

“This is a view of the main hallway from the living area that takes you to all the bedrooms. The photographer, Kim, was sitting on top of our pool table [to get this angle],” Carmeon reveals.

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

One of Carmeon’s favorite areas in the home. A vintage brutalist dresser and vintage chairs shine amongst some oversized art and lots of plants. But the art is the sentimental favorite since it’s one of Carmeon & Marcus’ edited wedding photos.

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

Carmeon, the plant whisperer, loves caring for propagating plants. The monstera is one of her favorites.

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

Here’s a view of the living area looking back towards the entryway. Pops of black and neutral tones are the common thread of the entire home.

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

A look from the living area to the entry. The entry’s wall design was hand-painted by Carmeon and, “is always the guests’ favorite part of the house.”

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

Here, a peek at the modular sectional and the wet bar shelving.

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

Just a small sampling of the many house plants that Carmeon has. She has the greenest of thumbs.

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

The gallery wall includes a few pieces of original work by Carmeon, lots of thrifted finds and a handwritten note from Carmeon’s mother, which is hung in her memory.

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

A Frances Berry canvas sits behind more of Carmeon’s plant babies.

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

Vintage chairs contrast nicely against the pale blue wall, next to a 5-foot x 7-foot abstract canvas painted by Frances Berry.

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

“This area is for everyday meals and some fabulously extravagant dinner parties,” Carmeon notes.

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

“Just like the main living area, black is an integral part of tying all the spaces together,” Carmeon says.

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

The kitchen was updated with paint, new hardware and a mirror over the sink.

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

Right off the dining area of the kitchen, Carmeon painted the cabinets a chartreuse yellow and the mud cloth inspired design on the walls of the laundry area. “It’s one of the happiest places in the house.”

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

Artist, Frances Berry, painted the abstract mural on the walls and Carmeon gave the vanity the same black paint treatment of the kitchen and wet bar cabinets.

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

Frances Berry artwork hanging above the toilet in the hall bath.

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

Walls are painted in “Jasper” by Sherwin-Williams for mood, and all of the furniture was selected in light finishes for contrast and interest.

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

So many shoes that they get their own closet!

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

A vintage burl wood nightstand and modern lamp from IKEA in the main bedroom.

Carmeon Hamilton for Design*Sponge

Original floor plan of the home that Carmeon had framed.

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  • Everything – YES! I love how courageously this home wears it’s Carmeon’s style. The before and after really illustrates the evolution of that. Fantastic art. AMAZING pieces. I also love how all of the vintage isn’t pristine. This home feels both elevated and livable to an enviable degree. Well done!!!

  • I love her taste and expressive vibes. This is a home I want to hang out in!! So fun and beautiful

  • I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Carmeon’s home and I must say that it’s an experience. Hidden trinkets and features everywhere. It’s like a museum. I love this feature!

  • This was such a dope house tour! She really infused so much personality and whimsy. Loved it!

  • O what a dream house….. What an fabulous taste and beautiful eye for detail you have Carmeon… And so love your vintage brutalist dresser and beautiful framed photograph from your wedding… superlatives are not enough for this wonderful home.. liefs uit Holland van Pauline ~~~*

  • I absolutely love every single thing about this apartment! I am so envious of that shoe closet, and covet several pairs of those fab shoes! Also, the artsy global aspect of this space is divine! And that Brutalist cabinet with the two pink side chairs is one of my favorite interior looks of all time, and I’m so bummed that I cannot pin it for whatever reason. It just doesn’t show up. Wah…