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Most Popular Before & After of All Time: An RV to Call Home

by Grace Bonney

The #1 spot on our Top 20 Before & Afters of all-time list belongs to a space that is representative of one of the biggest trends we saw over these past 15 years: RV and Airstream renovations. Homes on wheels have been filling our submission email box for some time now, and they seem to represent a general desire in the zeitgeist to feel untethered and free to explore on (and also still work from) the road. This RV makeover created not just a cozy home for its inhabitants, but also for an adventurous kitty named Ned. Enjoy reliving this tour with us and thank you to everyone who shared their incredible makeovers with us over the years. xo, Grace

#1: An RV To Call Home

  • Who lives here: Lacy and Cliff
  • Where: (Somewhere on the road near California!)
  • Original Post Date: March 2015


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