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Lauren’s Spare Room Makeover: Her Favorite Painted Rooms for Design Inspiration

by Lauren Chorpening Day

Author’s Note: We’re excited to bring you this post with Behr, who kindly sponsored this project! All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help us bring you free and original content like this daily.

Our home was nothing if not colorful when we purchased it. The living and dining room walls were the color of orange sherbet with lemon sherbet trim. My husband’s office was bright green with avocado green carpet and the large spare bedroom was electric blue. Austin and I love color, but not necessarily the colors our home came with.

After over a year of living here, most of the spaces we use have been given at least a coat of paint if not fully transformed. For the spare room, we made a quick paint selection just to get rid of the blue, but haven’t done much of anything in the space.

Since turning my office into our daughter’s nursery, I haven’t had a set place to work for over a year. It’s been a challenge to find a place to separate from family life and home projects to get work done when I’m at the dining table or in the family room. I need a place to sit and focus. The spare room has been our guest room and will be our kids’ room eventually. But for now, it’s a huge space without much design or day-to-day function. It’s the perfect place to create into an office, at least for a few years.

The goal in designing this space is that it would work as a creative environment for me, while still having the option to host guests. In the future, I’d like it to easily transform into a playful kids’ room without much redesigning and painting. It’s kind of a big ask from one room but I think with the right palette, painting techniques and high quality paint, the room could be ready to go for the next decade. Once it’s done, it’ll stay done and that’s such a great feeling.

Over the last 12 years of reading Design*Sponge and the last 5 years of writing for Design*Sponge, I’ve grown so much in my appreciation of creatively colorful spaces. To find ideas for color and technique for my spare room, I’ve gone to the D*S archives for inspiration. Today I’m sharing my favorite rooms on D*S that are inspiring my design and the paint that could achieve each look. –Lauren

I love how Marlene Capron used layers of neutrals to add interest in her bedroom. For my space I’d like a neutral base with more colorful accents.

*Click on the paint chips above to see the color in action.

The organic shapes painted on the accent wall of Heyday’s tour is so fun and modern. I could see this idea working for a creative space as well as a child’s room.

*Click on the paint chips above to see the color in action.

So much color! The studio of Margaret and Corey Bienert feels refined while still using loads of color. I love the painted color-blocked ceiling — it’s refreshing to see a rectangle grid versus a square checked pattern. I’d like to incorporate pattern into my space.

*Click on the paint chips above to see the color in action.

My spare room gets tons of natural light so going a little darker with the paint colors wouldn’t be bad. I like how Philip Mehr and his partner Lucie Eleanor weren’t afraid to mix darker neutrals to achieve a still very welcoming and bright space.

*Click on the paint chips above to see the color in action.

Over the next several weeks I’ll be sharing my color selection process and my room’s new design along with the final palette chosen from the Behr line-up of colors. I hope you’ll join us on our painting journey and take away a few helpful painting tips along the way! Thanks to our sponsor Behr for collaborating with us.


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