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Lauren’s Spare Room Makeover: Finding the Perfect Palette

by Lauren Chorpening Day

Author’s Note: We’re excited to bring you this post with Behr, who kindly sponsored this project! All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help us bring you free and original content like this daily.

If you saw my paint inspiration post from last week, you know that my spare bedroom is getting the attention it deserves since we moved in a year and a half ago. I’m excited to get this space fixed up. Paint is going to go a long way in transforming this giant room. Since I want the room to function as my office/guest room for now and then transition into a kids’ room in the future, figuring out a color palette and design that could be transitional was key. I started by looking online at the palettes using the ColorSmart by BEHR® Tool on their website and when I found colors I liked, I made a note of which paint swatches to get at the store.

When I arrived at the store, there were three giant displays for swatches so I made my way around each of them. I located the colors I came for and also checked out any other colors that caught my eye. I love that I can get a design going from my computer at home and then head to the store and see the palette in person.

I definitely found that using the online ColorSmart by BEHR® Tool at home made it much easier to stay focused on the colors and palettes I had chosen before setting foot in the store. I knew that I’d see so many beautiful colors once I was there in person so I was really happy that I had my list of the specific colors from my design to help me stay on track for the mission at hand.

I picked out the range of colors I had paired up at home and chose the final palette to transform the space. After that, I took some time to consider which color to use for trim, wall, accents and furniture paint. I saved some other color swatches to help me choose furniture and decor pieces for the room once we’ve finished painting.

Since I want the space to get done and stay done for a long time, Behr Marquee® Paint is going to be perfect for this project. Furniture rearranging and fingerprints from little kids will be easy to clean with such a high-quality paint. For the walls, I’m going with Cameo White in satin finish with a hand-painted design in Creamy Mushroom and Breezeway – all of my colors are one-coat hide*, making the coverage in the room a breeze. The trim will get painted along with some pieces of  furniture.

I can’t wait for how the space will come together–and because it’s mostly the paint doing the hard work for the transformation – it’ll be done soon!


This is Post 2 in a series of 5 where I’ll be sharing my color selection process and my room’s new design along with the final palette chosen from the Behr line-up of colors. I hope you’ll join us on our painting journey and take away a few helpful painting tips along the way! We’re grateful for our sponsor, Behr, for funding this series and makeover. Thank you for supporting our sponsor who helps us bring you free and original content like this every weekday. You can see Post 1 of this series here

*Limitations apply. Visit Behr.com/MarqueeInterior for more details.


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  • This is exciting! Can you share the source on your fantastic grey cardigan? Thanks in advance!