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Evolving Style: Streamlining A Farmhouse + Giveaway!

by Garrett Fleming

Evolving Style: Streamlining a Farmhouse + Giveaway, Design*Sponge

In today’s edition of Evolving Style we are heading back to the Vermont home of Jessica and Dustin Glasscoe, a farmhouse we first peeked at eight years ago. At the time the plot was doing double duty: in one part sat the headquarters and wood shop for their brand, Vermont Farm Table, and on the other side, family life flourished. Since then, however, they’ve moved their company outside of their home and in turn reclaimed some much-needed space for their growing brood.

Just as their family and work have evolved, so has Dustin and Jessica’s style. They even recently took their entire home back to basics in order to instill it with a renewed sense of tranquility. “As we have gotten older and busier in our lives we crave simplicity, a sense of calm and retreat from the world,” the pair begins. “We want our home to feel like a haven away from the hectic pace of life and to inspire a sense of calm and slowness for [our] family.”

Scroll down to read more about how the family has refined their house and to enter for a chance to win your own “Hunter” dining table from Vermont Farm Table. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling us how your home has changed over the years. Entries close at midnight Central Time on July 5th, 2019 (no purchase required). Jessica and Dustin will then contact one lucky reader who gets to bring home a “Hunter” table in their choice of color. Enjoy! Garrett

Photography by Daniel Schechner

Image above: The brand’s “Hunter” table in Ash now fills one of the family’s bright and airy dining areas.

Evolving Style: Streamlining a Farmhouse + Giveaway, Design*Sponge

Since we last caught up with Jessica and Dustin their business and family have grown exponentially. They rely on their home’s simplified interior to help them keep calm amidst the swirl of their busier days.

Evolving Style: Streamlining a Farmhouse + Giveaway, Design*Sponge

The home’s new exterior is made of solid pine, “which will age and darken over time like the old barns you see dotted around the landscape of Vermont.”

Evolving Style: Streamlining a Farmhouse + Giveaway, Design*Sponge

“We have always loved and appreciated the way wood can bring warmth to a space and love [having] the dining table as the center of our home and traditions.” – Jessica and Dustin

Evolving Style: Streamlining a Farmhouse + Giveaway, Design*Sponge

The family’s home is broken into two parts – a newer addition and an older section. Jessica and Dustin fully renovated the kitchen in 2018 to help the two feel more cohesive.

Evolving Style: Streamlining a Farmhouse + Giveaway, Design*Sponge

“Overall we wanted the [newer] space to feel clean, open and filled with light,” the couple says.

Evolving Style: Streamlining a Farmhouse + Giveaway, Design*Sponge

Jessica and Dustin had a sofa custom made for their space.

Evolving Style: Streamlining a Farmhouse + Giveaway, Design*Sponge

The family is slowly incorporating color into their home’s neutral palette, but it’s taking time: “It’s a slow process to find meaningful objects to add back in!”


We are very conscious (0f) only bringing into our home what is useful, meaningful and that we will want to have around for a long, long time.

Evolving Style: Streamlining a Farmhouse + Giveaway, Design*Sponge

The home’s aesthetic was partially inspired by the “very minimal but design-forward hotels” the family stayed in on a trip to Spain and Portugal.

Evolving Style: Streamlining a Farmhouse + Giveaway, Design*Sponge

The couple chose pine floors because the wood wears patina well, and its hue lets the material’s natural variations and character shine.

Evolving Style: Streamlining a Farmhouse + Giveaway, Design*Sponge

Dustin’s dad taught him all he knows about construction and how to tap into a space’s architectural potential. This allowed Dustin and Jessica to do a lot of the contracting themselves.

Evolving Style: Streamlining a Farmhouse + Giveaway, Design*Sponge

The renovation and redecorating process taught the couple valuable lessons they’ve applied to all aspects of their lives: “We learned a lot about the importance of clear communication with each other and showing the appropriate amount of appreciation for your partner.”

Evolving Style: Streamlining a Farmhouse + Giveaway, Design*Sponge

Varying materials in complementary neutrals create a calming – yet eclectic –bathroom.

Evolving Style: Streamlining a Farmhouse + Giveaway, Design*Sponge

The bunk bed in the girls’ room is a custom piece.

Evolving Style: Streamlining a Farmhouse + Giveaway, Design*Sponge

The girls’ revamped bedroom.

Evolving Style: Streamlining a Farmhouse + Giveaway, Design*Sponge

18-month-old Judah’s bedroom evolution.

Evolving Style: Streamlining a Farmhouse + Giveaway, Design*Sponge

The plan is to eventually finish the basement so the kids can run wild and leave their toys out. Until then, Jessica and Dustin will keep their rooms organized through simplistic storage solutions.

Evolving Style: Streamlining a Farmhouse + Giveaway, Design*Sponge

The guest room is now free of built-in cabinetry.

Evolving Style: Streamlining a Farmhouse + Giveaway, Design*Sponge

All of the home’s windows are purposefully curtain-free. The trick helps blend the interior and exterior together.


Dining Room
Dining table, benches, chairs – Vermont Farm Table
Grapevine light fixture – made by Dustin
Art – Julia Jensen from Northern Daughters Gallery
Frames – Pottery Barn

Art – Hannah Secord Wade and Pamela Smith from Northern Daughters Gallery
Lighting – Rejuvenation
Kitchen table, dining chairs, countertop, bar stools – Vermont Farm Table
Pottery – Jeremy Ayers
Dinnerware – Match Pewter
Baby Chair – Stokke

Living Room
“See Vermont” poster – Common Deer
Pillows – Schoolhouse Electric, Hedgehouse
Lamps – West Elm
Rug – Heja Home
Coffee table, side tables – Vermont Farm Table

Guest Room
Bed frame – made by Dustin
Linens – Coyuchi
Lumbar pillow – Hedgehouse
Leather poufs – Citizenry
Rug – Heja Home
Pouf – vintage
Art – Gregory Beauchamp

Bed frame – made by Dustin
Linens – Coyuchi
Pillows – Schoolhouse Electric

Baby’s Room
Crib – Ouef
Toy Storage – Crate & Kids
Large stuffed animals – Melissa and Doug
Rug – Serena + Lily

Girls’ Room
Bed – Custom built
Library book cart – Crate & Kids
Linens – Schoolhouse Electric

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  • My home has changed (slowly) over the years from all hand-me-downs and low-quality impulse buys to incorporate a few intentionally bought pieces that I LOVE. I’ve realized that I’d much rather wait for the perfect, well-made piece rather than buying the first thing I see that fits a “need.”

  • My partner and I have lived together for about three years, and our apartment decor has changed quite a bit since the beginning! We have gradually merged our aesthetic. I like bright colors, and he generally leans more towards neutrals so we found a middle ground that we both love. We have slowly been replacing larger pieces of furniture we’ve have for a while, with new pieces we both love. We still have a long way to go, but the space definitely feels much different and more us than it used to!

  • Our home has changed dramatically since having children (ages 2.5 and 3 months!). We live in a small NYC apartment and while of course we have more toys and kids’ books everywhere, we also have pared down a lot of other things so the overall effect is much more organized and calm. I’ve added a lot of neutral tones, blues and plants. But we also couldn’t just throw everything away we needed, so it’s an evolution! We are also trying to be more deliberate about everything that comes in the home.

  • When I bought my house over three years ago I knocked out most of the interior walls so I could move freely through the 800 square feet of space. The original house was only 600 square feet. I have not settled on which space is my dining and which is my bedroom. Hoping to figure this out this year and keep going forward with the interior. Just got sod installed yesterday in my tiny front yard area (that was not in gravel xeriscape!!)

  • As I grow older, I find that “more” isn’t better. The impulse buys I’ve accumulated over the years have been slowly weeded out. Light becomes my most important accessory.

    • I echo your sentiments. I am slowly donating (what’s worth donating) and throwing out (what’s has no value) things that I find have lost their meanings to me. I appreciate space, white walls and light for my plants.

  • Your home is exquisite, and calm and peaceful as well. The furniture is lovely.
    After raising our children in a 100-year-old house in a close-in suburb, my husband and I have moved and are starting from scratch in an addition we’ve added to his mother’s house (another oldhouse) so that she can age in place. Pleasures and challenges in equal measure!

    • What a great idea for sharing a home and allowing a loved one to age in place–an addition! Best of luck to you and your family in the next phase.

  • This took my breath away! Beautiful.

    My style, too, as grown more minimal over the years. If I feel like it’s creeping up, the visual noise, I take everything down and let the house breathe for awhile.

    My home really is my sanctuary.

  • We are in the process of moving so are getting rid of a lot of junk we have accumulated over the year. We are building a new house and are excited about tailoring it to our needs :)

  • My home has gotten more full. Full of more people (namely two kids). And full of their stuff. I step on Cheerios when walking through the kitchen. I find small toys in my bed after my kid plays “trains and tunnels” under our bedspread. And no new furniture comes into our house unless it is durable and washable. I hate it. But I love it more.

    • I love your comment! “I hate it. But I love it more.”

      I don’t have kids yet but I have cats who truly like to destroy anything and everything. One of my cats claws our (wood) bed frame, our wooden moulding, and has literally started clawing the drywall near our front door. As an interior design student I love beautiful things, but I appreciate that my cats keep me grounded—nothing is too precious. Better to learn that lesson early, lol!

  • Our home has been slowly molded into a place we love as we’ve spent the last couple years completing diy projects to personalize it.

  • It’s evolved from midcentury modern to modern eclectic to more simple lines with bright spots of color. Organization and order are important to me to feel like I can relax.

  • We didn’t really do much to personalize our home (we = me = not good at this stuff!), but new jobs + getting pregnant meant we’d be staying for a while. We were really fortunate to be able to add a garage to our mountain home. We had our first baby during the renovation, and haven’t been able to keep up since! It’s been fun to re-learn our space with a child, now – and think about how it will function with more (eek!). Slowly but surely, we are trying to make it more family-friendly and more “us” (or the new us!). We don’t have much art, but seeing our son’s personality blossom is helping us choose pieces for his room… and having him is motivating me to make our house more of a home.

  • Our 1857 home has some rooms that are pretty dark. We have added a sun room/dining room to the back of the house. It has three walls of windows. We have also removed the 70s, floral wallpaper from the study and painted the walls a pale, rosy beige to brighten it up. Our ongoing project is to make our home more open and airy.

  • My home is becoming far more minimalist and light as time goes on. We’re currently moving into a new apartment, purging things that we no longer need, and designing the re-organization of the new space. Keeping it minimalist and clean in the new home!

  • I have young kids, so at kid-height I focus on durable, easy to clean and less stuff in general to keep tidy. I’m trying more and more to spend my money on things I’d like to keep forever: a nice wool rug, antique hutch, art.

  • My home is now less cluttered and streamlined the older I get the more I want a relaxed feeling of home

  • Our home has grown in the last 5 years to include two little ones. I hope as my kids grow, they will have great food memories.

  • The biggest change in my home has been with the floors. I got rid of carpet and couldn’t be happier. I’m in the process of changing it even more and tend to be choosing more comfortable/welcoming decor.

  • My house is a 1940 Cape Cod, but was updated by Holly Hobby in the 90’s, so I’ve redone all the paint, window treatments, lighting, kitchen and bath floors, concrete topping the kitchen, new tile in the bath, new windows, but kept the important original elements like the oak floors and glass doorknobs. Old house love!

    • “updated by Holly Hobby” just slayed me. Good thing I was not drinking anything at the moment, or I would have sprayed it all over my desk! I can only imagine what the before looked like, bet the after is lovely.

  • We are definitely still in the transition phase and still defining what home looks like! It’s a lot of fun!!

  • Last March, we bought our first home! Changing from living by a busy Hall in town, to a quiet community has been fantastic! Changing up the yard and doing landscaping has made a huge change in just a year to this home!

  • With the second of our three children going off to college this fall, we built a smaller, simpler, smarter house.

  • Our home has evolved slowly, little project by little project We’ve painted, built raised garden beds, installed a trapeze from the ceiling…and then moved the trapeze further from the walls as my daughter has stretched and stretched, brought in self-made art, replaced lights, learned to use drills and saws as we have replaced steps and created shelves for treasured memories. Nothing is perfect but it is sure a sweet feeling to gather as a family of three in this home where we are growing stronger on the trapeze, filling our bellies with nourishment in the garden, and full of satisfied pride for our learning and accomplishments.

  • Still (always!) a work in progress, but I’ve gone from all hand-me-downs and cheapest-thing-at-the thrift-store college room to new, but still the cheapest IKEA has to offer, to now finally buying things because I like them and want them in my space, rather than I have to have something in there.

  • My current home is the one we moved to just before our first child was born. It’s a tiny 1940s townhouse (less than 1,000 square feet) but my now family of four + dog make it work. Over the years, we’ve slowly accumulated furniture that reflects who we are – some new pieces, many thrifted and lovingly refinished. It’s amazing how a new-to-you Furniture piece or fun DIY decor project can instantly refresh the space. I still have lots of work to do to tame the clutter and there are a few remaining items from my earlier days that I’d like to swap out, but I am okay with taking the time to collect pieces I love, that work for my space both aesthetically and to address current needs.

  • Beautiful table!! It’s just our style! Our home changed the most with color. I knew I wanted bold color on the walls.

  • We moved from California to upstate New York two years ago and have tried to incorporate aesthetics of both coasts in our new home. Warm rugs, sheepskins and candles to survive the long winters , airy furniture to let the hardwood floors shine. Lots of indoor plants. It’s a family home, and it’s still evolving. It seems like we’re always trying to find the right balance between coziness and functionality without being overwhelmed with objects (which can happen quickly with children!).

  • We are moving into our first home next week and are so excited to find our style and see it evolve.

  • I’ve downsized quite a bit, gotten rid of stuff I have held onto for too long, updated with m minimalist pieces, and overall created a lighter environment.

  • I’ve moved several times over the years and had a few pieces in storage. I’ve closed my storage unit, and I’m using some of these old staples in new ways. My next home decor goal is to reupholster an old chair in a bold funky fabric.

  • Our home has evolved over time as well as house to house. From living with others where design wasn’t a consideration to making conscious decisions about art and furniture that we plan to keep for a long time. It is fun to see the evolution and the mix of new and old pieces, each with their own story

  • My house is constantly changing with my tastes and every move it evolves a little more. Although much of that is dependent on the space, roommates and financial flexibility. Hopefully, at some point my house reflects exactly who I am.

  • My home has changed by downsizing and curating. I have learned over the years that I enjoy filling my home with pieces that are not only unique but also of lasting quality.

  • My home is changing as my husband and I are embracing a new life without children under our roof.

  • My home is now more intentionally filled with things I love and have collected over time. Theres less “stuff”, and more things that I love, have meaning, and that Ill keep for years to come.

  • My home went from housing a single gal and her dear friend to then sharing it with my husband, to now housing a sweet nine month old. All of the shifts in decor were gradual but now we are baby proofing, and that’s been a PROCESS!

  • It has changed as we have moved so many times that we only keep our most precious pieces (not in terms of expensive, but in terms of sentimental value)! Our house is very ecclectic, but it’s filled with great memories. The arrival of our daughter has also made us prioritaze storage! Great house by the way. Oh how I wish I was more minimalist!

  • Your house is gorgeous!

    I’m trying to de-clutter our house. The older I get, the more I realize that “less IS more!” I’ve never been a pack rat, but with 3 boys, it’s seems as if the stuff is just accumulating without control!

  • We purchased our house about two years ago and we’ve slowly been fixing it up as time and money allows. The kitchen had 1982 yellow Formica countertops, old-fashioned wooden cupboards (thinking hunting camp or cabin) covered in water stains, and stick down vinyl flooring. To top it all off, the design wasn’t practical, as the stove was below a window, while the sink was under cabinets so you sort of had to lean back while washing dishes. We ended up gutting the whole thing and, with the help from our dads (we’re lucky like that), we put in a brand new kitchen. Beautiful grey, almost concrete-looking tile floors, two-tone grey cabinets, marble look Formica countertops (budget option, but hoping to upgrade to quartz someday), subway tile backsplash, and matte black pulls. The showstopper for me is the black quartz composite sink. Now it’s a place we love to be! As two people who loves to cook, having a nice kitchen is very important! After that we tackled the bathroom. Now we’re giving ourselves (and our wallets) a break until the next project!

  • It’s not my home that has changed but my best friend’s. She bought a house that was built in the late 1800s and has over the past year, worked on different aspects of the house. Though built in the 1800s, it had « design » touches from many different eras, including some drop ceilings, an all pink kitchen, and some fantastic & not-so-fantastic wallpaper choices. She has worked so hard at finding the beauty in all of the different layers and preserving some of the history (sorry drop ceilings…you didn’t make the cut!). It has been amazing to see the process and care that has led to such a beautiful hommage to all the previous owners of the house!

  • Our 1880 Vermont farmhouse is now a mishmash of additions made by previous owners, but we tried to bring back the old vibe a bit with paint, flooring and furniture choices. Never did all we wanted of course, but right now they’re are too many Duplos on floor to notice anything else. And the dining room table, a hand-me-down that was in my mom’s childhood home, is too rickety to dine on so it is also covered in Duplo Lego projects.

  • My fiance and I have lived together in three tiny apartments over the past six years, made up of hand me down and thrift finds. As we’re getting married this summer and hoping you buy our own Vermont farm house, we’re excited to finally have a place of our own to fill with meaningful items!

  • My husband and I have been renting for the last six years as we’ve earned our degrees and entered the workforce. We are starting to plant our roots and will begin the process of building a home in Vermont come August. We are very excited to create a space that is our own!

  • This is my dream home!! So
    much inspiration for our 1800s Vermont farm house and our growing family. I love the light!

  • So lovely! Been a fan of VT Farm Table for a while! Use to live in Burlington for years and have been coveting their tables for our new house!

  • We have been in our house 2 years and it has changed so much in that time! We’ve made it so much lighter and brighter while also making it earthier and cozy, looking for that perfect balance. I can’t wait to see what the next few years will bring as we continue to make it ours.

  • Love Vermont farm table . Over the years my space has becomes more personalized from making items to finding the perfect thing on a trip. The things in my house tell the story about what inspires me and the places and people who have made an imprint.

  • In the last few years we’ve moved homes and in doing so pared down a lot of our furniture and belongings to bring a simpler and calmer feel to our living space.

  • I’d say I’ve always been attracted to a farmhouse feel, but have swayed between a modern edge and more recently, a vintage one… the clearest change is my ever-growing desire to have minimal, bright spaces made warm by white, wood and light. Seems the less but more intentional route is the happiest for me! This beautiful Vermont farmhouse filled with stunning woodwork feels like home to me!

  • My husband and I bought a tiny ranch about 17 years ago. It was really the only thing we could afford. I hated everything about it except thy it was ours. It was built in 1979 and had all of the style to go with it: shag carpets, small windows, dark trim, harvest gold everything, hollow – core doors, fake linoleum floor, and dark kitchen cabinets. It was awful. We have poured our own blood, sweat, and tears into it. From removing the roof and adding another floor to installing on new windows and adding two additions, we have truly created a new home. The journey has been long and our style has changed along the way. We recently installed our second new kitchen, one built by Simpson Cabinetry. Our first one, a self installed IKEA kitchen, was an improvement over the original, but we needed an upgrade. Our house is full of light and pine floors. It is simple and somewhat modern. We also do not have curtains. It is full of little errors that happen when you are young and creating your own home. It is free of clutter and embraces the less is more mentality. We are working on acquiring furniture that is ours. We have always been given furniture from my husbands parents who collect everything. Now it is time to carefully place simple yet beautiful pieces that speak to us in our home.

  • I’ve moved multiple times in the past few years. My style has evolved into something that has more of a bohemian feel with lots of art. Definitely unique to me.

  • When we first started having children I was desperate for quiet in the chaos so gravitated towards a more minimalist aesthetic, but I find now I am longing to inject color back into our home. Our grey sofa is up for replacement soon and I’m close to finally buying my green couch I’ve always wanted :)

  • We closed on our house November 8, 2016 and got right to work demoing the kitchen. All we had was an old radio, that was giving us updates on the read outs of different states, and I’m pretty sure that led to some harder and harder swings with the sledge hammer. We knew we wanted to re-do the kitchen the second we walked into the house, so we knocked down 2 walls, reformatted the cabinets, added light fixtures and new appliances along with updating the counter and making a custom butcher block. As usual the budget ended up being double what we spent, but we knew the kitchen would be the most important part of our home. Now with 3 kids, it definitely is.
    From there we just kept changing things. Updating two bathrooms, painting every room, redoing floors, and changing every window in the house to withstand the cold New York winters. But, my favorite thing is the fact that we removed 4 large trees from our backyard and redid most of the landscaping. It’s created an amazing outdoor space for our kids to run around, and for us to eat outside and have friends over. It’s been a non-stop renovation over the the last 2.5 years, and will probably continue for the next 5, but it’s fun and we love it.

  • Definitely more minimal, with more natural materials. And trying not to buy a furniture piece that’s just ok; holding out for something that feels right.

  • I don’t own a home of my own, but over the past 6 years my boyfriend and i have moved to 4 different apartments, soon to our fifth, and with each move, we develop our style and accumulate things that mean more to us and also withstand the test of time, while purging things we dont really need. We have also found ourselves saying “we can make that!” And with each move we find a different thing to make ourselves, which is really fulfilling. I also always have an eye open for free curbside furniture, which is where most of the coolest and most well made items i have come from! Where i dont spend on furniture is where i spend on artwork i really love. It makes me so happy to own original art, and if i see something i can afford, ill buy it. I never regret buying art. Im excited to see how our collection of items grows and shifts over time, and to focus on things that have meaning and purpose, rather than stuff for the sake of stuff.

  • When we moved into our house 7 years ago, we had no kids. Now we have 2 boys. Our house has evolved to accommodate our kids. Things aren’t pristine and perfect anymore but we’ve learned to embrace the chaos now.

  • I used to live near Burlington and Vermont Farm Table was always one of my favorite stops in town. Several years ago, while I was renting a small apartment, I purchased one of the live edge walnut cutting boards. We didn’t have a lot of nice kitchen stuff at the time and it felt like a big splurge. Many years later, we bought a house, renovated the kitchen, and now that same cutting board sits on the new kitchen table in the center of the room. When I bought it I always imagined it in a kitchen in my own house where I planned to stay, and I think back to that feeling every time I use it.

  • My husband and I have an unexpected chance to down size before we thought we would. We will have to let go of my greatgrandma’s farm table but look forward to new memories around a different table. Our goal in this next phase it to keep life simple and love what we have.

  • We started with milk crates as a tv stand along with whatever else made the trip from our college dorm rooms. Then slowly filling and replacing objects to make a space that felt meaningful to the people we grew to be. After 10 years in that apartment we are now moving on to our first house. I can’t wait to see how we evolve and grow in that space.

  • Our house has changed as we’ve adapted our style from one that was better suited to our old craftsman style 1920s home to one that fits in with our 1980s funky Vermont contemporary house. It’s hard to match our love of old and farmhouse with the modern lines and openness of our current house, but slowly we are finding compromises that work for the house’s bones and our personal taste.

  • We’ve lived in our home for 2 years and haven’t made many changes yet but I have so many ideas and dreams for updates our 1940s cape. Only one family lived in it before us and it hasn’t been updated much over the years. It needs so much work but we plan to be settled here and will make many changes over the years.

  • Our house has slooooowly changed and is still evolving. Every year we pick a big project to spend on, the last one was a new roof. The interior is slower because we make do and wait for furniture we really love. I rearrange things for function periodically though. The biggest change has been the yard! I worked really hard to control invasive plants and refine the landscape to make it more cohesive and lower maintenance. And friendly to wildlife!

  • I have lived in this home for almost 10 years and there has been a gradual shift as my tastes changes, some large pieces were inherited and others were renewed with paint or slipcovers. My color choices are also evolving to compliment my favorite artwork. Currently letting go and having less has become the guiding impulse. Only the most loved and useful pieces will remain.

  • Our home has changed in many ways in the past 10 years. We have moved our physical home 4 times in these years, and we have been in our current home for the past three. It is a lovely 1940s ranch home, filled with light (double aspect windows) and lots of love. The biggest change we made was adding our son to our family. As our 6 year old daughter said, we turned our family from a triangle to a square !! Because of his arrival, we have made some changes to our space, most notably, our daughters room has become the “kids room” and our boy is now sleeping in his own little bed (a free find on Nextdoor!) We also painted our house a lovely warm, creamy white throughout. The light bounces so nicely off the walls, and the rooms change color depending upon the time of day and position of the light. When we first moved in, our garden resembled a “jungle” (in the words of my mother-in-law) and we have spent a lot of time reshaping our lawn, adding an irrigation system and plumbing it into a well that sits on our property (60 feet of fresh water in California, oh my!) We now have a rich, grassy lawn bordered by a bocce ball court, tree swing, play house and brick paved seating area, located under a graceful Oak, which provides a nice shady spot to watch our little ones play and grow. In the future, we hope to turn our back patio into a dining room and re-center the flow of the house by blowing out a wall in the living room and adding a wall of antique French doors (three sets) onto the back garden. Our joy comes from the fact we have many years ahead of us to turn our house into a home, as our family grows and fills the space with laughter and love.

  • hey, When I returned from design school over the break , I hated the place I grew up , I wanted to change everything , because Now I had seen so many new things and new designs. Over time I figured that house was made organic with growing needs of 2 children(including myself) . By the time my college over we decided to re-do our place . We created a spacious empty box and realized that it would be fake if we filled up the space with all new things. With no kids in the house it turned into this space which catered only to our needs and create these hot spots at the places that were used a lot. Now with a 6- month old baby in the house , the place has become an abstract space filled with toys on the floor, paintings of animals on the walls and silver helium balloons hitting the ceiling. looks like a landscape painters palette. Now sure where it will go from here , but im sure it gonna change more cause I can see a lot of changes coming in our lives :)

  • We’ve added a 16’x40’ deck that extends the length of our house plus around one side. It has been perfect for hanging out or entertaining guests.

  • In the 16 years that we have lived here, we have doubled the size of the upstairs by building over the garage. We also added chicken coups and a nice size shed. We are always trying to improve and add on.

  • My home is a reflection of how I have changed with time. My first home was an ode to the independent artists that I admire, whose prints I purchased at craft festivals or Etsy. It also had gentle pink walls, which seemed to be the worst design mistake until “millenial pink” became a real trend. Now, in my second (albeit not last) home, I am finding a stronger, more personal identity, as I am starting to cover the walls with my own art. I am an amateur photographer with a penchant for film, and as I developed more confidence in my own work, my own images began to take center stage both in my life and my home. And while I still love all the work from the artists I admire, I am glad to say that I’m building my own story.

  • Our home has evolved from merely housing a couple who were rarely there to being a home for a growing family with two adults who work from home. My husband and I are in the place now where we feel like it’s time to pare back to only essentials and those non-essentials that we love. This is such an inspiration!

  • We bought our home almost a year ago and since we have slowly been decluttering and buying newer more stylish furniture a little at a time. We bought a home in a small farming town and have been incorporating the more farm style furniture and decor.

  • Hi!

    Our house had changed immensely since we purchased it—when we did, it hadn’t been updated since 1970! It was amazing how much fresh paint and refinishing the hard floors did to transform our home initially. Throughout the past couple of years we’ve invested in larger projects—our new kitchen made the biggest impact as it’s where we spend most of our time when we are home because we absolutely love hosting. That said, it’s ironic because we are still looking for the perfect dining table to pull our kitchen together.

  • Our house has changed in color, style, and feel since we moved in a year and a half ago. One thing that has become more important to us is making it our own, since it’s a 15 year old builder home, not a beautiful old home with tons of unique character. We just recently moved the furniture around and it has made a big difference in the flow of the house and how we use each room. One of those moves was to put the dining room closer to the kitchen, so now we are looking for a new dining table! :)

  • Our house has only changed minimally since we purchased it as our first home 10 years ago. It’s a 1902 farmhouse with LOTS of character, but due to finishing graduate school, my husband starting his own business to be able to be more flexible in raising our kids, and just focusing on our kids over the last decade, we’ve neglected to really update our home in the way we want to. We’ve taken initial steps to refinance to have the ability to renovate a significant portion of our home — hopefully transforming the space into a place that we truly love and where we are happy staying for the next decade as our kids finish high school. We love Vermont Farm Table – which we first saw on our friend Jessica Klein’s Instagram post from Oh, I design!

  • As we’ve grown older I keep hoarding more plants and removing more material belongings. I love the green it brings into every room.

  • I think the thing that has changed the most in my home is how I FEEL in it. Moving from a small city apartment to a big craftsman style home in Maine took some adjustment. I felt like I was banging around in all the space. Now I feel embraced by it. It will never be “finished” (the bathroom is in the midst of a to the studs renovation as we speak), but it will be home for as long as the gods allow it to be!

  • Loving the light and can this space showcases. I’m leaning the same way in my own home these days. Adding plants for life and getting rid of stuff. Though with 3 littles, there will forever be too much stuff!

  • Well my home has changed significantly over the years, partly due to new moves…but I have also done a better and perhaps a more thoughtful job in decorating by really considering how one piece of furniture or decor item relates to another. I would also say that I have done a better job incorporating plants throughout my home vs, having them localized to one area.

  • My home has changed so much, especially in the past three years! After getting married, my husband and I immediately moved to a smaller apartment than we had been in, got pregnant, and then had his teen/my bonus kid come to live with us. I used to be controlled and thoughtful about everything in my home, and now I’m surrendering to the chaos that another adult sized person and a toddler bring to the mix. I’m endlessly searching for the right storage solution to solve all of our space problems, but as we have a tenancy towards maximalism – my husband with a large collection of books, myself a substantial stash of antique glassware – I’m learning to embrace the lack of control and focus on creating a lived-in feeling of warmth, comfort and togetherness for the people who call that space home.

  • I completely love the look and feel of Jessica and Dustin’s family-focused house. My own home is about 30 years old, and served well to raise a family of boys. Although there is still a lot to do in repainting and updating, I’m making progress in a gradual transformation to a brighter, less-fussy state. A major step in the past year was motivated in part by the antiquated green birdhouse wallpaper border above all the cabinets–it seemed so awesome in the 90s, if one can remember back then, but it was ann eyesore to me now! We totally gutted the kitchen–my favorite part was removing that border and the soffits it adorned–and now love the updated warm, comfortable, and more functional space. A Vermont Farm Table would definitely be a perfect gathering place to complete the transformation!

  • I find the neutrals very calming. Love the minimalist look. We are currently the process of de-cluttering and downsizing now that our youngest has graduated from high school.

  • This home and it’s furniture is beautiful. I like things clean and simple too but my home more often has toys all over these days. Enjoying this special time though. The kids are getting bigger and it’s probably time for investing in some new furniture.

  • The house my fiance and I live in originally served as a horse barn less than 25 years ago!

    My finances grandfather, Vovi, was a contractor who raised his family in the house next door with his wife, daughter, her husband and their four grandchildren. As their family outgrew their childhood home, Vovi decided to use the old barns foundation to build a single family home for him and his wife! To this day, my finaces mother and father still live in the house next door.

    Since living here the past 3 years, we’ve began to renovate our 70s inspired barn and like Dustin and Jessica have opted for lighter, brighter more mininalist designs. We’ve switched the mustard yellow trim, dark green and maroon walls for more neutral color pallets, taken put the old leaking fireplace for a large picture window and added a deck!

    We love the charm and quirks of our home and are fixing and restoring what we can while incorporating our own style and this table would be the perfect addition for our family.

    –Jess, Dan, and Oakley

  • There is so much to be admired in this home’s thoughtful simplicity that was seemingly carried over into the crafting of their tables, and of all furniture to focus their skill on, the place where we find ourselves daily for nourishment and respite. An especially lovely bounty of Vermont-a state our family has cherished for three generations (just visited with our fourth little son for his first time a few weeks ago!). The Hunter table’s elements seem particularly made for gathering with those we love :)

  • I love everything about this! Fresh and clean. I live the wide floors and naked windows. Simple and beautiful!

  • When we bought our home 24 years ago, we fell in love with the wide open field in front of it and the vast old forest behind it. We transformed this bland old 70’s ranch into a artsy craftsman. Our vast field is now a large housing development, but the forest remains, a canopy of protection and full of wild life. We added a 2 level addition, have changed wall colors, light fixtures and faucets, and carpet. Now as I am ready to update again, I see changes that I would like to make to just about every room: kitchen cabinets; remodel the main bath;a face-lift for the fireplace, but I am going to start with my main bath and go from there. I love making something old new again.

  • Our home has changed by putting new subway tiles in the shower last week. The overall feel of our house is older rustic look. We have a 7 year old so we put in a pink bunkbed with space underneath it for her dollhouse.

  • Our space has changed as our family has changed. We now have two young kids, so we have a lot of toys underfoot. We bought a new (old) home, though, and I intend to be more intentional about what goes into our new-to-us house. This family’s home is very inspiring!

  • Over the years our house has changed from having stuff simply to have stuff , to a more curated, thoughtful collection of items that have history, sentimental value or put a smile on our face.

  • With the gift of time and perspective (and the example of my mom), my home has shed some of the excess, focusing on what’s important. In this stage of life with a toddler, I struggle a bit to quell the wave of stuff that has started to take over but I’m also giving me/us some time to work through what works. Loving the style and sensibility that you have shared. I’d remiss not to note #ilovermont.

  • My home has changed as my husband and I have been able to start saving and investing in pieces! It’s a slow process, but it’s finally starting to feel like a curated adult apartment, rather than a college student apartment filled with IKEA!

  • Since buying our house, we’ve adopted a cat, gotten married, and had a kid. Our home has been constantly evolving.

  • Our home has changed states (Washington D.C. to NYC to Richmond, Va to NYC again and now to Providence , RI where we plan to stay put for a while. We have added two kids and a dog to the mix, and home is feeling pretty darn good these days.

  • Making the conscious decision to decide that *I live here*, instead of passively renting a shared house has given me motivation to invest time and heart into my spaces. Buying furnishings I actually enjoy vs accidentally acquire has made my room more restful and I love it!

  • Over the last 4.5 years, my husband and I have brought 2 children into the world and lived in 3 different homes in two cities. Our home has become more cluttered with kids junk, but also happier and more intentional. In making room for children and in the process of packing and unpacking and repacking, etc, we’ve had time to think about what we value and how best to use those things. And of course, most importantly, our home is much more joyful now than ever before!

  • After buying a house and knowing we will be here awhile, rather then moving around in rentals, we were able to buy a few quality pieces that really fit the space. Our place feels like it’s filled with things that are actually our style instead of the hand-me-downs and quick buys from before – we were able to take our time, which really makes a difference!

  • My home has taken on more color and calm — I have redesigned several rooms to complement the colors of fabrics from my travels. So every corner has texture and memories! Indigo from around the world, Cambodian textiles, and images that take me to another’s world for just a moment.

  • My home has become brighter, less day-to-day clean because I’m busier, but more importantly it’s functional. Spaces flow with ease. Living room for lounging, office only for work, bedroom only for sleep (no phones), etc.

  • I keep dated pictures of my house because of how much its changed throughout the 10 years I’ve owned it. I did a half ass kitchen reno 5 years ago. To save money I painted the crappy cabs myself and added a new backsplash, sink, and countertops. IN a few weeks custom cabs are going in, though I’m keeping the newish countertops and sink. Sadly the backsplash tile has to come down but I’ll be doing something similar to my 5 years ago pick. I’ve put up wallpaper in most rooms as well as repainted. I’m constantly changing art and rugs and every once in awhile new to me pieces are brought in. I love my house and while my style hasn’t changed that much (mid century mixed with some old farmhouse stuff ) my house has.

  • Beautiful space. The clean lines and light neutrals make it feel very Scandinavian. Great inspiration for our new build Happening this summer!

  • Our home has changed over the years simply because of geography! 7 homes, 4 countries, 4 years! All with three kids! It’s been an adventure but now that we have purchased a home in the PNW and see ourselves settling in, the comment of being mindful of only bringing in useful, and meaningful items really resonates. Our time as relative nomads really drove home the point that we don’t need as much as we think … so make what you do need a joy to have and use!

    Beautiful article and table and family. Cheers!

  • We’re newlyweds slowly changing our home from dark and drab to bright and clean!

  • Love the the calmness of this home! Like most people I am striving for a minimalism. For me this means getting away from decor pieces in favor of functional pieces (lamps, chairs, etc) that are interesting or make a statement. Also, I have a four year old so it’s been a challenge staying tidy, but I try not to stress about it. My solution there is to buy things I like to look at like vintage toys from my childhood lol.

  • My family and I live in a 100 plus year old home that has been added onto. The addition is open with large windows while the older part of the house has multiple small rooms. It makes for a funky house but I love it for all it’s quirks. I think homes are always evolving but the biggest change factor in my home has been that with my divorce I’m finally in a position to choose furniture and accents that feel like me. Until recently, I’d never selected a piece of furniture for our home so it is incredibly liberating to be the one making the choices. Resources are tight so most of the changes I’ve made have been in paint colors, lamps and plants. I can’t wait to choose a dining room table – my current table is made of glass so it’s hard and cold – the opposite of the feel I want for our family meals. This is the table that we eat every meal at, that my children do their homework on, that we play cards around and often is partially covered in puzzle. I’m a big believer in makes our home a sanctuary – for ourselves, our family and friends!

  • I’ve lived in my home for about 1.5 years! While I haven’t been in it for a long time, it has changed in fits and spurts as I declutter and clean. I’ve done a little painting to satisfy my urges to rehaul the entire interior (my budget’s not there quite yet!) and have spent time gardening outside. This home revamp is my dream interior — I love how it feels like a natural extension of the outdoors and how calming the palette is. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  • Our home hasn’t changed too much since we bought it seven years ago so I’m kind of excited we are moving to a new house soon- it’s a fun opportunity to start over and rethink our asthetic. Wish us luck!!

  • Wow! Beautiful transformation.
    I am surprised by the distance between my comfy safe style of dark wood and upholstery versus feeling comfort by light.

  • Gosh, I love the LIGHT in the ‘after’ photos above. I’m a fan of a layered, eclectic style, which is pretty forgiving of changes over time. Right now, that means a lot of kid-friendly materials (things that are durable, safe, and easy to clean). My favorite pieces tend to have some history: an oak roll-top desk that my dad gave me, kitchenware and a quilt we received as wedding gifts, art created by talented friends. I hope to have all of them for years to come, as my style and home evolves.

  • The change in the windows, to me, makes the biggest difference. I don’t see a source for the windows, or am I missing it? Thanks!