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Top 20 Recipe Posts of All Time: #7 Hot Bread Kitchen’s Moroccan Flatbread

by Grace Bonney

I had the pleasure of taste-testing almost every recipe from the incredible cookbook that brings us the #7 recipe on our Top 20 Recipe countdown. Julia co-wrote and tested the recipes for Hot Bread Kitchen‘s incredible cookbook (in the middle of summer with no AC!) and this buttery Moroccan flatbread, called M’smen, was one of my favorites. Traditionally you would serve this crispy flatbread with honey, but it’s good with just about everything. So I hope you’ll revisit this delicious recipe and make some this weekend, it’s a real crowd-pleaser. xo, Grace

#7: Hot Bread Kitchen’s Moroccan Flatbread

  • Who Contributed This Recipe: Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook (Koutar from the Hot Bread Kitchen team makes this recipe for the bakery)
  • Where they’re from: New York, New York
  • DS debut: October 2015



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