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Top 20 DIY Projects of All Time: #7 Paper Clay Barnacles

by Grace Bonney

I’ve loved reliving the Top 20 DIY posts from our archives because it’s given me a chance to get a bird’s-eye-view of how DIY trends have changed over the years. In the beginning, our DIY projects were all about function and up-cycling. Our community was requesting clever ways to come up with super-practical solutions to everyday problems using inexpensive and found materials. Derek and Lauren (our first DIY editors) created so many of those types of projects and slowly, over time, people started to request things that were more whimsical and less about function. So we brought on a talented team of DIY experts who helped us think outside the box and create projects like this one: Paper Clay Barnacles. Brenna came up with this creative idea to use papier-mâché to create delicate barnacles that could be used for displays, centerpieces, or holding small objects and jewelry. They took off in 2012 and we got to see so many of your versions shared on blogs and social media over the years. So hopefully this revisit will inspire some new takes on this project for 2019! xo, Grace

#7: Paper Clay Barnacles


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