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Good Company Issue #3: THE MONEY ISSUE

by Grace Bonney

When I sat down to plan out what the future issues of Good Company Magazine would look like, I knew some topics would be a give: fear and failure, community and going into business with friends, etc. Those fraught topics were the type of uncomfortable issues I actually felt comfortable covering. But there was one topic I was honestly scared to dive into: MONEY. So for our third issue, we all decided to work together and face our biggest fear head on. Welcome to Good Company Issue #3: The Money Issue.

So many of us running small (or big) businesses have an aversion to not only discussing money and what we’re paid, but actually asking for what we’re worth. So I wanted to take all 160 pages of the newest issue to talk about the things we’re all a little scared to talk about sometimes. Because I believe that when you realize you’re not alone, fears get smaller and courage steps forward in a big way.

So what does issue #3 cover? Here’s a quick overview:

Feature interviews: We talk with some of favorite creative stars like comedians Aparna Nancherla (our cover story!), Ashley Nicole Black and Maria Bamford about the cost (literally) of a life in comedy. We sit down with my personal hero, Maria Hinojosa, to talk about how she funded the nation’s only Latina-led nonprofit media organization, Futuro. Writer and actress Quinta Brunson talks to us about how to make your OWN unique path to getting paid. Designer Christian Siriano shares his story of taking a big risk in fashion that paid off.

Financial Advice + Planning 101: A special insert section with how-to guides for negotiating pay and salary, saving for retirement, and finding your own version of financial freedom.

How To Know Your Worth: Learn about the importance of standing your ground and raising your voice to get what you deserve.

Combining Business + Purpose: entrepreneurs committed to using their work to create social change discuss how they make it all balance out.

Read Up, Save Up: Trusted business books to get your company (and personal) financial life in order.

Community Conversations: Outstanding creatives in a wide range of fields get together to discuss keeping (or quitting) your day job, why we sometimes feel that money is a dirty word, and what you REALLY need to have in the bank before you start your own business.

Surviving Social Media: An honest discussion about how to harness (and feel less dependent on) social media with four artists and makers who’ve made a name for themselves online.

The Immigrant’s Money Mind Set: Personal stories of overcoming limiting financial beliefs to thrive in abundance.

The Cost of Being Disabled: Five personal stories highlight the importance of disability rights and protections at work.

The REAL Cost of Health Care: Creative open up about one of the toughest and most expensive parts of business: finding a way to support physical and mental healthcare.

Do Podcasts Pay?: Five hosts talk about how they do (and don’t) make a living from the new platform of choice, podcasting.

Zines!: Three fully hand-illustrated mini zines by Andrea PippinsJulia Rothman, Iris Gottlieb, and Libby Vanderploeg on women and money, freelancing, community college, and how what we invest in financially effects us emotionally.

The new Money Issue of Good Company covers all this and so much more in its 160 color pages. As always, our issues are ad-free, and our $12 cover charge makes it possible for us to support over 65 artists, writers, photographers, and designers and pay them fairly for their important original work. (That’s some of them, above!) The isn’t always the case with new media, so we greatly appreciate your help in allowing us to financially support the next generation of writers, photographers, fine artists and creatives in our community. Each issue of Good Company primarily focuses on stories told by and about people from under-represented communities. We are so proud and overjoyed about this new issue and the stories it shares and we hope you’ll pick up a copy and help us keep print alive and thriving in this digital era.

Here’s where you can find the latest issue (and our previous issues, as well)



Thank you so much for supporting the incredible people and stories in this issue. You can follow Good Company online at Instagram @goodcompanyzine or visit our website here, too. xoxo, Grace


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