25 Handmade Vases for Spring Flowers

by Grace Bonney

It’s that time of year when flowers start peeking out of the ground, trees begin to bloom, and we finally get to enjoy some of that plant life inside. I’m a big fan of making floral arrangements with whatever you have around you (branches, dried flowers, fruit, etc.), but I think one way to make just about anything feel special is to know the story of the person or craft behind your favorite flower vase.

Ceramics have always been my softest spot in design (the thing I can never resist), and my small collection of handmade vases makes even the simplest and most humble arrangement feel important. So today I’m sharing 25 of my favorite handmade vases from independent makers around the world that will elevate everyday flowers and give you a chance to learn more about the person, studio, and tradition behind the object. Happy arranging! xo, Grace

Images above: Venus Head vases $54 each, Coastal Arch vase $150

Image above: Colorful bud vases, $38-$40 each

Image above: Bosc vases $90 each

Image above: Tripod planter/vase $108

Image above: White Earthenware Plump vase $225

Image above: Coil Bud Vase $4-$19 each

Image above: Red Ceramic Vase $180

Image above: Head vases $34-$55 each

Image above: Set of 3 vases $176

Image above: Playful ceramic face vase $30

Image above: Black and white ceramic vase $200

Image above: Blue and white vase $74

Image above: Zen vase $130

Image above: Geometric vase $117

Image above: Minimalist Nordic vases $38-$56 each

Image above: Pastel bud vase $33


Image above: Sabor vase $100

Image above: Origami vase (for dry flowers only) $46

Image above: Black vase $90

Image above: Wavy Green Vase $28

Image above: Striped Vase $78

Image above: Carved Vase $300

Image above: Earthy Vase $30

Image above: Hanging Vase $260

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