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15 Illustrators to Follow (and Shop) on Instagram

by Grace Bonney

Over the past month or two, we’ve been working on sprucing up parts of our house, big time. From the stormy bathroom and sunshine yellow back door to our pink living room and our bedroom (pics coming soon!), I’ve been in the mood to clean up, clean out, and try something new. I’ve left so many of our walls empty for a while now, waiting to see what felt right for each space and wanting to find something just right made by a friend or artist/designer that we’ve covered here at Design*Sponge over the years.

Lately I’ve been keeping a list of people whose work I’ve wanted to support and invest in, if it worked for our budget. And it struck me that this list is really something I should share, considering that all of these artists are wildly talented and so easily contactable (some for custom pieces!) on Instagram. While it’s a far-from-perfect platform, Instagram has been such an amazing tool for finding new (to me, at least) artists to follow, share, and support over the past few years. So today I’m sharing 15 of my favorite artists from my personal “hope to buy from one day” list in hopes that maybe you’ll be interested in checking out and supporting their work, too. Many of these artists share details about their lives, inspirations, and work process on their Instagram feeds, which I’ve always found really connects me more to the artwork and makes it feel that much more special on the wall. Enjoy, and if you have any favorites we should be following and shouting out, let me know in the comment section below! xo, Grace

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  • Glad you know of Kate Blairstone. Have a custom piece coming to us as a housewarming to ourselves! Her color palettes are just so perfectly wonky, her colors and I understand one another.