Wild at Home: Hilton Carter Book Giveaway!

by Grace Bonney

It’s been such a joy watching Hilton Carter‘s new book, Wild at Home, come into the world. We’re big fans of his work with plants and he’s been kind enough to share some expert tips on caring for plants in winter months with us in the past. And today he’s sharing a peek inside of his beautiful new book, as well as giving away a copy to one lucky Design*Sponge reader!

Wild at Home explores all of the different types of plants that thrive indoors, with helpful tips on how to care for them (most important) and how to style them in a way that truly makes your interior space feel like a modern greenhouse. What I love most is how you can really feel Hilton’s love of plants in each page. It isn’t just about styling for the sake of a trend or a look — he really love his plants. (As witness, check out his hand-drawn guide for his plant-sitter during his book tour!) That love is expressed in each bit of his how-tos for not just keeping plants alive, but for helping them really find their best placement in any space. Whether you’re looking to add some minimal greenery to your home or want to create a lush indoor jungle, Hilton has you covered. And if you want to enter to win a copy of Hilton’s gorgeous new book, leave a comment below telling us what YOUR favorite house plants are and why (even if you’ve never been able to make them work and want to learn how!). Congrats, Hilton! xo, Grace

Click here to order Hilton’s book online and click here to find a local book seller near you (just type in your zip code).

Portrait by Aaron Keeny, interiors photography by Hilton Carter

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  • my best friend gave me an aloe plant when i bought my first house. she had propagated it from her own aloe plant, which was propagated from her grandmother’s plant and given to her as a house warming gift as well. love a full circle plant experience!

  • I love succulents and plants of all kinds that drape. I like the sturdy appearance of succulents, I find it inspiring. I also like to have them around in the Midwestern winter to keep me aware of warmer places and times to come. I think vines and other hanging plants create a nice sense of place hung in the right spot.

  • Just saw their post on cup of jo! Moving to a new place this summer and want to get lots of house plants. I think pileas are so cute.

  • I managed to kill a succulent at my desk at work :( I’d love to learn how to grow indoor plants!

  • Hello!

    My favorite house plant is the cactus. It instantly gives a space an edgy, but laid-back vibe and the upkeep is easy for folks (ahem me) who may forget to water it.

    And right now, I am the proud owner of a thriving Spider plant, his name is Alexander!

  • I love ferns, and I have no idea what to do with them. I’m drawn to how full and lush they are, and they make me think of the enchanting feeling of being deep in the woods on a long hike.

  • My favorite houseplants are the ones I see in other people’s homes – LOL! I am a professional fruit and vegetable farmer and have been for 7 years, but I can’t seem to keep non-vegetables alive, especially not indoors. I am super jealous of people who can though, and since we are working on redoing our house I am really wanting to add some houseplants. Hopefully this book would help me keep them alive :)

  • My favorite plants are zamioculcas! Not only are they gorgeous, but they are SOOOOOO easy to care for!!!!

  • I love Hilton Carter and follow him on social media! So thanks Design Sponge, for highlighting the availability of his new book. About a year ago, a friend gifted me with a lovely spider plant she had been growing for a few years. She took cuttings off the mother plant and gave them to a few friends, kept one herself and gave me the mother plant. I am so pleased and humbled to announce the spider plant has been flourishing in my home! I feel so pleased! And by the spider plant doing so well, the other plants and cuttings around it have done well also and even survived the cold winter months!

  • I love my jade plant! Mostly because it is the first plant I feel like I’ve been successful in growing and love see it sprout new leaves and thrive even in winter light :)

  • My favorite plants are:

    Snake Plant — I have one that has grown beautifully full and tall over the years

    Spider Plant — I inherited a lush one from a cousin who passed away in the mid-nineties. It’s produced lots of babies over the years that I’ve either potted or given away as gifts.

    Devil’s Ivy — another inheritance from my cousin, the cuttings of which have produced numerous plants.

    Arrowhead Plant — I nurtured a cutting from my mother into a beautifully lush plan that I had for several years, but in recent months it got some type of fungus that browned the leaves prematurely. I potted a cutting from this plant for my sister who says her’s is thriving. Hoping I can get a cutting as a remembrance of my mother who was good with plants and inspired my love of them.

    I can’t wait to read “Wild at Home” for more green life inspiration!

  • My favorite houseplant is a descendant of my husband’s grandmothers African Violet. We received a cutting for our wedding and have passed on babies to countless friends. She has since passed on but her plant lives on all over the country. Our current plant has survived two movies, is blooming, and is ready to be split again!

  • I was wary of getting a fiddle leaf fig since they’re so trendy, but now I can’t imagine my place without it. It adds so much architectural interest to the space. It’s not just a house plant (tree) but a living sculpture that’s constantly evolving which I love. Hilton’s book looks fantastic…the shots look beautiful and it seems like it’ll be a great read!

  • I’m a plant newbie, but I’m in loooooove with calatheas. Soo many varieties, and they each are so special with their leaves that look painted on. I am too scared to get one though, because I know they need high humidity, and I’m certain I would kill them. Right now I have a snake plant and a peperomia. They seemed safe enough to start with!

  • I love airplants. And I kill them. Even after following instructions on their care. I don’t have a brown thumb. I have a “GOT” thumb. Le Sigh.

  • I have to say my fabourite is the Monstera, as most plants I’m dreaming of doesn’t really survive the dark scandiwinters.

  • I have to say my fabourite is the Monstera, as most plants I’m dreaming of doesn’t really survive the dark scandi-winters.

  • I have close to 100 different plants at my place (a lot of succulents) but my favorites are
    spider plant: it was my first plant, given to me in college..now I have about 5 some are from the original and others are from friends.
    aloe: beautiful and handy to have around (as a redhead I need the sunburn relief)
    almost any pothos: I love watching them grow and climb all over. I love propagating and watching them thrive in a small apartment.

  • The one I’d love to have one day is a biiiiig monstera deliciosa !
    For the moment I take care og the nice sansevieria in my bedroom, and the olds green and white chlorophytum and my long tradescantia zebrina :)
    Merci for the contest and kisses from overseas – Brittany ;)

  • I love all my plants, but my snake plants are definitely my favorite. They don’t ask for much and thrive no matter where I put them!

  • Striped calathea! We just got one for our house— the color of the leaves is wonderfully rich and beautiful.

  • My mom told me that every room in your house should have a plant. My favorite plant is one she gave me when I moved to my new home. But I have no idea what type it is – because I’m hopeless with plants! I could really use Hilton’s book. :)

  • I have a few favorite plants for all different reasons. My first plant I ever bought was my Chinese Evergreen and he has moved with me and has a special place in my heart. My Mom gave me a Pothos she grew from cuttings when she found out I was getting into plants and it has really blossomed into a lush plant. I love it because it was my first attempt at growing my own cuttings (and I was successful!). And my new favorite is also my nemesis, my String of Pearls plant. It’s actually my second attempt because I immediately killed the first one when I watered it. I’m terrified to water it when the time comes!

  • I love succulents indoors, and I love pottery, and the two together… Perfection.

  • Jasmine is my favourite – I love climbers in general, and I love the smell of the flowers.

    I’ve started building up a collection of plants recently and I’m falling in love with watching them grow and evolve so slowly but so clearly. I have such intense little relationships with all of them!

  • Picking a favorite houseplant is so hard, wow! I’m torn between my hylocereus undatus, which just keeps trucking along and sprouting new arms– which are possibly the easiest things to propagate ever, if you’re (incredibly) patient– and crotons, which I’ve never been able to keep alive for longer than four months. They’re so gorgeous, but they just don’t like me! Maybe someday I’ll figure them out…

    So excited for this book! Congrats on the publication, Hilton!

  • I love succulents, especially Echeverias because there are so many beautiful variations! I’ve got a small succulent garden in my bedroom now. I like that you don’t have to water them often but light is key. I brought most of them across the country from LA to NYC and it’s been a struggle getting them acclimated but we got through winter (!) so I hope to have happy thriving succulents very soon!

  • My fiddle is my favorite. Everyone says they’re so hard to keep alive but Filbert the Fig has been thriving since I got him a year ago

  • My favourite house plant is my fiddle leaf fig (fondly called Figgy). He doesn’t like being moved or being too wet, all things we’ve learned during our time together. We are finally getting our groove though and Figgy’s looking strong!

  • I love my ZZ and snake plants because they’re two of the only things that will grow in my basement jewelry studio! I’m starting to realize how much I like begonias too, but I only have two so far. One of those was a clipping from a friend. <3

  • Ha! Photos of Hilton’s digs always make me salivate – so much beauty! Long time ago, I had a small apartment and this was my vision – to have it chock-full of plants. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be because I had to move in a fairly short time but I never forgot about it. My favourite plants are epiphytes, with Platycerium being my fave (any Platycerium). After that, Ficus Lyrata – I have fallen in love with them in approx. 1993 (decades before it became a trend) and that love affair has not ended yet. Marantas and Calatheas are next.

  • My favorite house plant has been my Clivia lily (I believe it’s also called a bush lily). I didn’t buy it, it was left in the garage from the previous renter and I kept it inside. After just a few weeks, it began to bloom flowers in late February and I lost my mind. I’d like to think it was thanking me, haha. Unfortunately, it didn’t blossom this year but it grew a bunch of new leaves. I love how hearty it looks and it’s easy to take care of!

  • I’d love a fiddle leaf or a (!!) fruit true of some kind – I’ve seen ones that are meant to be grown indoors but I still find the prospect frightening! What a beautiful home, thanks so much for sharing!

  • My favorite plant has been with me for almost 40 years. It is a Ric Rac Orchid Cactus. I love orchids. Tending three phalaenopsis but would like more and different species. The design interest of large plants has a hold on me, too. Currently I have a sanseveria and a fiddle leaf fig. A monstera is on my wishlist. A little garden of succulents in vintage McCoy pots are in my kitchen.

  • My favorite house plants are Sansevieria (Snake Plant) Monstera Deliciosa (AKA Monstera Plant), and Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig)… I’ve managed to keep my Snake Plant alive for the past 4 years but I am terrified to invest in a Monstera or Fiddle Leaf only to end up killing them… the mature Monsteras are not cheap, at least not in Los Angeles and the Fiddle Leaf Fig is super temperamental about how it’s watered… if you don’t time it right you’ve got a browned leaf you cannot undo.


  • I just adore my schefflera plant. It sits at the end of my bed under the canopy of a majesty palm, where it gets glorious morning light and bright indirect light in the afternoon. I learned it is a “poisionous” plant, but that doesn’t stop me from kissing its special leaves every day. It was born was a propagation taken from another that was about to be fully infested with spider mites. I was able to save the top and get it to root, but ever since, it has these really funny leave formations. I’m convinced my schefflera has the most leaves per cluster than any other, up to 10! it also gets the great siamese leaves, and has one suuuuper special tiny little cleft leaf that I just love. What really makes my heart scream is new growth. Each one is waving hello! How amazing! I love all of my plants, but this one is truly special.

  • i love all plants, inside and out! i planted pansies outside next to the newly revived hostas. my favorite indoor plant is aloe. it’s pretty and can be used medicinally. i love the photos of so many plants together in hilton’s book. i always wanted a forest of plants in my house but don’t know how to put them all together. i would use this book for the inspiration i sorely need!

  • My favorite house plant has to be a pothos. It’s the one I gift to people for housewarming presents, the one I propagate by my window, the one that trails over every shelf I own. There is no plant more emotive and easy than a pothos. I have over 60 house plants and this one will forever by my first and favorite.

  • I especially like plants that do things aside from just looking pretty. One of my very first plants was a venus fly-trap, which was more challenging than I anticipated! I was always so proud of it when it caught bugs though, and it was a great conversation starter, since it is not your typical house plant. Nothing like a carnivorous plant to take care of those pesky fruit flies!

  • My favorite houseplants are orchids. Here’s why: they have a reputation of being fussy and hard to grow, BUT apparently I am an orchid whisperer, while continuing to kill “easy” houseplants like African violets and coleus and pothos. I inherited an orchid that was a table favor at a wedding. I found it was super easy to keep alive, bloomed a couple times a year, and the blooms lasted for many weeks. Encouraged by this I picked up more orchids. They all do fine. My pride is one that an acquaintance fished out of their neighbor’s trash and gave to me, just a couple of leaves and some roots, and right now it sports 12 gorgeous white blossoms each almost as big as my hand!

  • This book looks lovely! My favorite plant is one that I received as housewarming gift. My friends had propagated it from a plant that had been in their family for two generations. Its growing beautifully and I love its history.

  • My favourite plants are my herbs, because of the convenience when I’m cooking. I’m especially proud of my Kaffir lime, which always reminds me of holidays in Thailand. Also, it’s still alive, which I’m very proud of.

  • The only houseplant I have never been able to kill is the thirty year old yucca tree in my bedroom.
    Purchased it at Zellers for $1. in the fall when they were clearing out summer plants. It has survived two house moves, a winter exile to a dark basement and basically general neglect, but refuses to die. Would love to find another indestructible plant to join it!

  • I love cactus and succulents….however I always wanted tho have a lemon tree inside the house (it’s winter six months a year where I live)…I’ve bought a couple of time a small lemon tree…but it always ends up dying….I would love to learn how to finally keep one alive!

  • I always wanted to have a citrus tree inside the house (we get six months winter). I’ve bought a couple of lemon trees but they always end up dying…I would love how to finally grow one that lives!!

  • I love my Christmas cactus because I got it from my grandma who is no longer with us and it’s the only thing I’ve managed to keep alive! <3

  • My favorite are my fake plants! My cats loooove to chew leaves making it impossible to have plants indoors. After seeing this book I wonder if I fill the home with real plants would the cats be so overwhelmed with plants that they wouldn’t care anymore? I might just try it!

  • I’ve always loved to have a citrus tree inside my house (we get winter six months in a year)….I have bought two small lemon trees but they always end up dying…I would love to finally make one grow in my house!

  • Snake plants hands down. They are beautiful, impactful, streamlined………. OH!
    Did I mention, easy to care for? Just add water and watch em grow.
    Forgot to water them? No problem. Water them when you remember and guess what? They still grow!
    Snake plants take a licking and keep on ticking.
    They also make you seem like a full realized adult. Who goes to work, pays bills, and is able to care for and keep a live a whole organism.
    Snake Plants Are The Best! :-)

  • The first plant I was able to nurture and watch grow was the Christmas Cactus I bought from Trader Joes about five years ago. I now have several of them, one of which is currently in bloom. I love watching how they change from season to season.

  • Monstera Deliciosa is my very favorite: huge, imperial, impossible to ignore, it is the soul of the house.Its shadows reflect on the ceiling at night, cast by the little lamp beneath it, and during the day it oozes its tropical vibe throughout our living space.
    Some find it invasive, I find it essential <3

  • My favorite indoor plants are either Devils ivy or a snake plant! I love see them drape over my home. They make me feel free and at peace.

  • Favorite that I can keep alive: My nerve plant, which grows perfect tiny leaves with delicate white nerve patterns and thrives wherever I put it in my apartment.

    Favorite that I cannot keep alive: Snake plants, but not just any snake plants—the spiky ones that look like the tops of medieval fences, which are supposedly impossible to kill. I don’t know why the “easiest” plants are always the ones that succumb to my apartment first, but I cannot keep this plant alive to save my life!

  • My favorite houseplant is the Maiden Hair Fern. I love its whimsy appearance, although I’m still not sure why I’m so enamored with its beauty when I can only keep it alive for a couple of weeks. I would love advice on how I can keep it happy in my home for me to enjoy. I currently can’t stop gawking at Hilton Carter’s home.

  • My orchid is blooming for the 4th year in a row, obviously the most beautiful plant I have, but my pride this year is my pineapple 🍍 that started a fruit few weeks ago, on my porch on the 9th floor!

  • I love plants. My house is filled with greenery. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to take care of them… My favorites include: Chinese Money Plants, Fiddle Leaf Figs, String of Pearls and succulents, actually I love them all. Would love to read the book to learn how to take care of them in the best way possible

  • My favorite of my indoor plants is my red prayer plant. I love the pattern on the leaves and how they move up and down based on the time of day. The leaves stand straight up in the evening l then relax throughout the day.

  • My favorite plant is a begonia that we in our family call The Monster. It has stems with reddish tendrils, very large leaves, and blooms this time of the with sprays of tiny white flowers on long stalks. It propagates easily from the thick rhizomes snaking at the base. I remember it from my childhood home. My Mom died a few years ago at age 100, but the plant lives on in my home as well as my sister’s and aunts. It’s our family heirloom.

  • I love jade plants. My mother had a few when I was a kid and I’ve loved them ever since.

  • My most successful plant is a Hoya-wax plant which is in full bloom, I keep propagating and sharing with intrigued friends. Therefore it is my favorite. I know I’ve had it for a very long time, it’s trunk is quite thick for that kind of plant. It is also VERY long, working its way around the room in both directions. Mine looks like the variegated plant in front of his chaise photo, although my leaves don’t look quite that large. When they look like that it tells me the plant is very happy! If you’ve never seen the blooms, they look like a fireworks display of fake looking soft pink flowers of velvet and plastic stars, and very fragrant too. Oh, I love my lemon trees too, great for Rochester NY winters. Thank you for the lovely photos to inspire more plants!

  • My current favorite indoor plant is a rubber plant that my husband bought for me. He spent quite a bit of time choosing it for me, so it is especially meaningful. I am hoping my dear plant thrives for years and years!

  • I’m not a plant lover in a very obvious way, nor a fashionable plant lover. I think I just love things that catapult me back to beautiful moments in my life or people that I met. And lately plants do that with me a lot… in a dreamy and vague way. Like the smell of a jasmine tree while I’m riding my bike, or the sansevieria on my colleague’s desk, or the rose garden near my parent’s house. A few days ago my daughter was having a lot of fun with catchweed she found in our garden, the way I loved to play with it when I was a kid. I like to surround myself with beautiful things, things that make me happy. A year ago I started to surround myself little by little with plants and flowers.. in my working space, in our home, in my little girls bedrooms. I love the idea of creating memories for them.

  • I love (and collect) orchids. I’m still learning on how best to take care of them; for instance, I think my plants need bigger pots, now that they’ve grown. So fun! And colorful! I’m a huge fan of LARGE plants. Right now the largest I have (due to the size of my house) is a 3-foot tall ponytail palm, which keeps growing–FAST! LOVED these pics of Mr. Carter’s plants. GOALS.

  • I’ve been slowly but surely filling my apartment with more and more greenery as I learn how to keep it all alive. I can’t wait to get a copy of this book!!

  • I love my snake plants! Low maintenance and great for cleaning the air – NASA did a study! I have three in my bedroom – they add a pop of green and are working hard, too :)

  • A lime tree I found on a curb in my neighborhood! Would love to add a fig tree soon…

  • I know this may be cliche, but I really love my fiddle leaf fig! It’s been much easier to take care of than I thought it would be, but I think it’s because we found just the right spot for it.
    This book looks amazing!

  • I’m in LOVE with Hilton’s plant aesthetic and look forward to having a copy of his book! The first plant I ever fell in love with is a split-leaf philodendron that I encountered at the tender age of five on my grandmother’s porch. It’s one of the few things I inherited from her that I still have. Unfortunately it is barely hanging on. In the early 90s, I brought it to my mom’s house and it sat on the floor of an east-facing bay window nestled under a stand of live oak trees, where it exploded into the biggest houseplant I’d ever seen! My mom passed in 2008 and although it came back to me, the plant has never been the same. She has only three leaves now and I am at a loss as to how to bring her back to her full glory.

  • This book looks so lovely! I am working on getting better at caring for house plants. I would say succulents are my favorite!

  • I love my fiddle leaf ficus and my mother-in-law’s tongue plants and my tillandsia’s. I was given a peace lily and I do not like the look of it? What does that mean about me? ;)

  • Today I’m in love with the hoya who is sending off discreet buds. Can’t wait for the blooms.

  • I love my macho fern. I think perhaps it is intended to be an outdoor plant, but I bought it in September and winters are too harsh in Michigan for a fern to be outside. So I took it in and it has been inside ever since. I love it because of its size, of course. Some of the fronds grow to 6 feet and hang over both the sofa and my piano.

  • I have just started getting into plants inside the home. I started last year and now have a nice mini jungle. I love my snake plants because they are so sculptural but my current fav is my ZZ plant that is really taking off. This book looks VERY inspiring!

  • Hello there. My favorite plants for indoors are ferns, all types. I find them really hard to keep them happy as indoor plants.
    Any suggestions would be helpful.

    MaryJane Mitchell

  • Calatheas! Amazing variety and colors, and a sense of accomplishment keeping them happy. I’ve had my rattlesnake Calathea for almost 10 years!

  • Omgosh, I need this book! My favorite indoor plants are fiddle leaf figs, because they are tall and elegant, and large split leaf philodendrons, because the are perfect for filling an empty awkward corner.

  • I love big palms and ferns! They have that Victorian hothouse vibe and I’ve always loved that. I’m also a huge fan of indoor bulbs (paperwhites, hyacinth, amaryllis). So excited for this book!

  • Recently learned gardenias are the worst – they are SO high maintenance! But I love my potted jasmine: the tendrils, easy, and oh that fragrance when the buds finally open again!!!

    • I so agree about gardenias Heather! I’ve tried 6 times so I’m through. So temperamental. Caitlin

  • My favorite houseplants are my calamondin oranges–1 of them I’ve had for just 2 years and it has 19 tiny oranges growing on it. I also have 1 lemon growing on my Meyer lemon. It is kind of surreal and I love it.

  • Oh I love the lushness of ferns ❤️ However, I can’t seem to keep one healthy and that breaks my heart.

  • I just love Aloe Vera plants. They are very medicinal and comes in handy when you have little ones running around and scraping up their head, legs and arms.

  • Snake Plants! They are so versatile, forgiving, and easy to propagate. They are always the plant I recommend to people who doubt their plant parent abilities. I also love that they filter the air too, are incredibly sculptural, and low maintenance.

  • My peace lily Nicholas is my favourite. He’s my first house plant. I got him eleven years ago when I first moved out, and he’s been with me through four moves (including one across Canada, from Ontario to BC). I’ve separated a couple pups from him to gift to others. He’s just unfurling a new leave now! <3

  • Orchids are my current favorite. I practice benign neglect with them and they seem to do nicely for me. But anything green will do. Also, herbs in the kitchen for the fragrance if nothing else.

  • My favorite houseplant is my bamboo in a little pot that sits in my kitchen windowsill. It greets me every morning! I also have a cool/weird plant I bought at the farmers market that forms bulbs that migrate to the top of the soil. It looks different, and somehow, I have managed to not only keep it alive, but propagate it, too.

  • I have many houseplants but my hands-down favorites are my clivias. They ask for so little and they give so much. They never fail to delight with their gorgeous, orange blossoms, and their lush, deep green foliage makes me happy even when they are not in bloom.

  • My favorite houseplant is the Fiddle Leaf Fig. I’m so in love with the shape, color, and texture of its leaves. The Fiddle Leaf Fig tree literally makes me feel warm inside and makes me think of how life is full of beauty and possibilities. I also love my schefflera bonsai tree. She’s been with me for 6 years and survived a cross country move from the North to the South It’s a beautiful plant that loves you back and thrives with you.

  • One of my favorite plants is the Jade plant, specifically the one that my parents have. MANY years ago my dad snuck a small cutting of one he found growing in California (where they met) in his shoe, back home to Iowa. It has since grown from a tiny cutting to a giant! It has withstood many falls as my dogs have knocked the pot over in their excited efforts to protect the house from passersby. The few branches that had broken off were transplanted into bridge like arched plants. It’s like a small tree! My other favorite plant is my spider plant because its impossible to kill. I discovered it in a windowless closet about 11 years ago and it was completely white. I watered it and it came back to life. I took it home and it has been delightful ever since!

  • I LOVE my Chinese Money Plant. I love there history of being brought back to Scandinavia by missionaries, and that they are now a gift that you give people when you visit their home. I love when new babies pop up …. and giving them away to friends.

  • I love Echeveria. They are beautiful and simple. I love succulents because they are easy to care for and look lovely in homes with modern furnishings.

  • I work at the South Melbourne Market each Saturday. My next door neighbours include Frank’s fruit and vegetables, Atypic chocolates and a florist/nursery. After lengthy deliberations I finally decided on Chain of Hearts because surely even I could keep that alive. So far so good. Pamela

  • My African milk plant was gifted to me by my in-laws, who had cut some of theirs and given pieces away to friends and family as gifts. As far as I can tell, mine is the lone survivor of these. It sits proudly on my dining table, greeting all who visit us with its friendly waving branches.

  • Congratulations Hilton on your book!
    For the last 5 years I have had my Grandma’s hoya plant. I always loved the late night fragrant scent it gives off along with it’s beautiful waxy flowers. Sadly, it has never bloomed in my place. I hope one day it will grace me with it’s beauty!

  • My Birds Nest Fern is lush, gorgeous, and the most vivid shade of green. Even better, I got it years ago during a lovely day with friends lunching in a greenhouse surrounded by sunshine, good company and the miracle of photosynthesis going on all around us. Plants support us in this world and yet we take them so for granted.

  • My favorite plants to grow inside are spider plants. They are pretty hardy and look nice in hanging baskets!

  • I love in a small studio with 12 different plants. Some are very dear to me. My favorite is a Hoya
    It started as a couple clippings wrapped in my suitcase on a cross continental flight. I love it’s delicate pink blossoms.

  • I love his place, what a wonderful haven! I love so many plants and can’t pick just one favorite! I have several hibiscus although they can be temperamental especially in winter! Or my most recent addition a kumquat, if I can keep it alive! Several colorful dracenas are also treasured! So many but nothing like Hiltons place! Envious!!

  • My favorite houseplant is my ponytail palm, but I also love pothos, so easy to grow, I have one climbing my bathroom window frame right now! I want to have more plants, I just struggle to make them happy with so few windows that get any bright light.

  • My favorite house plant are my orchids, they love my sunny kitchen window and one is always in bloom. I have three
    blooming right now. Who needs cut flowers when you have orchids.

  • My faves are –
    1. epiphyllum
    2. kalanchoe
    3. birds of paradise

    I’m partial to the flowering kind :)

  • My favourite plants are the zz plant and the jade plant. Both are incredibly hardy. I found an inch-long, uprooted jade behind our old apartment building. Despite that beginning, the plant has continued to grow and made the cross-country trip with us from the Bay Area to Boston! I have even given leaves to our friends as cuttings. Our zz plant is also extremely hardy, plus it requires only occasional watering, tolerates low-light condition, and is a sculptural addition to our home. I love its dark green, glossy leaves!

  • Out of the 48 plants I have in my one bedroom apartment it is the Prayer Plant that is my favorite at the moment.
    As I read in the silence of my apartment I literally can hear when a leaf uncurls and opens up. It’s an incredible and beautiful experience. The first time I heard it I thought it was a mouse! But alias it was not!

    Some evenings I will hear 3 to 5 leaves open up within a few hours. In the concrete jungle of South Central L.A. I can still feel a connection to Mother Earth in these moments. It’s a beautiful thing! 🌿

  • I love my schefflera plant which is 38 years old. My daughter learned to read before she started school sitting under this magical plant, and she is 36 years old now. This plant was named Photocynthia by my high school students when she spent a few years in my classroom!

  • My favorite plant is an orchid my husband gave to me right before we got married. I’ve tried to kill it twice (once my blinds fell onto it and smashed it, once it got left out on my patio before leaving town, and baked in the sun for three days) . It still keeps coming back and has 7 beautiful blooms on it. I love that it just keeps on keepin’ on despite a few missteps in care. It was my first house plant and now I have another orchid, a couple of pothos, a fern, a succulent pot, and a really great zz plant my sister recently gifted to me. My little plant corner keeps growing and I love it!

  • I love ZZ plants! They look great and it’s very hard to kill them, they are so low maintenance! I have many of them in my home.

  • My favorite is my monstera deliciosa. I got it when it was very small and didn’t have any split leaves yet, so it has been exciting to watch it grow so much bigger and see how each new leaf looks when if finally unrolls!

  • My favorite is my little avocado pits that I’m trying to grow from seeds. Trying to grow these indoors in new england winter has been a long journey, but seeing the seed crack and then roots and shoots grow were all very momentous milestones!

  • Orquids and a violets I love them both, because I don’t kill them ; ) as simple as that!
    I have both right now in my home and I would love to have SO many different plants but I killed so many of them: (
    I need this book!

  • Love a snake plant. Adds height to boring corners and they’re pretty easy to care for too!

  • I had a jasmine in a big pot for about a year. Oh, the smell of those little white flowers! But my appartment wasn’t warm or sunny enough and it died. My house is full of plants but I still dream about having a big jasmine so the smell can linger in the air.

  • I love Hilton Carter! His ig feed is so inspiring to me, a professional plant killer. I really like inchplants. They’re very hard to kill and they add such lovely color indoors.

  • I love everything Monstera. The split leaves are just the best. Monstera adansonii is a particular fav, and I’ve finally been able to keep a few alive at home. I love propagating from cuttings, it’s probably my favorite hobby. Growing my little indoor jungle is so therapeutic!