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Top 20 Business Posts of All Time: #13 Nine Ways to Build Your Biz as an Introvert

by Grace Bonney

I identify strongly as an introvert. And like so many introverts, I’ve been grateful to have the internet as a place to work and build community. The internet and social media have allowed me to connect and network in a way that feels comfortable and slightly more in control than in-person social settings. So when we got the chance to share this particular Biz Ladies post about Building Your Business as an Introvert back in 2014, I was thrilled. Claire and Allie shared 9 super-practical tips for growing and networking on your own terms as an introvert, and they’ve always been something I go back to when I need a little push. Here’s to finding ways to grow our businesses even if we aren’t the most extroverted people in the world. xo, Grace


#13: 9 Ways to Build Your Biz as an Introvert


Some highlights:

  1. Send an email to someone you admire, and ask them for coffee. Individual networking is better for introverts because we hate small talk! Getting to know someone personally allows for a deeper connection, meaning they are more likely to remember what you do and makes them more likely to refer you to their networks.
  2. Start with people you know. Who within your circle of friends could use your services? That tenuous existing link can make it so much easier to reach out, and there’s plenty of research indicating that loose ties are the most valuable to you from a business perspective.
  3. Start a blog, and write about YOU. Make it interesting, funny, weird, honest – say all the things you couldn’t say to people in real life about yourself. Keep at it, and people will be coming to you!
  4. If you are going to a conference, research the guest list first. Ask your Twitter followers who is attending, write on the event’s Facebook wall – make at least one contact before you rock up and arrange to meet up with that person so you’ve got one familiar face at the event.



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