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Top 20 Business Posts of All Time: #16 E-Book Marketing 101

by Grace Bonney

E-books and self-publishing are a huge part of the game these days and back in 2014, we shared a great 101 guide to launching and promoting your own e-book (of any type!) with the help of Meg Sylvia, the founder of Artful Publications. This post came in at our #16 spot on the Design*Sponge Top Business Posts of All Time list. Meg shared an incredible detailed guide to everything from optimizing your platform and building your audience to making the most of customer reviews. If you’ve ever wanted to launch an online book, magazine or other web-based product, this guide is a must-read. xo, Grace


#16: E-Book Marketing 101

  • Who Contributed This Piece: Meg Sylvia, the founder of Artful Publications
  • DS debut: September 2014

Some highlights:

Optimize Your Platform: Once your list is set up, you will want to ensure that you have newsletter opt-in boxes in several strategic areas across your site (sidebar, top of homepage, within about page, etc). 

  • Include as few pages as possible in your menu
  • Ensure that your homepage makes the purpose of your website very clear
  • Ensure that pages aren’t dead ends – guide readers to the next most helpful page

A few ways to get in front of new audiences:

  • Obtain guest posting opportunities
  • Secure interviews on industry podcasts
  • Get featured on industry news sites

Take Advantage of Customer Reviews

  • Use them for storytelling. We creatives tend to have a negative reaction to the word “sales,” and understandably so. With the amount of scam-y marketing out there, you certainly don’t want to turn off our customers with pushy selling.
  • Reach out to some of your best clients, and offer them a free copy of your book in return for a brief interview. Have them talk about how your book impacted them, and elaborate on what sort of transformation they went through by reading your book (this can work for any kind of book – “transformation” can be as simple as, “these cookbook recipes have made my nights so much less stressful and make it easy to plan dinners for my kids!”) You can use these stories in your launch emails, and incorporate them into your sales page.


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