Cat Paw Chair Socks!

by Grace Bonney

I had to break in and interrupt our regularly scheduled posts because I just saw something so funny (and slightly practical?) that I had to share it right away: cat paw chair socks! I spotted these on a friend’s Facebook feed and they made me dissolve into a fit of giggles. Then I glanced over at our hard metal kitchen counter stools and the industrial rubber feet we put on them to protect the wood floors and realized…these could actually work. And hopefully make other people laugh and smile. You can check them out here (how cute would these be in a child’s room or play space??) and pick up a pack for $9.99. xo, Grace

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  • Just darling. And practical. Just like cats. (ummm…)

    I bet they can also double as finger puppets!

  • This is too funny! I was recently in Japan for a business trip and saw a set of these at a home goods store. I couldn’t resist purchasing and never, ever thought I’d see them mentioned here in the states. Amazing.