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Black History Month: 60 Instagram Accounts to Follow

by Grace Bonney

My favorite place to find inspiration online these days is Instagram. In the way that I used to use Google to search through people’s websites and student show or trade show lists, I now search through people’s Instagram following lists to see who the talented people I admire follow. Those lists have introduced me to so many incredible artists, makers, designers, writers, poets, sculptors, dancers, and more. So today, in honor of Black History Month, I’m sharing 60 of my favorite Instagram accounts run by Black artists, designers, and creatives of all types.

I could list thousands of more accounts, so please share some of your favorites (or your own!) in the comment section below. Also, as we dive into deeper issues related to race this month, I wanted to point out that one of the best ways I’ve been able to learn and expand my mind and understanding of the world has been through following people like those listed here. If you’re hoping to become a better ally for Black creatives in our community (or any creatives of color), one of the best things to do is listen to people’s stories in their own words. The personal and professional posts these creatives have shared have taught me to not only question my understanding of the world and how things work in design, but they’ve taught me to talk less, listen more and to search harder for all of the wonderful people, and design, out there in the world. xo, Grace

@jadepurplebrown:  Jade’s artwork is bold, colorful and full of energy.

@antaunbyers: Antaun is an incredible dancer who dances for the Alvin Ailey II company and his feed reminds me that the human body and movement can be a work of art, too.

@tactilematter: Kenesha Sneed’s work is so textured and soft and spans from pottery and weaving to paintings.

@freyabramblecarter: Freya Bramble Carter is a ceramicist based in England whose work showcases incredible glazing styles.

@iamronnicole: My love for Ronni Nicole’s floral fossil artwork knows no bounds.

@malenebatelier: Malene is one of my favorite people in the design world and it’s been a joy to see her embrace pottery recently and expand her talents into different media.

@badguild: Speaking of Malene, I’m so thankful she started a new organization and feed called Black Artists + Designers Guild celebrating a wide range of talented Black creatives.

@creativehunt: I had the pleasure of getting to know Lisa Hunt when we worked together for In the Company of Women. Her work is stunning.

@ishkadesigns: The team at Ishka Designs has an incredible eye for design and I love watching all of their traveling around the world.

@daniellecoldingdesign: Danielle is a talented interior designer, a kind person and has one heck of a great eye for spotting beautiful moments around NYC.

@museummammy: I started following Kimberly when she launched her Museum Mammy blog about Black artists and she is now a freelance creator working on a number of projects and interviewing people like Tina Knowles (!!). It’s been such a joy to see her career take off and I love seeing what she’s up to and what other artists she’s celebrating on her feed.

@morganharpernichols: Morgan’s poetry and illustrations get me through just about every week. Her words are a much needed balm for anyone out there trying to run their own business and or just get by in the world.

@deunivory: Deun’s feed is full of stunning portraits and we had so much fun working with her on the cover shoot for the last issue of Good Company Magazine.

@hiltoncarter: I am so excited for Hilton Carter’s new book on house plants and loading his feed is always like a digital escape into a beautiful green oasis.

@andreapippins: I’m such a huge fan of Andrea’s work. It’s so bright and colorful and it always has such an important message behind it.

@rayoandhoney: Roachele’s feed is a place I find myself on a regular basis- because her work is consistently meaningful, uplifting, and profound.

@harlemtoilegirl: Oh, how I admire interior designer Sheila Bridges. Her work is modern but sophisticated and her feed is always full of great inspiration from around the world.

@smashfizzle: Ashley C. Ford is, for me, one of the most important voices of our generation. Her writing always makes me stop, think, and appreciate where I am in life and I am living for everything she is doing with her career right now. Be sure to check out her new show on Buzzfeed!

@royaljellynyc: The mother-daughter duo behind Royal Jelly Harlem are always traveling somewhere interesting or designing something beautiful. Their feed is full of glorious color and pattern.

@lizzobeeating: How does one sum up the magic that is Lizzo? Whether she’s dancing up a storm, singing beautifully, or performing a flute solo, everything she touches is just the best.

@lornasimpson: I’m always excited when my favorite artists are on Instagram and you get to peek inside their real lives a little bit. Lorna’s feed is an inspiring mix of artwork and everyday life.

@demestik: Reuben from Demestik is SO talented. We got to meet him at his apartment studio five years ago and we’ve been eager fans of all of his collections ever since.

@duroolowu: Duro Olowu’s clothes are an absolute explosion of color, pattern, and JOY. If I ever win the lottery, I will be investing in one of these gorgeous pieces. His feed celebrates his many sources of inspiration, including iconic Black designers, writers, artists and activists.

@thelmagolden: Is there anyone more inspiring and influential in the world of art museums than Thelma Golden? She has changed the way I think about everything related to art and museums – and how they’re both experienced, and by whom.

@studiomucci: Entering the candy-colored world of Amina Mucciolo is one of my favorite Instagram escapes. She loves color like no one else and she always makes me want to throw out my boring wardrobe and buy all new things in every color of the rainbow.

@patmcgrathreal: Pat McGrath is THE QUEEN. Not just of makeup, but pretty much everything. Her makeup game is unsurpassed and she constantly reminds me that makeup is one of the most fun and expressive art forms.

@sherriesilver: Speaking of queens, I dare you to watch one of choreographer and dancer Sherrie Silver’s videos and not get up and try to dance along with her. (You may recognize her from the “The is America” video)

@mccalmanco: George is the designer behind our magazine, Good Company, and I’m so excited for his upcoming book, Illustrated Black History.

@brownkids: We are huge fans of Roshanda and Erin at DS and love following their journey in minimalism. They shared some of their tips for living minimally long-term with us here.

@sgardnerstyle: Shavonda and her beautiful family are always bright shining stars in my Instagram feed. Shavonda has impeccable style and I love her daily Instagram stories. (Check out their beautiful home on DS here).

@cocoacentric: LaToya’s jewelry designs are fun and full of color and her feed is full of the same type of inspiration from across the globe.

@candid_art: I’m a huge fan of Candice Cox’s jewelry and I loved getting to know more about her business last year for our small business series.

@linairisviktor: Lina’s artwork takes my breath away. Her work is striking and I can’t recommend following and supporting her work more highly.

@whitneymanney: KC’s own Whitney Manney is a powerhouse of talent and kindness. I love her business model and the way she leads all of her work with heart.

@laolunyc: Laolu Senbanjo’s artwork draws on the traditions of the Yoruba people and their religious and artistic traditions. You’ve seen his work all over the world, including on the faces of people like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Deray and many more. You can watch his TED talk here.

@loveiswiseillu: I can’t get enough of Loveis Wise’s work. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing her for the Good Company Podcast and watching her continue to shine and evolve as an artist makes me so, so happy.

@shannondrewthis: I first discovered Shannon Wright’s work through Women Who Draw and I love the playful line sense she has in her work.

@jenhewett: Jen’s work always makes me smile and she is a pillar of character, talent, and honesty in the craft community.

@akilah: I’m SUCH a huge fan of Akilah’s work and comedy. But I really enjoyed seeing her in the recent Friends with Secrets series about text therapy.

@jamillaokubo: Jamilla is a surface pattern designer and illustrator and I’m 1000% smitten with Jamilla’s fashion collaboration with Gorman.

@bleubyrdie: I am constantly posting Élan’s artwork on Instagram because just about every day she posts something that’s so beautiful I can’t resist sharing it again, and again, and again…I am so into her series that looks like terrazzo, but she also makes incredible wall hangings.

@stephaniesing: Stephanie Singleton is another artist I originally discovered on Women Who Draw and her work has stayed at the top of my mind ever since. I love her floral illustrations so very much. Her delicate line sensibility is so beautiful.

@solacilike: Laci’s work is like a vacation to Miami Beach- full of bright color, sunshine, and vibrancy. I love her sneaker series, too.

@justinablakeney: Like Lizzo, I think Justina probably doesn’t need an introduction and her work and her talent are hard to put into words. She is a ray of sunshine, a fount of talent and wisdom, and just an all around awesome human being. (This picture of her dancing with her father always makes me smile)

@yourbravebox: Krystle’s feed is full of great books and projects to discover, as well as the home of her important podcast, The Space Between Us. Her podcast and feed connect the topic race with a wide range of personal and professional issues and is a must-follow for me.

@sean_qualls: Sean Qualls is an artist/letterer/pattern maker/DJ whose work is graphic, bold, and refreshing.

@mylesloftin: Myles is a super talented photographer who we had the honor of working with for the last issue of Good Company (he took this portrait of Blair Imani). His work is joyful and has such a depth of soul and connection.

@nicolemcrowder: Nicole! I love Nicole so much. She is so special and so talented and I hope to get myself down to DC one day to take one of her popular upholstery classes.

@rakiareynolds: Rakia! I got to join Rakia on a panel in DC at the National Museum of Women in the Arts and just watched and soaked it all in as she shared SO much wisdom with the crowd. She runs her own media agency and she radiates joy.

@dianholton: Between Nicole and Dian and remembering our fun hang times together, I’m feeling so jealous of D.C. and how lucky they are to have both of these amazing women in their midst. Dian is a super fun and super talented director and designer who works with the AIGA and the AARP. Her stories are always full of fun inspiration from all over the globe.

@crutches_and_spice: If you don’t already follow Imani Barbarin’s work on all channels, please do. She is a talented writer and disability blogger and we had the joy of working with her on a new piece coming up in the new issue of Good Company. She’s also the creator of the #DistheOscars movement on Twitter.

@thevixensworld: It’s hard to put into words how much I love The Vixen. She’s a blow-your-mind-talented drag queen from Chicago who mixes art, activism, and important discussions about race and class into her performances. If you ever get a chance to go see her show, Black Girl Magic, GO GO GO.

@sheacoulee: Speaking of incredible drag queens…Shea Coulee is EVERYTHING. Her talent takes my breath away and always has me screaming at the TV screen every time she’s on. Her music, videos, looks, and talent are BEYOND stunning.

@blackgirlswithgardens: This wonderful feed features a wide range of Black women as they plant, cultivate, and nurture home gardens. It’s a joyful escape from city life and a wonderful place to discover new people to follow and support.

@foodieinnewyork: Vallery Lomas is the winner of ABC’s Great American Baking Show (read more about that here) and one of my favorite people in food to follow. There is always such a sense of warmth and happiness in everything she bakes.

@grandbabycakes: Baker Jocelyn Delk Adams is one of the kindest, most hardworking and talented people I’ve ever met. She is happiness personified. It was heartbreaking to see her lose her grandmother (the inspiration behind her brand/cookbooks) this year, but it was a joy to see her welcome her daughter in the world this year, too.

@lakwena: Lakwena is a London-based artist whose work is bold, striking, and colorful. Her installations on public walls are incredible and I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to get to walk by those every day.

@funlolacoker: If you love miniature food in all forms, you’ll love Funlola’s feed. Just watch this video to see how much detail goes into these tiny rainbow cake slices. It’s incredible.

@ragandbonemanvintage: Maggie Coker’s feed is a gorgeous mix of dried florals, portraits, interiors and healing words. If you love the way that flowers can be used as a healing tool and want to incorporate them into a self-care routine in your life, Maggie’s feed is for you. You can also check out her stunning Berlin home here on DS.

@seedandconjure: I wish I could sew, because Tasha’s feed is full of finished sewing projects that range from handmade dolls to modern structural garments and I want all of them. I especially love this top she made.

@whitneyjdecor: Whitney Jones is a talented New Orleans-based interior designer whose work always includes bold color choices, sumptuous texture, and lots of patterns inspired by cultures around the world. Whitney is a great designer to follow if you’re looking for some great interior inspiration.

@asherald: Artist Amy Sherald lives in Baltimore and creates beautiful paintings that are known for their striking, often pastel, backgrounds. Her portrait of Michelle Obama is iconic and even Amy herself is now an icon for young girls (this always makes me tear up). I love her feed for all of the beautiful inspiration she shares in all forms (she loves skin care and dogs, too- my favorites!).

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  • I just saw Dr. Fahamu Pecou speak in Atlanta at the Creative Mornings talk in January; he was incredible! He’s doing important work with his paintings and other work. (@fahamupecou)
    Also worth following (and surprised she wasn’t listed here already), Amy Sherald (@asherald)

    • thank you, catherine! i can’t believe i missed amy’s feed- added her in! i’m a huge fan of her (she loves skincare and dogs, too- my favs)


  • Can’t wait to follow so many of these! My list would also include @wellreadblackgirl

  • @maceopaisley [[ https://www.instagram.com/maceopaisley/ ]] is one of the people on the internet i admire the most, he does amazing work in LA bringing together creative, intentional, questioning, intersectional community around issues of art, culture, philosophy, dance, inclusion…

  • fantastic list! i would add @jillknoxart aka @theyoungrebelsstudio and @christadavid.art – because this list can never be too long!