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What Happens to Design*Sponge After August? FAQs (Answered)

by Grace Bonney

When I announced earlier this month that this year would be our last as a traditional blog, we were overwhelmed with warm and loving feedback, shared stories of our time together as a community, and also a lot of questions and confusion. So today I wanted to take a quick moment to answer some questions that seem to have left people wondering what is happening and when.

Q: What happens to the blog after August 30th, 2019?

A: We will post our last regular (new) post on August 30th, 2019. For as long as I can afford to keep the site hosted and live, it will remain online as an archive to refer to as often as you like. No content will be deleted and all posts/sections/downloads will stay up. We may occasionally return to share special news or announcements, but as a regular daily blog, we will not be updating on the blog anymore.

Q: Will you still be on social media?

A: Yes! Social media is the way I stay connected to my friends and community and I will still be updating (Instagram and Twitter being the most regular) all of our @designsponge feeds on a regular basis — ie: with new posts. I won’t be changing any of the names/handles, they will remain @designsponge. As always, my social updates will be a mix of design, creativity, inspiration and personal updates. Nothing will change on these feeds except we’ll no longer be promoting new posts from the DS blog. So don’t unfollow — I will still be there most days sharing new ideas and content and updating everyone on what our team is up to as we move forward.

Q: How can we stay in touch after August?

A: The best place to follow online if you don’t want to miss what we’re up to is our newsletter. I’ll still be updating this (but with a more personal touch) after August. You can sign up here to receive one email a week. You can also follow us on all social media channels (I’m keeping the same handle @designsponge) where I’ll still be updating and talking and sharing like always.

Q: Will there be any Design*Sponge content anywhere after August?

A: Maybe. I want to leave the door open to a wide range of feelings, ideas and motivations this year. Already the shake-up of this change has inspired some new post ideas and projects I’d like to test out. I have no idea where those will lead, but I just want everyone to know that we’re open to DS evolving into something different than it is now if that feels right. All I know right now is that the daily blog format doesn’t feel sustainable (emotionally or financially) anymore.

Did I miss anything else? Leave your questions here and I’ll answer them to make sure I didn’t miss anything else! xo, Grace

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  • Hi, Grace thanks for letting us know where to find you and I’m grateful that the DS spirit will live on in some form. The day you announced that DS would end in August I was contemplating starting my own blog but more and more I wonder if it’s even worth it these days. Like you had, I’ve grown restless in my corporate 9-5 and would like to start a more creative endeavor that at some point can translate into money however I’m not doing it for the money I’m doing it because I really love it. So I’ve been toying with the idea of focusing on creating a beautiful Instagram feed while growing my email list and instead of just posting on the blog, focus more on the newsletter side of things. I think a newsletter is a wonderful way to both create engaging conversation and receive authentic feedback, essentially a true tribe.

  • Thanks for this info. Just a suggestion — it would be great if you could share a list of suggested other sites to help fill the gap after this site stops updating. Maybe a list of some of your favorite online resources for interiors, DIY, etc?

    • Check stylebyemilyhenderson.com. It is such a great website, and the team there is so much fun. But, they focus on more styling and decor vs. DIY and lifestyle, but please check them out!

  • Hi Grace,
    I’ve followed Design*Sponge religiously since 2009…. It’s the only blog I read consistently. I love the content, the interior tours, the gift guides, and checked out the city tours every time I traveled, at least while those were still up to date. I’ve never commented before, but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work, style, and curation. There will be a huge hole in the design world with the absence of design*sponge. Thanks for the past decade!

  • Thank you for all of the beautiful content over the years! Happy to see the content on your social channels will continue.

  • Never commented before but have been a loyal reader for many years. Design Sponge was my gateway drug many years back into all the amazing online design content and creators out there. The GOOD side of the web and as a means of connecting people all over the globe with similar interests and passions or introducing them to new things. I remember way back in the “old days” and being so excited about your amazing DIYs, even if it was more of a spectator sport ( I still have the wood beaded chandelier on my list of ones to try ) and the “living in” series (for the record I thought the Britney spears version was hilarious). Just wanted to thank you for filling my life with beautiful and inspiring things.

    Good Luck in all your future endeavors!

    P.S. As someone who is not so savvy on all the comings and goings of online/social media world it would be interesting to hear more about the strategic and economic element of your decision to close the blog. Although I know the decision is mostly personal, you and several commenters have mentioned that blogs are no longer “financialy viable” or are “on the way out”. I would be curious to hear more about that from your insider perspective.