Trish Andersen Art

by Grace Bonney

One of the first trips I took when I started Design*Sponge was to Savannah, Georgia. I spoke at SCAD during their annual design week and was invited by their Fibers department to visit, learn, and explore. It remains one of the most formative weekends of my life and it was where I discovered both my love of textiles and how contemporary and subversive they could be. I had never seen anything like the work I saw their students (and teachers) making and it opened my mind to just how malleable and creative any medium could be. For that reason, I will always (always!) have a soft spot for textile artists and makers coming from Savannah. So when I stumbled upon the work of artist/designer Trish Andersen on Instagram, I was hooked from the get-go.

Trish divides her time between Brooklyn, NY and Savannah, GA, where she focuses on tufting and immersive installations that embrace color and texture in such a bold and free-flowing way. What first caught my eye was her staircase installation (above), but I returned to her feed over and over to watch her process videos and peeks inside her amazing studio. While social media often gets a bad rap for being shallow or derivative, it can also provide an amazing wealth of information, insight, and connection. I am so thankful for feeds like Trish’s because they let me better understand the time and work (and sheer amount of material!) that goes into pieces like hers. If you’re looking for some morning inspiration or a colorful fiber pick-me-up, click here to check out Trish’s work online. xo, Grace

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  • Ahhhh Grace thank you so much for sharing my friend Trish!!! She is the most talented and generous person I know.

    She is not just a ‘maker’ who likes to play with yarn and thread but a multi disciplinary artist and it’s hynoptic to watch her sketch up an idea, then figure out the engineering and build and construct these incredible fiber sculptures.

    On top of all that talent – she goes out of her way to support and help her fellow artists and I adore her!

    Ruth xxx

    • Oh Ruthie! You are to kind!! Thank you!

      And thank you for the feature Grace! I appreciate your support so much! now and throughout the years!! Thank you for being such a champion for all us makers and creatives. xoxoxo