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Six Colorful Gifts to Brighten Someone’s Holiday

by D*S Market Editors

With the standard autumnal colors of spice, orange and yellow making way for waves of red and green, it feels pretty darn exciting to pick out and package colorful gifts outside of those palettes. These gifts are great for either colorful people or for those who could use a little more color in their life. All the colors of the rainbow come together in this mini gift guide, filled with hues that will tackle even the grayest of winter days!






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This vintage-style hanging color chart will keep the world full of color during winter’s grey day.

Color Chart     Price: $25   Size: 20″ x 28″   Amazon Prime Free Shipping


Made of “more” environmentally friendly Polypropylene plastic, this set of decorative rhombus trays can help organize small items or make a snack a little bit more fun. 

Modern Geometric Tray Set     Price: $13

Sizes: Large 12.8”x7.4” | Medium 8.4”x7.4” | Small  7.1”x 4.1”


Another study in color, this Georgia O’Keeffe book documents the artist’s watercolor work between 1916 and 1918 and filled with brilliant hues.

Georgia O’Keeffe: Watercolors     Price: $40.80   Hardcover

Amazon Prime Free Shipping


We love this set of 5 eclectic-shaped vases in jewel tones. Wrap this set up and bring or send flowers too!

Art & Artifact Modern Glass Vases Set     Price: $60


So this might get weird, but bear with us! Grimm’s wooden nesting “blocks” are the perfect way to kick up meditative exercise. Grimm’s designed these sets in elemental style like the Fire set seen above. This is a cool gift for someone who needs a little push to get relaxed and creative.

Grimm’s Nesting Fire Element Stacker     Price: $35

Size: 4.7 ” long x 2.25 ” deep x 6.75 ” high


Grimm’s Nesting Water Element Stacker     Price: $39

Size: 8.8″ long x 2.25 ” deep x 3.5 ” high


Grimm’s Nesting Air Element Stacker     Price: $45

Size: 6.75″ long x 2.25 ” deep x 3.6 ” high


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