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How to Work With Friends (*And Not Make it Weird)

by Grace Bonney

When I sat down to plan the newest issue of our magazine, Good Company, I knew I wanted to work together with artists and writers to tackle topics that felt uncomfortable but important to discuss openly. Topics like fear, anxiety, failure and how we push past them together. That new issue, called Fear(less), is on stands now and when I announced the theme, one of the biggest requests we got was for pieces about how to work with friends. Almost every business owner I know has wanted to work with their friends at one point or another, but has been worried about risking their friendship. Enter Lora DiFranco and Katie Daugherty.

Lora and Katie collaborated on this illustrated zine to break down a sticky and scary topic. Their piece is a fun and helpful guide to creating successful working relationships and creative collaborations. I’ve struggled with this issue for years and it was really cathartic to read this piece and reflect on the mistakes I’ve made as well as ways I can make practical changes to ensure that everyone involved feels heard and has a clear set of expectations. Whether you work with friends now or have a project you’ve been wanting to try with someone dear in your life, this guide is a must-read. You can check out more stories about overcoming fear and failure and finding empowerment in these tough spots in our new issue of Good Company Magazine, on stands now! xo, Grace

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