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Heyday, a Calm & California-Cool Spot for Facials in Los Angeles

by Kelli Kehler

Madeline Hemingway and Michael Pollak admit that they have a certain groove they get into when they’re working together. They both work for Heyday, a brand of facial shops that offer skin care and facial services along with educating clients on taking care of their skin; Madeline is Director of Store Design and Michael is Chief Brand Officer and co-founder. When the two were looking to open their first location in Los Angeles — the other five locations are in New York — Michael made a serendipitous discovery.

“Michael was driving down Beverly [Boulevard] with his partner (who is also Heyday’s real estate broker) Nick Cowan, who’d been obsessed with finding a corner, auto-body style building – and saw the For Rent sign,” Madeline says. “They immediately saw its potential and inquired to see if it was available. The second Michael showed me the photos, I got so excited to transform the space! The corner lot, the covered patio, the parking lot, and great bones made it such an enticing location for our first shop in LA.”

Madeline and Michael got to work designing the new location and reconfiguring its layout remotely — not an easy task to do all the way from New York City. “Anticipating all the functional needs of the team and the flow of clients can be tough, even when you’ve done this before,” Michael notes. “We do our best based on what we know has worked or not – but each space is unique. Most people always say to live in your home for a bit before renovating, but when it comes to retail, you don’t have that luxury!” Regardless, the duo got in their groove and powered through the design and reno project quickly (opening in late July 2018), as the former auto body shop’s wide, open 3,200-square-foot space and lofty ceilings didn’t leave many surprises to uncover in demo.

The refreshed space is now awash in crisp white paint and fun painted tiles. “Since this was our first store on the West Coast, we wanted the design of the space to reflect a laid-back California attitude,” Madeline shares. “We used soothing colors that reflect the natural landscape of Southern California, like warm desert sand, water, and obviously lots of cacti. We like to create comfortable spaces with an edge to reflect the space’s origins.” They also commissioned local artist Steph Rager to create Heyday’s pièce de résistance: a stunning outdoor wall mural inspired by a coveted terrazzo flooring design.

It’s a California-cool and calm place to indulge in a little self-care. Scroll down to check it out! —Kelli

Photography by Tessa Neustadt / @TessaNeustadt

Image above: Mural artist Steph Rager shares, “We started with a brighter coral, mustard and teal but eventually dropped to dustier, more neutral versions of those colors. The actual painting itself took two days but the design process took a few weeks. I do all of my mock-ups in photoshop so we know exactly how the mural is going to look. Once that design is done and agreed upon, I like to work as quickly as possible to get things painted.”


“From day one, Michael and I had this idea of hanging pendants all across the patio to illuminate the space at night,” Madeline remembers.” We love that it makes the space so homey; ideally clients feel comfortable staying for a bit before and after their facials.”


“We were also thrilled to be able to have so many live plants in this shop (not possible in snowy NYC), so we hired a talented landscape architect to help us create this wall of plants to divide the patio from the parking lot.”


“I find that almost every mural changes in some fashion during the design stage,” artist Steph Rager explains. “I’ve learned to be very flexible with that process. It’s fun but sometimes tricky to take the creative vision in a client’s head and get it tszujed to work in their physical space. But once we do, it’s always exciting to see each client walk away with something they’re in love with and helped envision.”


“We brought desert colors into this space to reflect our move to California,” Madeline and Michael say. “We were super excited to add a Walter to our front desk. They make the most beautiful ceramic water filters.”


“This location is the first shop where we separated our retail area from our treatment area to allow the treatment area to be a total relaxation zone and not hear the chit chat that happens at the front desk.”


Madeline shares, “I love our little inside waiting area. It features a print from the cutest shop in Silverlake, LAKE, and my favorite Serena and Lily chairs. I had custom cushions made from a Schumacher fabric that is based on one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s original drawings.”


She adds, “I’ve had my eyes on this tasseled piece for awhile now so I was thrilled to incorporate it into this shop. It paired nicely with an absolute favorite Kelly Wearstler for Kravet fabric on the custom cushion for the bench.”


Madeline begins, “When any clients walk into Heyday, we want them to feel totally at home and not intimidated. We aim to do this by creating a gender neutral, welcoming space where clients can feel at ease prior to their treatment. Since upwards of 40% of our clients are getting a facial for the first time when they come to see us, we want to remove that intimidation factor that comes when visiting a traditional spa.” Michael adds, “And for the rest of our clients who know and love the benefits of facials and professional skincare, we want to create a convenient and enjoyable space they can visit frequently without feeling like they’re indulging in a way that’s beyond.”


Bright white shelving allows the colorfully packaged skincare products to pop.

When conceptualizing decor for a Heyday, our top priority is for it to function for its primary purpose: creating a welcoming environment to get a facial.


“We took a new approach to partitioning off each treatment room in our LA shop by featuring the curtains in a more dramatic way,” Madeline says. “We wanted to make sure there was a wow factor when you see the room as a whole and loved the idea of this continual wall of curtains. We used a linen fabric from Kravet in a calming blue green color that we feature in a few of our shops.”


“It is always a unique process to turn a space into a new store,” Madeline shares. “For this shop, we were lucky that it already had such great bones and really wanted to honor them. We kept some of the raw features of the space that we loved, like the beamed ceilings, large windows, and polished concrete floors. We made sure that the aesthetic we had in mind for the shop married well with those key features while still keeping the Heyday brand identity.”


The curtains, Kravet Hixson Linen in Bottleglass, create a luxurious and soothing feeling in the treatment area. The bottom half of each treatment area is painted in Benjamin Moore’s “San Carlos Tan” for a fresh yet earthy pop against the white beams above.


“At Heyday, all of our treatments happen in semi-private rooms. I love this corner room, because you get to feel cozy with two walls of fabric surrounding you,” Madeline says.


Madeline and Michael reflect on the project, “This is the 5th Heyday that Michael and I have worked on together,” Madeline begins, “so we definitely have a groove we get into when conceptualizing a space. For this project we came up with the design almost entirely remotely. We’d locked in a floor plan and overall aesthetic before I’d even gone out to see the space in person! During build-out, the process definitely taught me to release control over some of the unknowns that arise during construction and just roll with the punches.” Michael adds: “All I can say is that I’m eternally grateful for Madeline’s great taste! Each project gets better, in both aesthetics and the important functions for our team who lives in the shops day in and day out. Creating the spaces teaches us to keep learning and paying attention.”


Outdoor Space

Rattan Chaise: Serena and Lily
White Day Bed: Anthropologie
Wicker Panton Chairs: Dwell Studio
Coffee Tables: Both Vintage
Upholstery: all custom Sunbrella fabric
Rattan Chairs:  Serena and Lily
Mural: @adapperline, Steph Rager
Bar Cart: Iris Apfel for Grandin Road
Side Tables: Anthropologie
Lighting: Serena and Lily
Plants: Custom landscaping by Steve Shea Landscape Design

Mural Paint Colors (all Benjamin Moore)

Yellow: Dijon 193
Mint/Sage: Scenic Drive 697
Navy: Van Deusen Blue HC156
Coral: San Carlos Tan 1207
CREAM/Beige: Bay Shore Beige 1079


Custom front desk, shelving, and pedestal
Waiting area bench: CB2
Cushion: custom Kelly Wearstler
Artwork: The Dharma Door
Paint: Benjamin Moore Super White

Treatment Rooms

Fabric: Kravet Hixson Linen in Bottleglass
Plants: Rolling Greens, La Cienega Nursery
Paint Color: Benjamin Moore San Carlos Tan
Art: various artists

Waiting Room

Chairs: Serena & Lily
Cushions: Schumacher
Pillows: custom
Print: from Lake Boutique, by Upton original print
Rug: CB2

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