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Autumn’s Most Tender Applesauce Cake + Giveaway

by Kristina Gill

The apple is the fruit that says autumn to me the most, and I learned from cookbook author (and wife to Grace!), Julia Turshen, that when dipped in honey, apples are also most closely associated with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year (which begins this year at sundown on September 9 and ends at sundown on September 11).

Fittingly, Julia made an Applesauce Cake with Cream Cheese + Honey Frosting based on those celebratory apples dipped in honey in her new cookbook, Now & Again. It’s a soft, moist, one-layer cake that requires no special utensils or special ingredients to make. True to Julia’s popular cooking style, it’s also made in one bowl (or two if you count the frosting bowl). I’ll admit that while I can almost always resist layer cakes when I see them in bakery windows, it’s the single-layer cakes like this one that get me every time! Try this recipe out to usher in autumn or as a delicious addition to your Rosh Hashanah traditions. —Kristina

Image above: Freshly picked apples

Why Julia loves this recipe: My goal in every recipe I create is to give you the guidelines to make something that feels appealing and then is a breeze to prepare requiring no hard-to-find ingredients or a big mess to clean up (because… dishes). This applesauce cake, the opposite of dry and full of spice, is so easy to make. You mix everything in one bowl, scrape it into a cake pan, and that’s that. The frosting is equally simple, just cream cheese whipped together with a little honey for sweetness and a bit of sour cream because why have just one type of dairy when you can have two? (The sour cream actually makes a big difference in texture — it just smooths it all out really beautifully… trust me, I would never suggest an extra ingredient if I didn’t think it made a difference). And just as easy as it is to make, this cake is also so easy to enjoy. It goes great with coffee in the morning (it has applesauce so it’s totally acceptable for breakfast #wink) and makes for a homey, not-too-sweet dessert. I hope you love it as much as I do.

For a chance to win a copy of Now & Again, respond in the comments section below by September 25, 5PM EST to the following question: What’s your favorite bakery and why? It can be anywhere in the world, or even a person’s kitchen! We will announce the winner in the comments section, so be sure to check back!

About Julia: Julia Turshen is the bestselling author of Now & Again, Feed the Resistance, named the Best Cookbook of 2017 by Eater, and Small Victories, named one of the Best Cookbooks of 2016 by the New York Times and NPR. She has coauthored numerous cookbooks and hosted the first two seasons of Radio Cherry Bombe. She has written for the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, and Saveur. Epicurious has called her one of the 100 Greatest Home Cooks of All Time. She is the founder of Equity At The Table (EATT), an inclusive digital directory of women and non-binary individuals in food. Julia lives in the Hudson Valley with her wife and pets.

All images by David Loftus

Image above: Julia with Winky and Hope

Image above: Julia frosts the cake

Image above: Cake and coffee

Image above: Julia and Grace’s living room

Applesauce Cake with Cream Cheese + Honey Frosting


The food most closely associated with Rosh Hashanah is apples dipped in honey, an autumnal gesture to shepherd in a sweet year. A lot of desserts feature apples and honey, and this super-simple cake (which requires one bowl and one cake pan) fits the bill. I like this cake so much (and especially love how easy it is to make) that I make it often, especially throughout the fall when apples are on the mind. Its texture and appeal are similar to those of banana bread. If you like, you can stir in a large handful or two of raisins and/or nuts just before you scrape the batter into the cake pan. Although you can absolutely use homemade applesauce for this, know that store-bought is just fine.


  • For the Cake
  • 2 cups [240 g] all-purpose flour
  • 1 Tbsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 Tbsp ground ginger
  • 1½ tsp kosher salt
  • 2 tsp baking soda
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • ½ cup [100 g] sugar
  • ½ cup [120 ml] buttermilk or [120 g] plain yogurt
  • 1½ cups [400 g] unsweetened applesauce
  • 1/3 cup [80 ml] canola or other neutral oil
  • For the Frosting
  • 6 oz [170 g] cream cheese, at room temperature
  • 2 Tbsp sour cream
  • ¼ cup [85 g] honey
  • Pinch of kosher salt



To make the cake:

Preheat your oven to 350°F [180°C]. Spray the bottom and sides of a 9-in [23-cm] round cake pan with baking spray and line the bottom with a circle of parchment paper. Set the pan aside.

In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, cinnamon, ginger, salt, and baking soda. Add the eggs, sugar, buttermilk, applesauce, and oil and whisk gently just until everything is combined. Use a rubber spatula to scrape the batter into the prepared pan and then smooth the surface so it is even.

Bake the cake until it is just barely firm to the touch and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean, about 55 minutes. Set the cake aside on a wire rack to cool to room temperature.

Use a dinner knife to loosen the edges of the cake from the pan sides and then invert it onto your work surface. Peel off and discard the parchment. Invert the cake one more time onto a serving platter.


To make the frosting:

In a large bowl, combine the cream cheese, sour cream, honey, and salt and whisk together aggressively until the cream cheese is slightly aerated (you can also do this with a handheld electric mixer or in a stand mixer).

Spread the frosting over the top of the cake and don’t worry too much about making this perfect. I think a not-too-perfect cake is so much better than a perfect cake. Cut into wedges and serve. Leftovers can be wrapped in plastic wrap and stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Reprinted from Now & Again by Julia Turshen with permission by Chronicle Books, 2018

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  • Independent Baking in Athens, GA is a gem! It’s very small, but everything they bake is delicious. My husband and I love to go there early on a Saturday morning before this college town has woken up and enjoy a chocolate croissant and a morning bun.

    I can’t wait to try out this Applesauce Cake. It looks delicious!

  • There are actually two that we love–The Cake Box Bakery in Arlington Heights, Il and the other is Three Tarts in Northfield, Il.
    The Cake Box has a wonderful array of coffeecakes. They are such a hit with my family. When I want to spoil myself and family members I go there and get some. Three Tarts made my wedding cake and they have a great bakery for cakes but their macaroon cookies are so wonderful. Such a treat to go there and get an afterschool treat.

  • Wow this looks incredible. I generally don’t use refined sugar so I might try to sub honey for sugar in the cake. I wonder how that will turn out? We’ll see! :) My favorite bakery is Anchorage Alaska’s Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop. Delicious bread and the best place to buy a sandwich to pack for a picnic on an out of town adventure.

  • Yep, I’m definitely making this cake asap.

    My favorite bakery is the Thirsty Whale in Minneapolis. It’s in a part of town that is generally considered the “bad” part, so businesses often seem hesitant to open there, which ultimately makes the area seem less livable and walkable than other neighborhoods. Having amazing donuts so close to home is a delight, and dang do they also make some incredible cakes.

  • We have a local Seattle bakery for the very rare treats – Bakery Nouveau, and another bakery/deli/Italian grocery store for birthdays, celebrations, random gatherings – Borracchini’s Bakery. Borracchini’s is the place we run into when we’re in the neighborhood and where I can find particular ingredients for family recipes. It’s rare in this rapidly changing city.

  • I have three (because decisions are NOT my strength)—Sullivan Street Bakery in NYC, Pheonix Bakery in Morgantown, WV, and Enrico Biscotti in Pittsburgh.

  • My favourite bakery in the world is Cafe Besalu in the Ballard Neighbourhood of Seattle, where I used to live with my husband before we moved back to Canada to have our daughter. I still dream about their late/summer early fall pastries made with nectarines and plums. They were literally perfect.

    There were so many Seattle Bakeries that deserve honorable mentions– Macrina, Le Panier, Grand Central Bakery, and Cafe Honore (which I think has since been sold). Our new town (Kitchener, ON), but I sure do miss the mornings I used to spend wandering the city or walking down to the water front with a book, a coffee, and a big marion berry biscuit.

  • Favorite bakery, what a great question! Currently my favorite bakery is Mon Amie Bakery in Mill Creek, WA (in between Seattle and Everett). Mon Amie is a French style bakery that does wonderful things like croissants, pain au chocolat, and pain au raisin. I used to live in Paris, and Mon Amie is a lovely throwback for me. I like to joke that they do French pastries in American sizes because everything is HUGE, but that’s part of the charm. Who wouldn’t want a giant, fluffy, crispy croissant? ;)

    When I lived in Paris, my favorite bakery was catty corner from my high school. I can no longer remember the name, but they served the most delicious crudites sandwiches with their handmade baguettes and handmade mayonnaise, with lots of fresh ground black pepper. I’ve been back to that area and that boulangerie is long gone, but the sandwiches live on in my heart!

  • This cake looks amazing! I think one of my favorite bakeries ls La Francaise, a french bakery in Breckenridge, CO. Maybe it’s because I’m always on vacation when I’m up there, but their almond croissants and meringues area just so delicious!

  • Have to give a shoutout to our neighborhood best, Bakery Nouveau in Seattle! Come for the chocolate almond croissants, stay for the kouign amman.

  • Levain Bakery in NYC for those oversized super delicious chocolate chip cookies. Your best childhood memories in every bite.

  • Our favorite bakery is the Swiss Bakery in the Ravensworth Shopping Center, North Springfield, VA. Everything is fresh and it is apparent they use good quality ingredients.

  • Pushkin’s Bakery in Sacramento! Dedicated Gluten-free bakery with donuts only on Sundays that sell out if you don’t get there in time, and awesome sandwiches.

  • Eager to make this cake! Will try it with gluten free flour too…my favorite bakery is Taylor’s Bakery in Indianapolis. Full of happy, helpful people and the kinds of bakery goods your mouth waters for – cakes, donuts, circus cookies and more.

  • A visit to Du Pain et des Idees in Canal St. Martin in Paris was almost life changing – who knew a chocolate croissant could be so amazing?? Following that up with a stroll through the art book store nearby was a magical morning.

  • The best bakery I’ve ever visited was in a teeny tiny town in the West Fjords of Iceland – the bakery was called Simbahoellin, in a town called Thingeyri. They had the MOST INCREDIBLE Belgian waffle ever – yeasted, crispy on the outiside, sooo airy on the inside. They were salty rather than sweet, paired with sweet & sour homemade rhubarb jam and incredible freshed whipped cream. We went back 2 days in a row.

    They also had great granola and cookies, but the waffles were the stars. :) I dream about this waffle!

  • My favorite one is in Skopelos, an island in Greece. I was there for a couple of weeks one summer, and, well, the island is known for its “striftes” meaning twisted filled pitas, which is basically a filling wrapped in fyllo, that is then twisted and wrapped around itself. There was this one bakery that I bumped into by accident while walking back from a hike, and honestly…the best thing I ever ate! It was crispy and well-cooked which is insanely hard to achieve with this kind of pita (it can easily become soggy either underneath or at the centers) and the fillings were the perfect balance of flavors and aromas. I went back a couple more times and made sure to get more of their goods to take with me on my trip back home!
    Ahhh…now I am nostalgic AND hungry :)

  • My favorite bakery is Pastiche in Providence, Rhode Island. It’s seriously one of my happy places. The bakery case is full of cakes and tarts of all kinds (my favorite is the chocolate mousse cake, but I love them all), and it’s a really intimate space with a fireplace and cute mural on the wall. They’re even open until late at night so you can go get cake any time the craving strikes :)

  • The Back Bar at the end of my street in Zurich, Switzerland.
    A morning gipfelli (buttery croissant) is my favourite way to start of my day!

  • La Bergamot off 52nd street between 10th and 11th Avenue is my all time favorite. Not only so they have amazing pastries and baked goods but the atmosphere in that store alone is so inviting and cozy. Ive gone multiple times for their famous chocolate mousse mice for Christmas gifts as well as for the fix prixe weekday dinners which are fabulous. Wonderful food, kind and friendly staff and a nice hidden location, its everything I desire out of a NYC bakery!

  • My favorite bakery is Cute Cakes in Escondido, CA. When we have a special occasion at work (or just feel like cake or cupcakes) we always get them from there. So yummy!

  • Of all the bakeries in Vancouver, I love New Town Bakery & Restaurant in Chinatown because of my childhood. I have so many memories of my Dad taking our family there when he worked close by. As a kid who was learning and growing in a new country, it was so exciting to be opened up to the Chinatown area, which was clearly so different than the rest of the city. It’s where I first developed my love for steam buns and sweet, coconut-filled bread. Having those things now instantly takes me back to that time, when everything was much more simple. Despite the growth of fancy cakeries, etc. in the city, this place reminds me that small, older, family-run places have the power to stick with you for many years afterwards!

  • My favorite bakery is Harvest Bakery in Bristol, CT! The Boston Creme donuts are so full it feels like they weigh a pound :)

  • My favorite bakery is my kitchen because I love passing on family recipes and discovering new ones with my daughter.

  • Wildflour in Lawrenceville, NJ–everything they make is gluten free (I have celiac disease), and they pull off replicas the likes of which I haven’t ever had elsewhere. Pumpernickle bread! Delicate flaky pastry sheets for apple turnovers! I could go on and on and on!

  • I love this! I watched the Design Sponge Instagram live about the cookbook and am so excited the applesauce cake is available here–thank you for sharing. My favorite bakery is Slow Fire in Jeffersonville, VT. Everything is naturally leavened and their croissant is maybe the best I’ve had–including in Paris!

  • Going to make some applesauce so I can then make this cake

    Favorite bakery today is the kitchen in Norway where my cousin and friend, Astrid, makes the most delicious bread in the most practical way. I need to plan a visit.

  • My favorite is BreadHive Bakery & Café which is an amazing worker cooperative bakery in Buffalo. Everything they make is awesome, they donate a portion of their sales back to worthy causes (lgbtq, refugee, etc in the community and they are just the best!

  • I love the European Baking Co. in Hollywood, CA. I grew up down the street, and some weekends my grandfather would bring me to this bakery and buy me the most delicious treats – tarts, cakes, cookies – you name it, they make it! He was also friends with the owners, so I would get to go in the back to tour the kitchen and watch these pastries being made from recipes that were passed down over many generations. It was always special to watch grandmothers and mothers and daughters baking together in that kitchen, and those pastries are still some of my favorites.

  • My favourite bakery is my Dad’s kitchen! He learned to bake from his mom, who passed away 3 months before I was born so I never met her. He had a box of recipes she had written out by hand (they’re covered in splatters of ingredients from when she had made them) and he used to bring all 5 of us kids around the counter and make the recipes – cinnamon bread, apple cake, cookies. They were always so simple but knowing that he had learned them from her and that he took the time to teach us when we were small made my grandmother feel close and the food extra special.

  • Bad Wolf bakery in Bend, Oregon literally takes the cake for me! They make a peanut butter cookie that is freaky good.

  • Before I had to go grain-free, my favorite bakery was Moishe’s on the lower east side of New York City. But now it’s my own kitchen because I can bake things that I am able to eat and that I love!

  • I love Polestar Hearth Bakery in Guelph Ontario. They make the best Sourdough Bread in the world!!
    …And I’ll sure try this applesauce cake ! Yum!

  • La Rumeur Affamee (Quebec) – The short story is that I planned an Entire anniversary trip to Quebec with my husband around visiting this bakery/cheese shop. The photos I saw in the bon appétit magazine made it a ‘must-see’ destination. This was years ago before the Internet was everywhere. Once we arrived we were so sad to find the shop was closed on Mondays, the day we had put aside for that town. I never made in the doors but peeked in all the windows , vowing to return one day – we have a local bakery here in the Akron Ohio area called the Blue Door that makes the most amazing chocolate pistachio Croissants !

  • Favorite bakery : Unrefined in Dallas, TX!

    They work really hard to make baked goods accessible to people with all kinds of dietary restrictions and, as someone with none, I think that’s just lovely. Baked treats for all (:

  • Can’t wait to try this!
    My favorite bakery is Cafe Demeter in Friday Harbor, WA!

    They have created such a wonderful, small community feel, they bake amazing bread, and are notorious for poaching would-be marine biologists off of their career paths from the University of Washington’s marine laboratory nearby!

  • My favorite bakery is the South End Buttery – the name alone makes my mouth water! But my favorite from the bakery is their Butterscotch scone. Perfect with a cup of tea!!

  • Love cake… any flavor.. think it should be a daily indulgence.
    My grandmothers kitchen is my favorite “bakery “ , buttery, cinnamon smells always a fave

  • Sweet Mandy B’s in Chicago. Everything about their cakes is magical – the lightness of the cake, the texture and sweetness of the frosting. And their staff is delightful and helpful.

  • I will try this cake, it looks homey and delicious! We like to bake bread and cakes at our house, but we also buy…

    My favorite bakery is Randolph’s, in Arlington, VA. They make beautiful and delicious cakes! When we want bread, we go down the road to Heidelberg Bakery—we really like good bread at our house!

    Oh, and one more: when it’s a family celebration, we get the gorgeous and amazingly delicious strawberry cake ( with loads of whipped cream) at the Alexandria Pastry Shoppe!

  • Patisserie Au Kuign Amann in Montreal! Went there on a very special trip and fell in love with the baked goods, and the large windows, and the farmhouse-style cupboards in the store.

  • Can any bakery in Paris be my answer to the question of my favorite bakery? On the two occasions I have been lucky enough to visit, the pain au chocolat and bread blew my mind, no matter which shop it was from!

  • My friend Karla’s kitchen is my favorite bakery! Bundt cakes and scones. Cookies and bars. She does it all AND delivers to me when I most need love in baked form.

  • My fav bakery is my friend Simone’s kitchen! Every cake she makes is moist and so delicious. And pretty too! I don’t know how she does it but she’s never made a bad cake ❤️

  • I cannot wait to bake this for my family! My favourite place for goodies is my mother’s kitchen, sunlight streaming in the windows and her baking on the table.

  • My favorite bakery is here in San Jose, CA — it’s called Peter’s Bakery. They make the most delicious Almond cake!

  • I live in Nantes, France. There is a bakery at the end of my street called “la boule carré” the square loaf. What has impressed me about France , since I moved here 10 years ago from Australia, is that some of the most amazing bakers exist in quiet areas, far from the city. They are lIttle jewels shared amongst friends. So we might go to this one for their “tarte au citron” and this one because their “religieuse” is to live for…

  • Favorite bakery in the world? Easily my friend Julie’s kitchen. She’s alway experimenting, and taste-testers benefit from her creations. The baked goods are always delicious, but her Liege waffles are, hands down, my favorite of her creations.

  • My favorite bakery is Della Fattoria in Petaluma, CA! They make the most delicious breads. My favorite is the Rosemary Meyer Lemon & I’m not alone because it frequently sells out early in the day. Luckily all their other breads are delicious so it’s not too disappointing if they’re out.

  • My current favorite bakery is hungry ghost bakery in Northampton MA! I actually discovered it via a design sponge city guide, and I love how they use local wheat and ingredients. I also love that when you walk in, there’s very little separation between counter and hearth/huge wood burning ovens, so it’s always hot in there, but it feels like you’re in the middle of an ancient baking oven.

  • I’ve always looked forward to apples and honey on Rosh Hashana, it’s such a magical time of year. I wish I could remember the names of the bakeries I went to during childhood visits to my grandparents’ in Maplewood and Summit, NJ. So I’ll cite Vegan Treats in Bethlehem, PA as a favorite. I used to work there, and it’s great having a place for beautiful vegan desserts nearby.

  • Thanks Julia f another great cookbook and recipes such as this— I’m trying so hard to not buy more cookbooks but you r making this difficult f me!
    I love not too sweet desserts and this is perfect to bring to a Fall dinner party. Easy to make, simple and elegant, familiar but not too rustic.
    Great job!

  • I adore Julia’s books and am so pumped to add her latest to my collection. We cook from Small Victories weekly! My favorite bakery is Flour in Boston. They have the friendliest staff who truly seem jazzed to be there (with lines inevitably out the door) and the displays leave me drooling. I can’t get enough of their sandwiches either. It’s just the best!

  • My Kitchen… baking for me is a wonderful way to share and show someone how important they are to you! It also relieves a ton of stress!

  • My favorite bakery is my own – my kitchen! Why? Because while preparing, baking, decorating and then packaging lovely treats, I get to think about the even more lovely people for whom the treats are intended. Thank you for asking.

  • I am a fan! My favorite bakery is in Bayridge, Brooklyn NY! Paneantico :) Which means in Italian “old fashion bread”.
    They make the best bread, light and airy and brick oven baked! As well as the sickest Chocolate Bread and prosciutto sticks!

  • My favorite bakery is at the French Crust Cafe, here in Cincinnati Ohio. They have the best croissants in town!

    So excited for Julia’s new book, by the way!

  • My kitchen! I love to bake and make up my own recipes. Instead of sugar I boil dates with a bit of water and puree them in big batches and freeze them by the cup and store in the freezer for when I need them. My date bars are healthy and delicious!!!

  • My favorite bakery is in my kitchen on a rainy Sunday afternoon, baking fairy cakes with my young daughter. They are sometimes a little lumpy and perhaps a bit crunchy, from time to time, but it is the one bakery I want to return to again and again….

  • Oh gosh! My grandmother was Lebanese, and all her baked items were legendary. Baklava, maamouk cookies, pita, etc… plus her brownies, sugar cookies, and other, more mainstream American goodies. I miss her every day, and am so glad that I never held back when she offered us something warm from the oven.

    In the past few years I’ve been blessed with incredibly talented friends, whose cakes, homemade pizzas, cookies, and their warm company keep me filled up with sweetness!

  • What a fun giveaway! My husband and I split a cupcake (chocolate, with heavenly raspberry buttercream) from Miette in San Francisco the afternoon that we eloped, and the charming Hayes Valley shop is such a special place for us.

  • Back In The Day Bakery in Savannah, Ga.
    It is in my home town and I love the nostalgic southern style of the place and the baked goods. I love going and having on of Cheryl’s breakfast biscuits with my mom when I’m in town. It warms my heart and my belly.

  • Common Bond in Houston, TX is serious about their baked goods, and the care they take is apparent. Someone above mentioned Sister Pie in Detroit and I love how earnest they are in their endeavors (whether baking or community). I’m a baker at heart and don’t do nearly enough but feel like someday I’ll spend more time at it…

  • My favorite bakery is my friends Evelyn and Bob’s kitchen. They are always so welcoming to everyone and Evelyn makes the best cookies and cakes (Charlotte russe, German chocolate, lemon meringue, lemon tarts, apples from their tree in Orcas Island). Even without the baked goodies their home is so inviting and loving.

  • My mom’s kitchen is my favorite bakery. She consistently bakes the best pies, cakes, and rolls of anyone I know. Her persimmon cake is to die for, and her strawberry rhubarb pie with lattice top is my all-time favorite. She is 83 and still baking!

  • Every summer I have to visit Pie in the Sky in Woods Hole, MA for a popover!

  • My favorite bakery is momofuku milk bar in NYC; I’m obsessed with their cornflake-chocolate chip-marshmallow cookie mix!

  • Last fall I had the supreme pleasure of living in a tiny town in VT learning how to build guitars. I was SO EXCITED to learn that I was just a short drive away from King Arthur Flour headquarters, which is basically like Bakery Disneyland! I went there weekly and would highly recommend their Pan au Lavain, brownies, pizza, all of the sandwiches, their chai lattes are great, chocolate chip cookies. . . basically everything they make is just as magical as the flour itself and the people who staff the shop, bakery, and learning center. Highly recommend a trip for any baking enthusiasts!

  • Hi :)
    My favourite bakery is “Bäckerei Gehr” in Tübingen/Germany. It has definitely the best Franzbrötchen in town!
    The Applesauce cake sounds delicious and since I just made a whole batch of homemade applesauce I have that on hand anyway! Thanks!

    Love from Germany, Rahel

  • In my hometown of Detroit, you can’t go wrong with anything at Sister Pie or Avalon. My two favorite!

  • My favorite bakery is in a little German village — Mackenbach. When my daughter lived there, I’d walk across the cobbled street and pick up a slice of apricot tart or Beinenstich cake or a loaf of Dinkelbrot. Germans have an amazing way with pastries and breads – the flavors are complex and delicate. Absolutely worth the trip.

  • We have some longstanding bakeries in Cincinnati including Graeters, Buskens, Servatti and it’s hard to choose a favorite. I guess I would lean towards Buskens.

  • My favorite bakery is most definitely in my kitchen when my husband pulls out his family recipe cards that are tattered and falling apart to teach our girls (5 &3) to bake. They all wear their aprons & he absolutely glows while he has them help him measure and pour the ingredients for his great grandma’s swedish pancakes, his great aunt’s coffee cake, or his family recipe for birthday celebrations fondly known as lead cake. The memories made in a kitchen are some of the best in my opinion!

  • It’s a small shop next to my old high school in Izmir, Turkey called Turta- meaning “Pie”. Handmade and fresh, reminds me of old memories. :)

  • Bakery Nouveau in Seattle is my all time fav because they make the worlds most amazing, flaky, melt in your mouth twice baked almond croissants! My mouth is watering just thinking about them. Mmmmm….

  • My favorite bakery is no more: Pastelería Mora, in Barcelona. My aunts lived across the street, and one summer we went to visit them I fell in love with it. I fondly remember the almond lace cookies. Their wrapping paper was exquisite, an Art Deco collage worthy of hanging on the wall, and they gave me an extra sheet to take home with me. Last time I was in Barcelona was 10 years ago, and the bakery had been replaced by designer’s Rosa Clará’s studio. I was very sad.

  • Cannon Beach, Oregon, even though I haven’t been for several years! Can’t wait to try this recipe you shared.

  • Flour, in Boston – BEST bakery ever! A close second is Standard Baking Co. in Portland Maine.

  • This cake looks lovely, and so perfect for Rosh Hashanah – thanks for sharing!

    My favorite bakery is my parent’s kitchen when my mom, brother, and I are all baking for Thanksgiving together. We all (+ my dad and our significant others) only see each other once a year and we always make the classic pies and at least one experimental dessert – one of my favorite memories every year.

  • Not sure if this counts, but truly my favorite baked goods are the ones my kids make! It makes me proud that they can find their way around the kitchen, make delicious baked goods to share with others and have fun/be creative at the same time!

  • You can’t get any better than my mom’s famous pound cake! She also bakes delicious bread!

  • My favorite bakery (baker) is a good friend. She is absolutely a professional quality baker and her desserts rival any I’ve had any place in the world. Fantastic!

  • This looks amazing, I can’t wait to make it! My favorite bakery is Essen here in Philadelpha – everything they do is fantastic from the croissants to the chocolate babka.

  • Definitely making this for Rosh Hashanah tomorrow!

    My favorite bakery is Hungry Ghost Bread in Northampton, Massachusetts! They mostly make breads, but also have a great variety of savory and sweet pastries as well as delicious pizzas. I lived in the area for five years and the Hungry Ghost was always where I went if I needed comfort food or a little something special. Everything is wood-fired too. Some of my favorite items were their knishes, their breads of the day, and their sausage, pepper, and onion pizza.

  • Naeglin’s Bakery in New Braunfels, Texas —— the oldest bakery in Texas.

    The strudels are unbelievable.

  • There are way too many good bakeries in the world to pick just one! But if I have to, I’m going to pick the SF Bay-based Acme Bread, who stock all the local supermarkets and have a booth with a constant line at my local farmer’s market. So good. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  • I would love this book I’m a dessert fanatic. My favorite bakery? My moms she made the best desserts I’ve ever had in my life. I miss them and her

  • It’s Sunday morning and 6-year-old my daughter and I are listening to a mystery book and savoring slices of this cake with fall fruit. The cake has such a lovely flavor. We made two (!) last night and plan to frost them this morning – one for us and one to take to a neighborhood gathering. Yay for easy and delicious fall cakes!

  • My fav bakery is the stand with the young morrocan girl at the Yellow Green Farmers Market!! I don’t know what the pastries are but they are amazing

  • The cake is looking great! Did anyone else have trouble getting their cream cheese frosting smooth? My batch became a little clumpy, and wondering what might have happened to the cream cheese. Thanks for troubleshooting!

    • I also had trouble with my frosting! It was very lumpy (despite whipping with an electric mixer for a while). I didn’t love the taste of it either. The cake was great though.

      • Hi Stephanie

        I’m sorry you had that issue- was the cream cheese fully at room temperature? I find that’s usually the cause of lumps, even with a lot of whipping. We’ve made a massive-sized version of this for the charity where we cook every Thursday (upsized for 70 people) and I had the same problem because I forgot to leave out the cream cheese to fully get up to room temp.


  • my favorite bakery is the bakery department in Fairway in NYC. They have wonderful baked goods and breads

  • Most missed bakery from London days is Yassar Halim’s. North London, Harringey Green Lanes. Not a sit down place, but a serious go-to for fresh baklava, and baked delights sweet & dripping with honey, or savory with spinach and tangy cheese. Hands down fav was a Cypriot Easter bread (or so google thinks) savory, herby, cheesy with raisins and sesame seeds. Excuse me while I book a flight back….

  • My favorite bakery is any that I walk into and find what I’m looking for!!!^_^ The reason, there are many delicious bakeries that provide many different and wonderful food!!!^_^

  • There’s a small bakery in San Antonio, Texas tucked into a strip center that makes wonderful breads, called Sol Y Luna. My gosh, their rosemary bread and almond croissants are the best in the city! They also have these small dinner rolls that we can’t resist. Once you break one apart and lay down some butter, you just want more and more. Just up the street is another bakery – Broadway Daily Bread – that consistently feeds the surrounding neighborhood with moist muffins, kolaches and brownies and a super delicious loaf of white bread that is the perfect toasting bread. When friends visit us, they often request that bread for breakfasts. It’s a Bakery Mile of deliciousness.

  • My mom’s house is the best bakery because she makes the most delicious cheesecakes!! I think close second is my house, because I love homemade chocolate chip cookies and at my house I can make them whenever I want. :)

    I’m excited to try this cake recipe, I have a gaming group that comes over every two weeks and I’ve been in a baking slump. I never want to get too crazy with desserts since I’m also cooking and the hubby is setting up games, but this looks so simple and homey and would make the house smell DELICIOUS!!

  • I worked as a professional baker for years and, although I have since left the pastry world behind, I remain an enthusiastic and curious home baker. That being said, there are certainly things that I don’t consider better or necessarily worth the effort to make myself. For those cases, I make my way over to Five Points Artisan Bakeshop in Pittsburgh, PA. The croissants and morning buns are incredible. The super crusty sourdough breads are perfect and have an almost creamy interior. I always toss a face-sized chocolate rye cookie in my order just in case I get hungry on the ride home (which I always do).

  • HOME is the best bakery in the world, wether it is my home, my aunt’s home, my grandmother’s home or my friends homes. I loved to cook along side my Aunt Geneva, she was patient, supportive and always allowed me to scrape the bowl. I lost both my grandmothers as a child, but have so many memories of watching the heart, hard work and love they put into baking.
    Nothing is more fun than sharing a night with friends making wedding gifts, bake sale goodies and holiday cookies for our kids, classrooms. But I have to say, I love baking at home the most! Store bought goods thou beautifully created, perfect little packages never live up to the promise for me. There is absolutely nothing to compare to a hot chewy cookie right off the cookie sheet or the moist cake to warm my soul or that heavenly smell of bread baking!

  • Good bakeries are the best. My favorite right now is a little one near my work called Renta’s bakery with the best lemon tart I have ever had. It is hard not to go all the time.

  • I love Lilac Patisserie in Santa Barbara. I have Celiac Disease and Lilac is a dedicated gluten-free bakery and cafe. I can walk in and not have to think about what I can and can’t eat and the food and pastries are beyond. <3

  • This cake looks amazing and I would LOVE to win Julia’s cookbook!
    My favorite bakery is Breads on 16th street. I live just a few doors down, and I love that even in the middle of NYC, a few steps from Union Square, I have a ‘local’ with employees who know my name and my usual order, who slip me little treats sometimes, and who love to recommend some new item that they’re excited for me to try. It makes me feel like part of a neighborhood. Of course, the food is also incredible – a mix of long-time favorites I grew up with in addition to interesting novelties I get to enjoy for the first time (marzipan honey swiped on the top of a cookie – who knew??). Plus, they clearly love almond-flavored things almost as much as me so there is always a new almond treat. And their iced latte is a magical elixir, I swear!

  • My favorite is an Italian bakery named Natale’s Bakery in Summit, NJ. They have unreal cannoli and cookies but my favorite is the simple Philly Fluff pound cake that goes with ice cream, berries, or just as is. It is the perfect hostess gift that is sure to please!

  • I think baked goods always remind me of my grandma, Christmas baking rituals, and her taking me for donuts before school every Wednesday. Baking is always tied to love and nurturing. Can’t wait to see Julia’s new book, I love her first one!

  • My favourite bakery is the kitchen of my friend Kerry’s home in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. We’d wake up on cold mornings to a warm kitchen where Kerry would be baking the most delicious scones ever. Topped with fresh butter, clotted cream from the local dairy and homemade preserves, alongside a strong cup of tea (or espresso), these scones were the stuff dreams are made of.

  • Yum! Making this recipe today, for certain! I LOVE Wendy Jo’s Homemade here in our great town of Lancaster, PA. Once my boss, now my friend, always my go-to for baked goodies.

  • There is a bakery in Colchester, CT that I go to and love…service could use some work, but the quality of the baked goods outweighs that. Which is not something I say about a lot of places/things! Almond horns, florentines, birthday cakes…sadly though, no bagels.

  • My favorite bakery is in Boise, ID and is called Janjou Pâtisserie. While I no longer live in Idaho, it remains my favorite because the confections are irresistible and beautiful, and I very much admire the woman behind it all. I wish I could pop in for a raspberry tart right now!

  • Common Bond in Houston TX is my favorite bakery. They make delicious pastries that are also beautiful! Their version of strawberry shortcake (which includes chocolate) is phenomenal but there’s always something amazing to taste in there!

  • Well, we DEFINITELY should make a guide for this thread because there are so many bakeries listed here (some owned by friends of DesignSponge) with so many pastries described, that wow! Katrina B you win the prize for making the trip to the Thirsty Whale! We’ll be in touch.

  • Can’t wait to try this one. cake is always my weakness. No diet when it comes to cakes. Lol! I’ll buy the ingredients rights away. Who says cakes are for girls only. Lol!

  • This cake is scrumptious.!! So easy to make in one bowl.. wonderful with homemade applesauce.
    I’ve made it twice, once as written and once with gluten-free flour. Delicious both ways! HOWEVER.. in my oven, with accurate oven temp, it is done in 35 minutes, not 55 minutes. Check carefully.
    Happy baking!