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Day 4: Pattern Downloads by Marina Dunbar

by Caitlin Kelch

Welcome to Day 4 of our pattern download series from Marina Dunbar. We shared a gorgeous tour of Marina’s studio earlier this year and she was kind enough to make five of her pieces available as free desktop and device downloads. Thanks, Marina! Today’s pattern veers back to the tropical influence Marina says inspires her about her new home in Charleston, SC. As she notes, “Watercolor and inks lend themselves to the buildup of layers — capturing traces of time and transformation.” I, for one, am amazed that by simply manipulating her backgrounds, Marina is able to create such true-to-life, organic-looking pieces like today’s leaf motif.

You can download today’s patterns here (vertical) and here (horizontal)Please note these are for personal use only!

Be sure to browse Marina’s Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 patterns from earlier this week.

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