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Celebrating the States: The Rockies

by Lauren Chorpening Day

When I was working on the Midwest post a few weeks ago, I was surprised at my lack of knowledge about states in my own region. North Dakota, Indiana and Ohio feel removed from my life in the Midwest and I tend to exclude them when thinking about Middle America. Now that I’ve been preparing and researching for today’s feature on the Rocky Mountain states, it’s even more clear to me that I am possibly more in need of these D*S articles than our readers. While I can say I’ve visited every region in the United States, the nuances and unique aspects of each state have been warped into generalizations in my mind. I love how writing these features is starting to change that for me.

While there are technically eight states that can be considered in the Mountain West region of the U.S., today I’m focusing on the four northern-most states in the group — Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado. Don’t worry, the other states will be covered as part of other regions. This region is known for beautiful scenery, cultural hubs, outdoor recreation and neighborly living. Looking through the home tours we’ve featured over the years, it’s easy to see a theme of art appreciation and the influence the outdoors have on homes in the Rockies. –Lauren

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Celebrating the States: The Rockies | Design*Sponge

WYOMING Celebrated artist and designer, June Glasson, lives in Laramie, WY after living all over the world. Her home is place of peace and inspiration.

Celebrating the States: The Rockies | Design*Sponge

Favian Hernandez is a talented Wyoming-based illustrator and sculptor. His works of personified animals — some native to the mountains, others not at all — feel whimsical and magical.

Celebrating the States: The Rockies | Design*Sponge

MONTANA Natural tones in this Missoula, MT bungalow fit right in with the gorgeous surroundings.

Celebrating the States: The Rockies | Design*Sponge

Montana artist, Ben Pease, uses his artwork to educate and tell stories about Indigenous culture.

Celebrating the States: The Rockies | Design*Sponge

Jen’s father’s desire for a challenging renovation project sparked a move from Rhode Island to Billings, MT. The restored home was worth the relocation.

Celebrating the States: The Rockies | Design*Sponge

IDAHO Lonnie and Rebbeca’s dream home in Idaho Falls has been a labor of love but worth the wait.

Celebrating the States: The Rockies | Design*Sponge

Kirsten Grove is the interior stylist and blogger behind Simply Grove and author of the book Simply Styling. She lives in Boise, ID.

Celebrating the States: The Rockies | Design*Sponge

Kalah and Steve have incorporated modern, Scandinavian and country design into their Nampa, ID farmhouse for an aesthetic that is truly them.


Darrah J. Perez is a Native spiritual poet, writer and reporter from Wyoming.

Celebrating the States: The Rockies | Design*Sponge

A little girl’s bedroom was vibrantly transformed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming by a local interior designer.


Jess Humphrey is a visual artist, graphic designer and photographer with a studio based in Denver, CO.

Celebrating the States: The Rockies | Design*Sponge

COLORADO This beautiful Denver, CO home of Batya and Matt is made even more spectacular with wallpaper in almost every room of the house.

Celebrating the States: The Rockies | Design*Sponge

Interior designer, Anna Smith of Annabode + Co., has transformed homes in Denver, CO including her own home. We showcased Anna’s kitchen a few years ago and it is still one of our favorites.

Celebrating the States: The Rockies | Design*Sponge

High ceilings, large windows and exposed brick sold Frances and Thaddeus on this Victorian home in Denver, CO.

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  • I love this, but as a native Coloradoan and Denverite I’m not sure I can agree with the idea of “thoughtful growth.” People are jamming in here like a clown car and developers are following suit (in fact many people I know – myself included – can’t even afford to live in the city anymore). I know growth is inevitable and I sound like a curmudgeon, but I have SEVERE solastalgia and I miss so much about the old (less crowded) Denver.

    (Solastalgia, if you don’t know, is the idea of feeling deeply homesick for a place you never left because it’s changed so much.)

    • I’m a native too and it’s unbearable what’s being done to Colorado! Thank you for teaching me the word for what I’ve been feeling.

  • Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, but no Utah? We are high west mountain folk! The Wasatch Mountains are part of the Rockies for goodness sake.

    • Hi Emily

      Utah is coming up in another series- stay tuned :)

      There were many states that overlapped several regional areas- but we will be including ALL states in this series.