15 Statement Earrings For Spring

by Grace Bonney

These days it’s hard to get me to invest in anything clothing-wise. I tend to kick around in the same jeans and old sweatshirts (usually pinched from Julia’s closet) because they’re comfy and they let me work without feeling constricted. But the one thing that does catch my eye is a good pair of statement earrings. I have always been a fan of collecting small, shiny things (old, new, and everything in between) that make me happy and for some reason, earrings have always been my happiest place. Maybe it’s because they’re not connected to how I’m feeling about my body at any given time — they always fit and they always make me feel confident and uplifted.

So today I’m sharing 15 of my favorites for spring. I’m thinking about getting one of these pairs to spruce up my warm-weather wardrobe this year (whichever pair goes best with shorts and flip flops), so I’d love to know if you have a favorite pair that I’m missing here (or a favorite designer that does this category well). Who should I be checking out for great jewelry this spring? xo, Grace

*Pink pattern behind the earrings by Cotton & Flax, you can download her patterns for your tech here!

Image above, clockwise from top left: Matisse-inspired earrings by Benumade $39, Tortoise Star Earrings by Bianca Mavrick $118, Hamsa Earrings by Elizabeth Cole $182, Pillar Earrings by WKNDLA $226, Baby Fringe Earrings by Lingua Nigra $96, Vintage Dangle Earrings by Lingua Nigra $41, Rainbow Earrings by Elizabeth Cole $198

Image above, clockwise from top left: Epiphyte Earrings by Seaworthy $128, Fringe Earrings $8.99, Yellow beaded earrings $10.89, Chunk Resin Earrings $8.99, Sibilia Orbit Earrings $95, Chime Earrings by Lingua Nigra $98, Gold and shell earrings by Lingua Nigra $252

Image above: Wooden earrings by MyMoonSeeds, $17

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  • Love your blog Grace and thanks for picking up some great statement pieces and designers! We are a small family design studio based in Stockholm and we design and make statements earrings – you can check out our insta or Etsy shop @craftverkstudio. We are on a tough mission of bringing some colour into the never-ending Swedish winter :) Not an easy one haha /Elena and Pedro @Craftverkstudio

  • Anyone have source recommendations for inexpensive but modern/stylish clip-on earrings? I’ve had such a hard time finding cool ones!