The Calming Palettes of Camila Gutiérrez

by Grace Bonney

I spent most of the holiday break blissfully free of handheld devices and laptops, but I did sneak a few quick dips into the Instagram pond for inspiration. And on one of those visits I stumbled upon the incredible work of photographer Camila Gutiérrez. Her work embraces the sort of soft sorbet color palette that I love so much this time of year (when everything else is grey). It’s colorful and warm, but the overall effect is slightly muted and fuzzy, like you’re seeing everything through a beautiful, gauzy screen. Camila’s photos have a dreamy quality that takes us away from winter’s icy landscape and transports us somewhere breezy and warm. If you need a little visual inspiration (and a virtual getaway) check out more of Camila’s work online right here. —Grace


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