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Studio Tour: Botanical Calamity by Peaches+Keen

by Rebekah Carey

If you follow Peaches+Keen on Instagram — Melbourne, Australia-based creative duo Lucy Hearn and Lily Zielinski — you already know about the amazingly intricate designs they share that are created from found floral and fauna that they deconstruct and rearrange into beautiful and unique patterns. They recently opened a brick-and-mortar shop, Botanical Calamity, which is also their studio space that they share with painter Miranda Skoczek. Lily and Lucy had been creating their one-of-a-kind pieces for over five years before delving into a physical storefront. Peaches+Keen’s brilliance is in their materials, or rather the inspiration from their materials. They make jewelry, custom painted pots and “botanical artworks” which they create from found seeds, flowers, leaves and other natural materials. The pair explains that they take these natural elements and “Dissect into their basic forms and arrange into graphic patterns. These images are then photographed and printed. This process continues to evolve via various mediums — from paintings to patterns in gold foil on the earrings.” Incredibly — and appropriately — enough, it’s the style that they continued onto the enormous mural that graces the exterior of their space!

The building was originally an auto shop, and most recently a karate dojo, that Lily and Lucy passed each day on their coffee runs in their neighborhood. When Lucy suggested they get the space when it came up for lease, Lily realized she was actually at least half serious. With kids at home for each of the designers (and Miranda as well), it was important that they had a space to work independently and without interruption. Within a week the partners signed the lease. Now they have an inspiring creative space they can share with fellow creatives in Melbourne, and surrounding areas, and a place of their own where they can work and highlight local makers. Rebekah

Photography by Peaches+Keen

Image above: After painting the interior Lily and Lucy began on the outside, “Next we tackled the exterior — first painting a coat of blue, then stenciling over it with hundreds of shapes. We spent many an hour at the top of our 12-foot ladder with a can of spray paint and are so happy all the hard work has paid off. The building sits so beautifully amongst the trees and is a nod to the nature that surrounds us. Our studio name, Botanical Calamity, comes from our Botanical Calamity Artworks that inspired our exterior mural.” 

Details Of The Botanical Calamity Shop Exterior Mural On Design*Sponge

Lucy and Lily’s botanical-inspired artwork is generally created on a much smaller scale. Knowing that makes the enormous mural that they created on the exterior of Botanical Calamity even more impressive!

A Shop That Caters To The Melbourne Creative Community Tour On Design*Sponge

A neighborhood building up for lease that Lily and Lucy walked by every day was soon to become their next creative venture in the form of a brick-and-mortar shop and studio. “We feel so fortunate that we get to live and work in such a beautiful part of the world, and want to share that with the creative community of Melbourne and beyond!”

The Peaches+Keen Owners In Their New Brick And Mortar Space Tour On Design*Sponge

Lily and Lucy at their Botanical Calamity opening in the retail space. Before opening, they had a little work to do to transform the building from its most recent iteration as a karate dojo. “[They] had painted the walls a hideous shade of yellow. Our first step was to paint all the interior walls white, and even out the floors with a shade of blue inspired by the color of our favorite eucalyptus leaf. Much of this was done with a baby hanging off one of us — we have four kiddos between us!”

Colorful Floors Inspired By The Team's Love Of Nature Shop Tour On Design*Sponge

The Botanical Calamity retail space includes pieces from various artists; ceramics by Peta Armstrong and Bridget Bodenham, clock by Lyre Lyre, calendar by Santiago Sunbird,
with painted pots, earrings, gift cards and artwork by Peaches+Keen.

The Retail Space Of Botanical Calamity Features Local Artists As Well As Their Own Work Tour On Design*Sponge

“We wanted to create a showroom for our work and some of our favorite local makers. Our amazingly talented friend Kent Thomas and Lucy’s husband Callum were incredible in helping us realize this space. All of the fit-out is custom made and modular in order for us to adapt the space as needed” Lily shares. “Particle board and painted timber contrast with brass and the items in our shop to create an aesthetic that is eye-catching and also playful. We love elements like the hanging table and the cutout circle that peeks into Miranda Skoczek’s studio.”

An Arial View Of The Botanical Calamity Retail Area Tour On Design*Sponge

“Our storage space in the main room has a roof on it so we can sit up top and enjoy looking at our shop from above. It’s always fun to see things from a different perspective,” the duo explains. Miranda can also be spotted working on one of her paintings in the background.

Retail Display For Local Artists That The Shop Carries The Full Tour On Design*Sponge

Lily and Lucy describe how Botanical Calamity evolved, “Our primary intention for this space was to create a space to make our work. Since taking on the space, it has evolved into three main areas; our studio, retail space and Miranda’s studio space.”

Peeches+Keen's One-Of-A-Kind Earrings At Botanical Calamity Tour On Design*Sponge

“We are so thankful to have a space where we can create outside of our homes. All three of us have children and we value this as a space where we can concentrate on our work without distraction.”


Close-Up Of Peaches+Keen's Unique Earrings For Sale At Botanical Calamity Tour On Design*Sponge

Some of Peaches+Keen’s creative jewelry on display in the retail area. “Our earrings are colorful, lightweight and easy to wear. Every single pair is one hundred percent handmade and therefore one hundred percent unique!”

Peaches+Keen's Artwork And Painted Pots Full Tour On Design*Sponge

A corner of the retail space that features one of the botanical-inspired art pieces and painted pots designed by Peaches+Keen.

Close-Up Of One Of Peaches+Keen's Deconstructed Botanical Art Pieces Tour On Design*Sponge

Closer detail of one of Peaches+Keen’s impressive art pieces created with deconstructed flowers, seeds and plants.

Artist Miranda Skoczek's Studio Within Botanical Calamity Tour On Design*Sponge

Fine Artist Miranda Skoczek working in her studio. “Miranda is a painter who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the Victoria College of Arts, University of Melbourne, and a Diploma of Applied Arts and Graphic Design from the Canberra Institute of Technology. She has exhibited her paintings and collages internationally as well as throughout Australia in numerous solo and group exhibitions. She has also worked on collaborations with brands such as Chanel, Australian fashion house Gorman and Goods Homewares by The Design Files to name a few,” Lucy and Lily share. “Miranda works in large scale, and the ample floor and wall space allows flexibility in her work. She surrounds herself with color, texture and visuals that inspire her process.”

The Peaches+Keen Work Space Within Botanical Calamity On Design*Sponge

“The central part of this area is the desk where we create all our work. This space is functional but still adaptable when we need it to be. All our essential tools are within reach, but we have also ensured that we are surrounded by beautiful things that inspire us,” the duo explains.

Supplies Becomes Decor In The Peaches+Keen Studio In Botanical Calamity On Design*Sponge

“Some of our earring materials are displayed in jars beneath our windows and visitors are always impressed by the rainbow of color they create,” Lucy and Lily share.

Colorful Jewelry-Making Supplies In The Peaches+Keen Studio Within Botanical Calamity Tour On Design*Sponge

Colorful storage in Peaches+Keen’s studio. “Studio storage and windows where we watch the sun set and storms roll in,” Lucy and Lily share.

A Versatile Area Of The Studio Able To Be Transitioned As Needed On Design*Sponge

Peaches+Keen’s studio is like the other spaces in that they designed it to be flexible as their needs change day-to-day. “At the center of our studio is our work bench. We like that it can be moved around and change shape as required.”

Details Of The Process Of Creating One Of Peaches+Keen's Pieces On Design*Sponge

“Work detail. All our earrings are made by hand and are one-off. The process is very time consuming, but we love that it always leads to new ideas.”

One Of Peaches+Keen's Deconstructed Pieces In The Form Of Their Favorite Parts Of Their Shop On Design*Sponge

“What we love most about Botanical Calamity is that it’s our space to create. Image made using deconstructed flowers and leaves,” Lucy and Lily share.

The Botanical Calamity Floor Plan Shop Tour On Design*Sponge

The Botanical Calamity floor plan.


Paint Colors
Exterior- Taubmans Exterior, “Capital Blue”
Stencils- Dulux Duramax “Gold” spray paint and Montana Black spray paint in “Cocktail”
Interior- Walls Dulux, “Natural White”
Floor- White Night Ultra Pave, “Spartacus”

Retail Space Artists
Custom hanging table, modular walls and storage area- Kent Thomas and Callum Hearn
Ceramics- Peta Armstrong and Bridget Bodenham
Earrings, Artworks, Cards and Painted Pots- Peaches+Keen
Paintings- Miranda Skoczek
Timber clocks- Lyre Lyre
Calendar- Santiago Sunbird


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