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Before & After: Jenny Komenda’s Studio Makeover (& tips for personalizing your space!)

by Grace Bonney

Blogging years seem to fly by at lightning speed, so I can hardly believe that I’ve been reading Jenny Komenda‘s blog, Little Green Notebook, for over ten years. Jenny has always had an amazing eye for color, pattern, and creative DIY hacks (these bookshelves are a team favorite), so when she told us about her latest office makeover, I knew it would be gorgeous. Her design work as Juniper Studio in her hometown of Phoenix, AZ has become known for its sophisticated take on trends and this office project is a great example of how Jenny taps into popular styles without feeling cookie-cutter or overdone.

Read on to see the full makeover and check out Jenny’s tips for personalizing your space. xo, Grace

Photography by Tiffany Haynes

Jenny’s new office space is part of Juniper Studio’s new brick-and-mortar location. She needed a separate space for calls and meetings that wouldn’t disturb the team on the main retail floor, so she decided to tackle this all-white box with some great color and texture.

About her colorful new space, Jenny says, “It is definitely my DIY roots talking here, but I LOVE the power of paint to transform a space. There is nothing you can do that is faster or more cost-effective!  Our ceilings are 15′ high in the shop, so I opted for a color-blocked look in my office, which literally took two hours from start to finish! I used BEHR Marquee Interior Paint (in Behr’s 2018 Color of the Year,  In The Moment T18-15) and only needed one coat, so really the taping portion is what took the longest. Did you know if you want perfectly crisp paint lines, you can seal the painters tape with your background paint color (pure white in my case) before rolling on your top color? It is my secret weapon paint secret!”

Jenny wanted her new space to feel, “layered, thoughtful and accessible.” She explains, “I like spaces to firstly be functional and comfortable, but just as importantly, I want them to feel special and personal, and to mirror the story of the person who lives or works there. I think we can all agree that people are infinitely more interesting than things. But if things can also represent the person, magic happens!”

Always bursting with great ideas, Jenny shared some of her ideas for personalizing your space:

1) Frame your grandmother’s button collection you inherited after she passed.

2) Paint a thrift store find in your dad’s favorite color.

3) Make a throw pillow from the dress you wore on the first date with your husband, realizing it stirs happier memories on the sofa than hanging in the closet reminding you how it doesn’t fit after having babies. :)

4) Put your sentimental knick-knacks out to be seen and touched, even and maybe especially if you have children. Teach them to touch things gently and use their interest in the item as a jumping point for sharing a family story.

5) Hang lots of family photos! Some designers will say they shouldn’t be on walls, but not me. I love candid shots especially, and groupings of many photos all together, gallery style. You’ll love seeing all your favorite faces cheering you on every day!

6) Use scents in your home that specifically remind you of people and places that are special to you.

7) Every time you travel, leave room in your suitcase for souvenir items. Over the years, your home will become a beautiful, living travel log. Little paintings from local artists are my favorite souvenirs.

A peek inside the main space at Juniper Studio (above and below) reveals a beautiful kitchen and antique rolling library ladder. “We happily inherited the rolling library ladder in the studio from the tenant before us,” Jenny explains. “But there was no shelving. It was a cabinet maker’s showroom before and they had samples mounted right to the plaster-over-brick walls under the rail. I really wanted shelving that would be adjustable and extra deep, so I designed this peg and rail shelving system that our carpenter made for us onsite. It is another one of my favorite details at Juniper Studio.”

Jenny’s style continues to evolve through the designing of her own studio. Her aesthetic growth has even inspired her motto for this year: Do less and with more heart. She says, “I’m learning through this process, as we are working on the storefront now, that I want the shop to be much more curated. I want there to be space around each item so you can see it and really appreciate all the work that went into sourcing and making the item. That concept has spread into my personal life and resolutions this new year.”

Resource List:

Wall Color – In The Moment T18-15 by Behr

Art – Dahlias I and II by Lynne Millar from Jenny’s Print Shop

Rug – The Home Depot

Desk – IKEA

Desk Chair – West Elm

Studio Cabinets – Madera

Kitchen island – Juniper Studio

Kitchen sconces – Lucent Lightshop

Black Table – Juniper Studio

Green Chairs – Arhaus

Ceramics – Desert Clay Ceramics

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  • Lovely space, Jenny. Did you weave the seats on those wood curve-backed chairs yourself? If so, can you provide guidance?

  • Love the main space, but strongly dislike the office. The chairs look uncomfortable, and the low paint line makes everything look compacted. The message is almost saying that nothing creative is happening once you stand up. It’s all very stark. Even the icy blue is cold. It needs some warmth, some playfulnesss, some inspiration.

    • I’ve been a fan of Jenny’s for year. I love how she puts her heart into all her projects. I like hearing what her goals and focus is on this year. The studio is gorgeous and it’s been fun to follow along. It’s obvious she’s put her heart and soul into it. That being said my goal this year is to step up and speak up more. I’m sorry but i don’t know why there’s a need to criticize anyone’s design work especially when no one is asking for an opinion. Why not just simply scroll past the post? For the life of me how is it 2018 and people still think tearing someone down is the thing they want to put out in the universe. What’s the point?

      • Totally agree with Laurie. Really, what is the point?
        So what, it’s not your favorite space? Why does anyone need to know that?

      • Thank you, Laurie. I also have claimed this year as the time to step up & speak up. Well said. I am proud of you!

  • Love what you’ve done! Sooo nice : ) I’m wondering where you found frames for your flower prints? They look great, I’m thinking about purchasing them. Thanks for sharing! Lisa

  • So inspiring, long time fan of Jenny K. Where is the fig tree from it looks really awesome hoping its a faux one that I can purchase

    • World Market has one for less than $200 (I believe it is the same one as the one in this post).