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Before & After: A Hallway Gets A New, Beachy Look

by Erin Austen Abbott

Danielle Parisi on Design*Sponge

I love wallpaper so much. I have dreams of putting wallpaper in every room of my home, yet I still have none, mainly due to my 15-foot ceilings. So anytime I see a house with wallpaper, I get really happy and live vicariously through each of those rooms. This entryway before & after from the home of Danielle Parisi is one of those that I’m sure I’ll revisit. The palm leaves in blush are such an inviting welcome home.

Feeling worn down from her job as a graphic designer, Danielle had just had her first daughter when she felt like it was the perfect time to jump into creating her own dream business. She began The Room Alive, a home decor shop based in the UK. “I was pregnant with my second daughter when I designed and launched my first wallpaper collection for the shop,” Danielle says. Spending a lot of time outside with her daughters inspired the wallpaper designs, from bunnies to palm leaves to beach huts.

For this hallway makeover, Danielle chose the blush Palm Leaf Garden print from her own line. “When we moved in, most of the rooms had dark colored walls or a combination of brown and beige,” Danielle shares. While many people tend to have clutter in the entry spaces of their homes, Danielle took the minimalist approach, with hidden storage in baskets and under the stairs. There are no places for a lot of stuff to collect. She also wanted to give the dark room a light and airy feeling by adding in the fun, bright wallpaper. Switching out the light fixture and window treatment added to the easy yet effective makeover.

I love that this is an achievable, weekend makeover. While we don’t all have the resources for a large remodel, it’s great to see a seemingly easy fix to a common home problem. Enjoy! —Erin

Photography by Danielle Parisi / @theroomalive

Image above: A close-up of the The Room Alive Palm Leaf Garden wallpaper, in blush.

Danielle Parisi on Design*Sponge
"The hallway before the makeover. The walls were a dark beige color which made the room dark. There was no storage or practical solutions for the basic needs of a family," Danielle says.
Danielle Parisi on Design*Sponge
Now you can see light streaming in as the makeover creates a bright and airy space.
Danielle Parisi on Design*Sponge
Looking up the stairs in the before image, you can see how it felt dark and small. The after image brightens up the room and makes it feel light and bright.
Danielle Parisi on Design*Sponge
"The view of the hallway as soon as you enter through the front door; I wanted to create impact and a feeling of a welcoming, refreshing home which hits you as soon as you open the front door. I have created a monochrome family gallery wall at the top of the stairs which doesn't take away from the colors used," Danielle shares.
Danielle Parisi on Design*Sponge
"The Palm Leaf Garden wallpaper in the hallway works well in this space because of its light blush color with white background, reflecting the light we needed in this room."
Danielle Parisi on Design*Sponge
A sweet picture of family, defined, in the gallery wall on the landing.
Danielle Parisi on Design*Sponge
"The view of the hallway from the stairs. The hallway now has a flow, and I love how the storage by the front door works: there is a basket for keys and one for the mail. The stool with a cushion completes the look but is also very practical especially when getting the kids ready to go out. There is a shoe storage cupboard underneath the stairs to keep them tidied away," Danielle says.
Danielle Parisi on Design*Sponge
A closer look at the shelf by the front door. The keys and mail have a place to live right when you walk through the front door.
Danielle Parisi on Design*Sponge
"The hallway is now light and bright, and I added simple elements to keep everything in place. A brass hexagonal mirror works well with the blush wallpaper. I painted a shelf made to size and the foot of the IKEA stool in the same graffiti shade, and I used IKEA shelf brackets in natural wood to add natural materials. I am a big fan of 'less is more' and I love how a few simple elements work and make the pattern on the wall stand out," Danielle shares.
Danielle Parisi on Design*Sponge
Lovely light streams into the room through the small window next to the door.

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