Olga Prinku’s Floral Hoops

by Grace Bonney

The Internet is a weird and wonderful place. For every scary chat room full of anger and hate, there’s a separate space where people can connect and support each other. And for every social media feed full of ALL CAPS yelling matches, there’s one overflowing with ideas and inspiration. These days I try to find a balance between the two, and I find Instagram holds down both ends of that spectrum pretty well. And in the world of inspiring feeds that uplift and motivate, there’s Olga Prinku.

Olga is a crafter and maker based in the UK who uses embroidery hoops to create stunning works of art from wool, flowers and what Olga calls, “bits and pieces of my life.” I stumbled upon one of her floral hoops in our #DSfloral hashtag feed and spent the next 20 minutes scrolling through image after image of her beautiful work. I love the way she artfully weaves dried flowers and small odds and ends together to turn just about any surface that can be woven around into something truly special. From the back of a Bertoia chair to a shirt collar, Olga has used her dried flower collection (which is stunning on its own) to decorate so many amazing objects. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite pieces above and below, but you can see more of her work online right here. xo, grace

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