Happy Thanksgiving + Karin Pfeiff Boschek

by Grace Bonney

As friends and family travel and gather together for Thanksgiving this week, we wanted to pause and wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. This year we have everyone at our house, and watching all of the food come together has been a powerful reminder of just how much we have to be thankful for. While we come together to enjoy food and family, I also want to remember that not everyone in our community is able to celebrate with loved ones, food, or a safe space. In the spirit of the holiday, here are some quick ways to give back, last-minute, if you want to add a new tradition to your holiday activities. And until Monday when we’re back and posting, here’s wishing everyone a warm and happy holiday. xo, Grace

Photo above by Karin Pfeiff Boschek of Our Delicious Food. Her pies are beyond stunning. Her cut-outs are a design fan’s dream. 

Some ideas for adding new traditions of giving back to the holiday:

  • Support local indigenous communities (a few options and ideas)
  • Consider a financial donation to hunger-based charities, food banks and soup kitchens. Volunteering is a great option, but sometimes financial donations are more needed than physical help on major holidays.
  • Open your doors and make room at your tables for someone in need or someone without a meal or family for the holiday. Meals are often a safe, supportive place to mend fences, start new chapters and deal with difficult conversations, so this day is a good place to start with someone you’d like to support in your life.
  • Contact local nursing homes, assisted living centers and hospitals to see if there are ways to visit and support those spending the holiday there. Whether you visit to simply wish people a happy holiday or bring them (pre-approved by the center) a gift or baked good, reaching out to those celebrating away from their homes and family is a wonderful gift to give.
  • Support a family for Thanksgiving. It’s not too late to contact local shelters, military groups, non-profit groups and religious organizations to see if there are families in their community that need help buying, picking up or preparing holiday meals. Check your local papers, Facebook groups and places of worship to see if there are families in need you can support.

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