Studio Tour

Studio Tour: YIELD Design Co.

by Erin Austen Abbott

When Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming started YIELD in 2012, they were working out of their tiny studio apartment in San Francisco, CA, producing brass geometric paperweights that double as photo holders. Fast forward to present day and Rachel and Andrew have since relocated to St. Augustine, FL and now work out of a 4,000-square-foot warehouse, home to YIELD’s complete operations involving production, inventory storage, shipping, photography, and office space. Their line has since expanded to include planters, bags, furniture, lighting, and more.

“When we first moved into the space, we prioritized organizing our storage, building out our kitchen, and designating a ‘lounge’ area,” Rachel remembers. “Organization is key to peace of mind, and we are constantly trying to improve upon that as we grow. The lounge area sits right amidst the action, but is a great place to meet or relax throughout the day. Since we all have separate workstations, a gathering space even with somewhat invisible walls is the perfect place to shift your headspace — whether it be for a group meeting or even a quick nap.”

Sometimes an open floor plan can create more challenges than expected, and when you are talking about a warehouse, it becomes endless, with the high ceilings and absence of walls. “The best and worst feature of our space is the open floor plan,” Rachel shares. “It’s so versatile, but on occasion can lead to so many possibilities when it comes to organization. The openness is beautiful, but sometimes we hesitate to break it up visually. We have purposefully created invisible boundaries of space with some visual distinctions, but in a busy work environment those lines can become easily blurred.”

Tricky layout aside, it beats running their business out of a studio apartment, and it’s clear that Rachel and Andrew have made this space work. Enjoy this studio tour and getting to peek behind the scenes of such a beautiful design house. —Erin

Photography by Kelsey Heinze of YIELD

Image above: “There are not many large warehouse spaces in such close proximity, so our patience and goodwill of friends keeping an ear to the ground for us really paid off! We especially loved the space we found because it had a lush outdoor area where we can break for lunch and incorporated lots of windows for natural light, which is surprisingly rare in your typical warehouse around here,” Rachel says.

YIELD Design Co. for Design*Sponge
The kitchen/dining area leading to a back outdoor patio.
YIELD Design Co. for Design*Sponge
Another peek at the kitchen/dining space. "The kitchen is [a] necessity because we personally believe that our team is happier and healthier when we take the time to break for lunch [and] have the option for a more home-cooked meal. The separation of work and meals [is] also important to us. While we all have our moments, [we feel that] no one should be forced to default to eating at their desk," Rachel says.
YIELD Design Co. for Design*Sponge
YIELD's dining area leading to the outdoor back patio.
YIELD Design Co. for Design*Sponge
The YIELD kitchen, where many staff lunches are prepared.
YIELD Design Co. for Design*Sponge
"The shelves to the right store a collection of old prototypes, material samples, and original samples for an array of our products," Rachel says.
YIELD Design Co. for Design*Sponge
"View from the attic space above the offices. This space is not very usable, but it makes for a great vantage point."
YIELD Design Co. for Design*Sponge
A peek from the production tables to the sample wall. "The garage doors and the high ceilings; there’s nothing better than opening up shop in the morning and rolling all those doors in to have the light flood into such a large, expansive space. It really does breathe life into what one might normally expect to be a dark, basic storage facility," Rachel says.
YIELD Design Co. for Design*Sponge

“We love hosting events and supporting fellow artists and designers. This photo shows some work by Andrew Wilson after he released a new collection of paintings at an opening in our space.”

YIELD Design Co. for Design*Sponge

“Next to the lounge, we’ve created a small display area to show a glimpse of our current collection to visitors,” Rachel says. Sofa available through Article and YIELD made the coffee table.

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