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Studio Tour: Studio 125

by Lauren Chorpening Day

Studio Tour: Studio 125 | Design*Sponge

Kate Arends, designer and founder behind lifestyle blog, Wit & Delight, signed a lease to a 2,000-square-foot office and studio in Minneapolis, MN a little over a year ago. The goal was to create a place for the Wit & Delight team of two to shoot and work on content. They transformed the space with the W&D aesthetic and got to work. On an incredibly busy day of photo shoots, client meetings and a creative brief all happening at once in the studio, Kate stepped out to get some air and saw that the space next door was yet to be leased. She called the landlord and within four hours, the studio grew to 6,000 square feet. Wit & Delight’s space became Studio 125. Along with Wit & Delight’s office, Studio 125 is home to Bridget Borden Events, 2nd Truth Photography and the creative freelancers that rent the space for shoots or events. “To be honest, it wasn’t our intention to make the studio this big. But after growing the Wit & Delight team — and often opening the space to photo shoots and freelancers — taking on more square footage and designing this massive space felt less like a scary undertaking and more like a big, risky, yet right, next step,” Kate says.

Studio 125 is located in the historic Frisk building in northeast Minneapolis. When building out the space, even before Wit & Delight expanded into Studio 125, Kate was conscious to keep the studio versatile in design and fitting with the building. “The building is home to many creatives, and it felt like the perfect place for us to build a business based on giving people the opportunity to explore a creative venture,” Kate shares. “We didn’t want to cover up the parts of the space that were unique to the building. Our HVAC equipment is exposed and some pipes rest on the brick walls. The concrete is a slightly different color throughout the space, so we added a nice gloss to the flooring and left it as-is.” A full kitchen, a kitchenette, two conference rooms, office space, a few lounge areas, a prop room and multiple photography bays occupy the large space. Each area is distinct and gorgeous with rich, earthy tones complemented by pastel accents and a mix of metallic fixtures. Kate, Bridget and the whole team at Studio 125 have created an incredible hub for creatives in Minneapolis. The story behind Studio 125 is just as beautiful as the stunning design. Lauren

Photography by 2nd Truth Photography

Image above: Part of the original space, the Blue Room features color-blocked white and light blue walls and a large grey sectional. This lounge area is a favorite of the established teams (and their pups) at Studio 125 as well as the freelancers that work out of the space.




Studio Tour: Studio 125 | Design*Sponge
The studio space is separated from the conference rooms to provide focused work environments. "We are so lucky to be able to create a beautiful space that we can welcome creatives in on a weekly basis - there is always something new happening at the Studio, always a new friendly face to meet. It is an incredibly inspiring place to work and we are so lucky to call it ours," Bridget says.
Studio Tour: Studio 125 | Design*Sponge
"They say to keep an open mind when running a business, because as much as you can plan for the future, sometimes the future has different plans. A little over a year ago, we signed a lease on a 2,000-square-foot space (far too much room for the Wit & Delight team of two) and crossed our fingers the work would keep coming in," Kate says.
Studio Tour: Studio 125 | Design*Sponge
The Fireclay hexagon blue backsplash in the kitchenette has become an iconic element in Studio 125.
Studio Tour: Studio 125 | Design*Sponge
The Studio 125 entryway is a cool mix of modern and traditional styles, like the rest of the space.
Studio Tour: Studio 125 | Design*Sponge
"The full kitchen is the showstopper in our Studio," Bridget says. "It was important for us to create a space where the Wit & Delight aesthetic could come to life - yet, we needed the space to be functional, versatile and inspired."
Studio Tour: Studio 125 | Design*Sponge
Rejuvenation pendants in different tones and shapes are a stunning focal point in the middle of the studio.
Studio Tour: Studio 125 | Design*Sponge
The wood island, leather stools, colorful pendants and black appliances are complemented beautifully with white cabinets and stone.
Studio Tour: Studio 125 | Design*Sponge
This lounge is off the side entrance near the Blue Room. Before expanding, this was the main entryway into the studio.
Studio Tour: Studio 125 | Design*Sponge
"By using glass garage doors instead of walls, we are able to be really flexible with the office space as well as let lots of sunlight stream in," Bridget says.
Studio Tour: Studio 125 | Design*Sponge
"The conference room is bright, a great spot to be inspired and also to get some work done," Bridget shares.


Full Kitchen
Fireclay Tile: Rectangle shape in Navy Blue
Cambria Countertop & Backsplash: Matte Britannica
Sherwin Williams Paint: “Innocence”
KitchenAid appliance: Black Stainless Finish
Rejuvenation: Hazel ceramic pendants
Delta Faucet
Reform cabinet fronts

Cambria waterfall island
Fireclay Tile
Rejuvenation pendants
Delta faucet

IKEA table
Article bench

Front Entry (main entrance)
Rejuvenation lighting
Cb2 bookcase
Frances Loom rug

Front Entry (Blue Room)
All Cb2 furniture/rug
Kate Worum art

Reform fronts in blush for IKEA cabinets

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  • This studio is like a dream come true! I can imagine that everyone that works there are every day super happy and ready to work!

  • It’s a beautiful studio that feels more like a home. Does someone/people live here as well as work here?