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Desktop Downloads from Schumacher: Exotic Butterfly

by Grace Bonney

This week we’re sharing a series of patterns from Schumacher that celebrate florals. From modern prints inspired by Japanese design to colorful traditional styles, these downloads are a great way to perk up your computer or phone for the new season.

Yesterday’s download (Katsugi) is joined by another colorful design, Exotic Butterfly, from acclaimed mid-century architect Josef Frank. This print is a faithful reproduction of a never-before-seen design of Frank’s that has his signature mix of whimsy and warmth. His color palettes are always such a cheerful imagining of nature, and this one is going straight to my phone. Click the links below to download today’s pattern.  —Grace


  • Click here to download Exotic Butterfly for your computer
  • Click here and here (two different crops) to download Exotic Butterfly for your phone 

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