Our Team’s Top 20 Products for September

by Grace Bonney

In the early days of Design*Sponge, new products and designs made up the bulk of my posts. However, over the past 13 years we’ve moved toward essays and deeper stories of the people behind those products. But we still keep a close eye on what’s happening in the world of product design and share some of our favorites back and forth with each other behind the scenes. Starting this month, we’re adding a new feature where we round up our team’s favorite designs, from pillows and accessories to artwork and furniture. So, meet our top 20 for September!

Image above (Rebekah’s pick): “I recently purchased a beautiful black ceramic strainer from Sarah Kersten Studio (the actual item isn’t in the shop at the moment). It’s perfect for fresh fruit or veggies that really pop off the black color of the dish. I’m pining for one of her gorgeous ceramic covered bowls next!”

Image above, clockwise from top left (Grace’s picks): “I love Cotton and Flax’s new Hills and Valleys fabric. I used it (in Rose) for reupholstering our dining room bench. Grapheme Press’ Tiny Letterpress Collection is on my wish list. The combination of inspiring quotation, vintage stamp and letterpress is the perfect juxtaposition of art in three forms. Grace D. Chin’s print (inspired by Pirkei Avos) is inspiring me right now, big time. Oh Joy!’s new tile collection for Cle Tile is so cheerful. The Bubble design is my favorite.”

Images above, left to right (Kelli and Garrett’s picks):

“Social media sure can make us feel like our lives — or homes — don’t stack up to what we see as we scroll through the feeds of others. This letterpress print by The Bee & The Fox (which features a Tom Waits lyric) sends an uplifting affirmation through a visually appealing, clean typeface, making it versatile with many design styles. Frame it (matte it for bigger impact!), hang it up, and remember your riches.” -Kelli

“The Olde Sewing Room’s creations always catch my eye. Founder Humayrah cross stitches bugs and such using mixed materials like antique gold wire and wooden beads.” -Garrett

Image above (Sofia’s pick): The Riihitie plant pots were designed by Aino Aalto in 1937 for her family’s home in Helsinki, Finland. Named after her home street, the pots were also part of the collection that she and her husband, architect and designer Alvar Aalto, presented at the Paris World’s Fair that same year. I’ve had my eye on one of these organically shaped planters ever since Artek launched them for the first time earlier this year, 80 years after they were first designed!”

Image above (Caitlin’s pick): “Having worked in television for most of my career, I refused to have a TV in my home for years. They were big, ugly and reminded me of work. Now there’s nothing like a Friday night curled up in front of the TV with my daughter to watch Stranger Things or GLOW on repeat. If I hit the lottery, this new frame-able TV would be high on my ‘indulge list’ for its ability to to display my favorite pieces of art, seamlessly blend in on a gallery wall and show off all of the majesty of spandex and glitter on GLOW in full-on technicolor.”

Image above, left to right, (Erin and Rebekah’s picks):

“This classic framed mirror works both as a statement piece but is also functional. Its clean lines would open up the space of any wall or entryway.” -Erin

“We recently purchased this Rough Linen Orkney Summer Cover in Indigo (admittedly at their seconds sale, which was great because we needed a king!) and it has been great for the heat wave we just experienced! It’s light enough to not be overly hot, and heavy enough to be comforting. We also love it because it looks just as good wrinkled — which is certainly a plus for us since we have upwards of three small dogs sharing our bed each night!” -Rebekah

Image above (Kristina’s pick): “All linen isn’t created equal, and I swear by Society linen. I like to introduce color to my lovely bed through pillowcases. Society offers super smooth and soft linen in one of the best color ranges that changes each season. (And they don’t produce all that linen dust that other linen sometimes does!)” -Kristina

Image above, left to right, (Kelli and Garrett’s picks):

“My heart says ‘kilim!’ but my budget says ‘nope.’ So when I was searching for a similar style for my downstairs bathroom reno, I was happy to find this 2×3 kilim-style rug for less than $20 (I chose the red and blue colorway). I’m a champion of function and well-made decor, and this, despite the low price, fits the bill. Soft underfoot, wears well over time (with kids!) and has that kilim look I was going for. Wins all around.” -Kelli

World Market’s latest collection has made the store the destination to hit up when decorating your small space. Lush velvets, rich jewel tones and luxe materials at an affordable price point are just a few reasons why the new pieces are sure to be a hit.” -Garrett

Image above, clockwise from top left (Sofia, Kristina and Erin’s Picks):

This blanket is all kinds of cute! I love the fringed edges and the light pastel colors of this cotton throw. The huge bananas are also a great reminder of daily fruit intake goals!” -Sofia

“This Heath flatware has a hardy handle and weight. It’s sturdy, yet beautiful.” -Erin

“One of this summer’s highlights was seeing pieces of the Palissade outdoor furniture collection pop up at terraces around town. The collection is designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Danish design house HAY. The low lounge chair is my favorite piece — I just can’t resist the contrast between the sturdy steel slat construction and the curved silhouette. I could see myself using pieces from this collection inside as well.” -Sofia

“This Blu Dot bed frame has made it onto just about every inspiration board that I’ve made. I love the classic, yet modern design of this frame. It feels timeless and while I love the pink version, I think the light grey would work in any space, giving a neutral staple to build the room around.” -Erin

“I am SO not a candle person, but this Stag Candle smells so much like New York at Christmas that I couldn’t resist buying it and I fell in love. The fragrance remains for days even with a short burn, and I’ve found it to be one of the best values (burn hours per dollar) out there. I always have them on hand, especially in winter when I’m homesick.” -Kristina

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