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Desktop Wallpaper Downloads From Lea Carey: Day One

by Rebekah Carey

The day has finally arrived! No, not the day you have to go back to work after that glorious three-day weekend — I’m talking about our first day (of a seven-day series!) of digital downloads with artist and designer Lea Carey. If you’re not familiar with Lea’s work, then let us introduce you — Lea’s designs and illustrations range from thought provoking to joy-filled. Her background is in textile print design and she just recently moved cross-country from San Francisco to New York. The draw of New York, and what’s happening in textile design there at the moment, pulled Lea from her native San Francisco and we can’t wait to see how her designs, and inspirations, grow as she lives, and creates, longer in such an inspiring atmosphere. Download today’s wallpaper hereRebekah

These wallpapers are intended for personal use only.

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