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DIY Upholstered Otomi Headboard

by Grace Bonney

for the past four years i have been pining over this incredible headboard featured in a 2005 issue of cookie magazine. it not only ignited my love for upholstered headboards, but sparked my interest in textiles from mexico, south america, india and uzbekistan. this particular type of textile, mexican otomi fabric, is handmade by the otomi indians of central mexico. i love the variations found throughout the style and the way that the animals seem to dance around in circles. so four year laters, i decided to bite the bullet and create the headboard i’d been dreaming about for what seemed like ages.

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today i’m sharing my full steps below the fold, and in the video above. i shot this video in my bedroom yesterday by myself, so i’m living proof that this project can be done in a few hours, with little help. the final cost of the project depends on the source of the fabric and the shape of your headboard, but will always come in under the budget of a pre-made or professionally upholstered headboard (i called and got estimates from upholsterers ranging from $750-$1200!). i hope you’ll enjoy this project and consider creating your own variation; it’s a wonderful way to celebrate the artistic heritage of many world cultures- don’t be afraid to try this with indian block printed textiles, suzani or ikat fabrics from uzbekistan.

CLICK HERE for the project steps (update: including the headboard template!) after the jump!

[The headboard that inspired my project, from Cookie Magazine 2005]

Grace’s Upholstered Otomi Headboard

What You’ll Need:

-Wood for your headboard (I had mine cut by a local craftsman (download the template HERE) but depending on the shape you want, you can either buy a pre-cut piece of plywood at Home Depot in a rectangle, or trace a pattern and cut it with a jigsaw to fit your desired shape)
-Foam (I used foam that was 2 inches thick)
-Batting (standard quilting batting is great)
-Fabric (I bought my Otomi fabric at Jacaranda Home)
-Utility knife
Staple Gun
-Flush Mount for attaching the headboard to the wall
Spray Adhesive

*I hired a great local craftsman named Kevin Grevemberg for my headboard- there was no way I could get away with sawing a huge piece of wood in my tiny apartment.

*UPDATE: CLICK HERE for the wooden headboard template created by Kevin Grevemberg above. Thanks for sharing this with us, Kevin!*


1. Place your piece of foam on the floor and lay your headboard over top of it. Trace the outline of the headboard with a marker and then cut to size with a utility knife or electric knife if you have one- they work really nicely for foam.

2. Repeat this step with your batting, cutting 4-5 inches wider than the headboard wood, all around (you’ll be pulling this over the wood and stapling it so you need a little extra to make it stretch)

3. Repeat this step with your fabric, cutting 4-5 inches wider than your headboard wood, all around (you’ll be pulling this over the wood and and batting so you’ll need a little extra to make it stretch)

3. Spray the foam with spray adhesive and attach it to the front of your headboard. Note: spray adhesive is pretty toxic so you’ll want to wear a mask and open your windows while you spray. Spray in short spurts and let your room fully air out before proceeding.

4. Lay your batting on top of the foam once it’s dried and flip the headboard over so the batting is on the floor, followed by a layer of foam and then your wood facing up.

5. With your staple gun, staple the batting securely to the wood, pulling the batting taught so it’s not loose.

6. Once your batting is secure, lay your fabric over top (be sure to iron your fabric first!), centering it if need be (I used plastic clamps to hold it in place while I stapled). Flip the headboard over so the fabric is on the floor and then staple gun the fabric into place, pulling taught so you get a nice wrinkle-free finish.

7. Once your fabric is attached, you can cut any excess from the back (this project leaves the headboard unfinished on the back so you can attach it to the wall) to neaten up the edges.

8. There are a number of ways to attach your headboard to the wall or bed, but I prefer using flush mounts (just ask for them at your local hardware store) to hang the headboard from your wall. They’re easily screwed into the back of the headboard and wall so you simply slide the headboard into the mounts of the wall and voila! Your headboard is attached- make sure you ask for mounts that can hold the weight of your headboard. Most flush mounts will hold at least 75 pounds- just be sure to ask.

9. If you’d prefer to stand your headboard on the ground and use the weight of your bed to hold it in place, I’d advise making a solid headboard, rather than one with legs like I made above- that gives your bed more to push against. I’d still advise screwing it into the wall or the base of your bed frame for safety- you don’t want that falling down on you.

Once your headboard is safely secured you’re all set!


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  • Stunning job! I’ve seen a lot of DIY headboards, but this one is so unique because of the great fabric you picked out. And WOW, video, how awesome!!! P.S. Your kitty is adorable!

  • I would even say I like yours more than the one you saw in the magazine. Can you tell us where you bought the fabric?

    • sammy

      i got the fabric from jacaranda home- there’s a link in the project instructions after the jump :)


  • ..and I’m super jealous. The only good space for our bed in the bedroom is along two big windows, so there’s no room for a headboard. Otherwise I’d be trying this out!

  • Love it! The video was great too, Grace. Makes it seem wayyyy less daunting. And my fiance and I are in love with that song! The Spinto Band just came to AZ and we missed it. Bummer.

  • Great video, and you laid the steps out so simply that I actually feel I could attempt this myself :-) I have had a headboard project in mind for a while, this will be such a help.

  • Fantastic project, Grace! I’m so inspired! What if I wanted to do tufting on the headboard, do you have any tips or know where I can find a step by step?

  • i really really love this! i will definitely add it to my list of future DIY projects.

    sidenote: your cat looks exactly like the cat i had as a child.

  • beautiful! i’m going to do this with fabric from my recent wedding photobooth backdrop to make a headboard for our guest room. i heart ds!

    • thanks guys!

      so glad you like it- it really is quite easy to do, it just takes a little bit of time and elbow grease to pull, staple (and pull and staple again) everything ;)


  • I love this project. Would you ever do one on how to put a Julia Child -style pegboard in your kitchen. You’re free to come to my kitchen in LA if you need a site!
    I’m dying to do it, but afraid to start. I even bought the pegboard. I too am inspired by a picture in Domino (RIP.) They gave directions, but there is no sub for the video.

    DIY impaired in Los Angeles.

    • hi maria!

      i’d be happy to write out the steps- it’s pretty simple. if anyone else on my staff needs one i’ll see if we can make one for someone else’s house. i already have one and don’t have a need for another yet ;)


  • have you found 2″ was the right amount or now that you’ve used the headboard, would you opt for thicker?

    • sarrrrah

      i like the 2 inches, because with the batting and fabric it’s plenty thick. but you could totally do 3-4 inch foam- it just means your bed is a little but further away from the wall. my room space is limited so i didn’t want the bed to jut out much further ;)


  • Oh, it’s lovely, Grace! I love otomi fabric, and I was actually just thinking about that headboard from Cookie last week, but I couldn’t remember where I’d seen it, so thanks for the reminder and the great instrux!

  • It looks great! What an amazing pop of color & it gives so much character to the room. Your kitty is very cute as well :)

  • I am dying to do this, but my husband has some stupid rough-wood thing he’s obsessing over, yet will never complete.
    I did something similar with my daughter’s bed, though; I’ll shoot some decent pictures soon and send you the B&A!

  • Great job! Simply Stunning!!!

    What size bed is your headboard for? If it’s for a queen or you just know what size I would need, would you mind sharing the dimensions? Thanks!

    • hi nayoung- we have a full sized bed, but the headboard wood was cut to be a bit wider than the mattress, so it’s 5 feet wide :)


  • I’ve never commented before, but have been reading your blog and twitters for quite a while now. Just wanted to say fantastic job! Not only is the headboard incredible, but your video and instructions are perfect. Such an inspiration for all those projects that I’ve kept in the ‘dream’ stage. Thanks for all the work you do!

  • Oh Grace, I am soo impressed! It looks fantastic. It was so fun to watch you make it- you make it seem so easy!!! Loved seeing curious Turk walking through too haha. xo

    • thanks julia! turk had so much fun with the plastic blowing in the wind. i can’t believe he didn’t attack the fabric…

      see you tomorrow!


  • Hi, thanks so much for the great tutorial. Would you be wiling to say approximately how much this project cost?

    • hi ivy

      i didn’t include a price because the range is pretty broad depending on the materials you use.

      i’d say my project broke down like this:

      fabric: $265 (my mom bought a similar piece for less because she got a slightly “damaged” piece, but you could hardly tell. also, you can find cheaper versions on ebay sometimes)
      wood: $100
      batting: $12
      foam: $25

      total: $392

      not super cheap, but $400 less than the lowest estimate i got. also, my budget was a bit higher for this project because i’ve been saving up for a while.

      but here’s how to get the project around $100:

      fabric: use ebay to find a similar piece of otomi, suzani or ikat for $50-$70 (you can get ikat swatches for pretty cheap on there)
      wood: $20 for a rectangular piece of low to medium grade pre-cut plywood (or use an existing piece of wood- free!)
      batting: $12
      foam: $10-25 depending on size of headboard wood


  • I love these DIY’s ’cause I feel like its within my reach and still completely luxurious.

  • grace, your headboard is just gorgeous!! and thanks for taking the time to do a DIY video. it’s one of those things that’s been a step-by-step in so many magazines, but it’s so much more doable feeling seeing it done on video. I only wish my husband didn’t want a “quiet” decorated bedroom, as that fabric is fantastic!

  • Love this! I might have to try something similar in our guest room eventually. I would love to see more views of your bedroom with the new headboard!

  • I am so tired of not having a headboard, but I can’t find any that I like (for a price I like). :) But this sounds perfect! I’m staring at a piece of plywood waiting to be recycled outside of my apartment that would work, and my mom actually has a whole bunch of foam left over from a previous project that she’s had stored in a closet for years that I think I could use…

    Though, I might not do fabric… I’ve been toying with the idea of stretching painting canvas over a headboard and painting a scene or something instead. I wonder if that would work if I protected it correctly. Hmmm.

  • I have totally wanted a luxury bed like this but never wanted to be robbed. Thank you!

    If I missed this, sorry, but can you tell us how much it cost to have the wood cut for you? Did you provide a template to the carpenter?

  • Grace, great video! I’ve been looking at doing these since I have some leftover fabric from an old job – where did you order the foam from?
    Also, how much wider than the bed would you suggest going? Thanks!

    • hi kate!

      i provided a link to the foam source in my instructions above- it’s called rochford supply i think.

      our headboard is about 6 inches wide than the bed, so it’s 3 inches wider on each side.


  • Gorgeous fabric! I fell in love with this design years ago when I traveled to Mexico. Many shops there sell these Otomi fabrics in that same price range, but, in my opinion, well worth it for such beautiful craftsmanship. What a great DIY!

  • thanks for this post! i’ve been without a headboard for 10+ years…was never able to find one i liked, but THIS is amazing. it will definitely have to be my next DIY project. thanks grace!

  • oh duh >.< I missed that – thanks! We have a king size bed, so finding a reasonably priced upholstered headboard is nigh on impossible – now I just have to convince my husband to let me do this!

  • I think your cats need their own column! Anytime I am in the middle of a craft project or have anything spread out on the floor my cats will have to traipse all over it. More Turk!

    • thanks alison! i would be happy to post more turk and ms. jackson– i just want to avoid “crazy cat lady” status ;)


  • Hi Grace. Would a similar concept work on my existing headboard by simply placing the upholstery material over it? It would save us the trouble of actually having wood cut and sanded out for the project.

    • nicolette

      probably! it depends on the headboard- just make sure that you can get a smooth finish over the existing fabric.


  • It looks amazing and thanks for using a video to walk thru the steps.

    How important do you think it is to use something heavy like plywood? I have a couple of old bulletin boards I’ve been thinking of re-purposing like this. But I wonder if they’re too light to support foam/ batting, etc.

    • su

      hmm..it probably depends on the condition of the boards. it would probably work, technically, but it wouldn’t be very thick..


  • I gasped when I saw this.

    Would you be able to post a picture or pdf of the sketch you provided to the guy who cut the wood?

  • Great job realizing the dream! I’ve been meaning to make two otomi headboards for my 3-year-old daughter’s room, but trying to do it non-toxic is slowing me down: using solid wood boards instead of off-gassing plywood, using comforters instead of off-gassing foam, and sewing the comforters into a headboard slipcover instead of using toxic glue. I think I finally have the plan figured out, and now I just need to execute it!

  • Really, really fantastic, Grace. I have been searching for headboards as well. Yours is perfection. I really love that shape & the fabric is so beautiful. I’d like to do one very similar to yours. Thank you for the example. My hang up is getting a shape I want, or finding someone to cut the shape for me. I’d love to see a sketch, like Julia, of what your provided the person who cut the wood for you. Thank you!!

  • This looks like such a fun project! Beautiful headboard, Grace! Love your video too (cute how your cats were exploring in the backround. hehe!)

  • That is really cool! And timely…my fiance (now husband) bought a large piece of otomi fabric on our honeymoon in puerto vallarta after seeing a large colorful piece framed and hanging in the room at the house we were staying at, la caleta. Such a cool project and it looks great. We’ll probably just frame ours (no upholstery jobs for me) and hang it up as a great trip souvenir. –Tara

  • Also, for others who have posted saying that they’d love to try their hand at upholstering/making a headboard, I say “do it!” I started with a simple square, plywood-backed, simple cotton batting, linen fabrick and a staple gun and –voila! – new headboard. Mounted above the bed using some ingenious mounting screw-things found at the local hardware store. All told, total cost was about $50USD, if that.

  • thanks, grace. didn’t understand the breakdown applied to the wood and cutting.

    yes, yes, do provide the pdf if your friend would be so kind!

    can’t wait to tell my husband what we’re doing in the next few weeks;-)

  • This was so helpful Grace! Thanks so much! I have been wanting to upholster a headboard for so long but was overwhelmed with the idea. You make it look do-able. Beautiful work.

  • Grace, you are great on camera! And this is an awesome project. I plan on copycatting you as soon as possible.

  • Grace this project is really cool! I want change my bed and this is an option I keep in mind!
    but you have a fat cat!!! more than one? I love cats and have a fat cat too!

  • ooh it looks fantastic! and great video too. it’s funny, i’d never have thought you could do such a thing with the moulding behind it – i’d assume it’d clash or look weird, but it looks perfect.

  • I am so glad you did this video! I have been perplexed as to how to make my own upholstered headboard and am now feeling confident! This was an awesome video! Thank you so much! Oh! And the fabric! BEAUTIFUL! The red is incredible!

  • Rock on, Grace! You totally inspire me in that small space. So many times, I think “Oh, I can’t do X or Y because I don’t have a yard …”

    Thanks for proving me wrong. And the kitty wandering that’s going on in the background = priceless.

  • omigosh grace that headboard is BEAUTIFUL!!!! i love the colors of it, especially in your otherwise neutral color scheme- it is perfect! :)

  • Grace! I loved this project and i’ts so great to see such a clear, informative video with such an awesome DIY project. I love Design*Sponge and look forward to reading the posts everyday.


  • great job grace! i’ve been wanting to upholster a headboard for years… maybe even for a couple of decades and now i will finally do it because you have given me the confidence to do so with such a straightforward video done in such an easy style. you make everything less intimidating grace! please continue on with more projects in the future! you are inspiring!

  • Grace.

    Must you always knock things out the park?!!!LOL…

    Love the Video and adding to the You Tube Channel. You are most awesom!!! This project would look great with an ethnic African print….


  • Adorable. I’ve been dying to make a headboard (I’m obsessed with Don Draper’s in Mad Men) and this is absolutely going to be my next weekend project. thanks much!

  • Grace-

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! It’s very similar to one I had my eye on at Anthropologie and I can’t wait to give it a try.

    I would also be very interested in a pdf of the headboard. Hopefully your friend helps us out!


  • This was so well done! I’ve seen these projects in magazines but there is no substitute for video. I love this site and this is one of my favorite posts.

  • Grace I think you need a Design Sponge Talk Show!! It would be so fun…you would be great at that :)

  • oh oh oh! very cool. i’ve been toying with tackling a bedhead for our bedroom at home, and now i’m determined. just need to find the right fabric. the red you used looks great, i may have to visit a few local fabric stores and see what i can find!

  • It looks so expensive and wonderful….

    Ive been dying to do a headboard like that for years too, but after having a leather headboard, and how easy it is to clean and take care of, I couldnt do a fabric headboard. I would be so afraid of my cat clawing at it, and I sit up in bed all the time, so I would be afraid of making the fabric dirty or something.

    Its so sad because I love the graphic prints and the colors…and it would be easier to staple fabric to wood then say a leather or vinyl. It is also alot less money.

    My favorite part about your headboard is the shape. That is the exact shape Ive always wanted to do……but in a tufted white leather lol.

  • Who knew the affordable headboard I’ve always wanted was one short afternoon of fun work away? I found a great chair this summer (next to a Free sign on a country road in Nova Scotia) and reupholstered it for my sons bedroom…now a headboard is next for my room! Thnks for these clear directions. How much did it cost to do total?

  • It’s beautiful.
    How would you advise protecting it from the natural oils released by heads leaning back against it? especially as the material is partly white.
    Would you Scotchgard it, maybe?
    Sorry to be a downer!

    • eeloh

      scotchguard is definitely a big help. and you can lightly dab at it with a damp cloth to get rid of any obvious stains. i’m not sure how to clean it in the long run- i’ll have to ask around to my fabric-y friends ;)


    • just wanted to say thanks again for all the nice comments and emails- after a long day of working alone it really meant a lot to hear from so many of you. thanks :)


  • Oh cool! I had to watch this even though I’m not interested in doing the project to 1. Learn something New and 2. See the creator of this blog! I have been reading you in my feed for a few months now, and it’s cool to put a face with the writings! :)

  • I love the whole thing! I am looking for swing arm lamps like yours…do you know the manufacturer?

  • Great video! The best part was finally seeing you, Grace. How I pine for a room with some architectural details. I love out here in the wild west where we have short ceilings and no trim on the windows or doors. But I may finally be ready to move around my whole (tiny) bedroom to add an upholstered headboard. Thanks for the motivation.

  • this is amazing! looks so luxurious, but yet so reachable. you make it look easy! how much time did it take u in total? might have to try a project like this with one of my fabrics!

    • seema

      if i didn’t have to stop and film things i’d say 3 hours? if you have to cut the wood i’d add an hour or so. :)


  • incredibly late to the party here, but i have to add another WOW! this is totally beautiful!!
    ( now I know what to do with our handmade bed which doesn’t have a headboard… look out rainer, here comes another project!) thanks for the inspiration! xo susan

  • I wanted to thank you for sharing the template with us. I truly love the way your headboard turn out. I have a couple of questions, if you don’t mind:
    1. Are the legs of the headboard attached to the main piece? If so, how?
    2. I can’t tell from the template how tall the main piece is all the way to the very top of the semi-circle. Is it an extra 24″? Thanks so much!!

    • ana

      the legs are attached with glue and then a piece of wood that holds the legs to the main piece.
      the main piece is 4 feet tall, the feet are 2


  • Grace,

    Thanks! I’d love to see the steps to installing the Julia Child-pegboard written down!
    I have some stud-finding anxiety and am afraid of creating something (with things hung off it) that will pull down the plaster.

    Thanks so much

  • This video was so great! Nothing beats a visual aid for diy projects. I will be bookmarking this page for the day when we no longer have a window behind our bed. Love Turk too!!

  • FYI- my husband is from the Otomi tribe in Mexico and it is pronounced,
    “Oh-toe-mee”. Love this project, i’m bookmarking it for future reference!

    • thanks shauna! i was worried i was mangling the pronunciation but couldn’t find anyone- or any website- to say it out loud for me. :)


  • I’m from Mexico and there is a particular artesanias market called la Ciudadela (it’s an old, small citadel built around the revolutionary war) and near the center of it there is a stand that mostly trades in this otomi embroidery and every single time I go there I try to think of things to do with the fabric. I thought that I could lay a piece of it across the foot of my bed, make pillows with it, frame a couple of pieces to flank something, make curtains out of them…. I’ve thought up many projects but nothing like this! Three walls of my room are painted a nice creamy gray and one is painted a dark, dull purple and it has brightly woven straw mats and a tin figure of two birds and a heart… I think I am going to look for a piece of fabric that has either teal or turquoise embroidery and then another with bright yellow embroidery for a couple of pillows! Thank you for the inspiration!

  • This is fabulous! I have a piece of Otomi fabric with orange embroidery that I’ve been holding on to for 6 years, unsure of what to do with it. This is it! Grace, I love the color of your walls too. Would you mind sharing the name/maker of the paint?

  • wow, this is amazing! when i saw the first photo i thought you were referring to the headboard you made as the one you saw in cookie magazine! everything about yours is gorgeous, well done :)

  • This is utterly stunning. You really did an amazing job with such a professional finish. Hope you had sweet dreams after all that work! Congrats and thanks for the brilliant step-by-step. I feel inspired!

  • grace you are SO AWESOME!! seriously thanks for taking the time to put up a video! i’ve looked at other headboard tutorials but they were so confusing. i’m finally going to attempt this project now, all thanks to you!

  • Thanks Grace! I’ve never attempted a project like this. Your video makes DIY look less intimidating to me! So thanks! I hope to see more videos like this one :)

  • You are a crafting genius! That fabric is amazing and I wanted it for all of my tablecloths for my wedding- unfortunately it was a bit expensive for 12 tables… ho hum.

    Inspiration!!! Thanks.

  • Grace, it’s beautiful! Do you then attach the bed to the headboard? Or do they just sit next to one another? I’d be afraid they would slide apart. Thanks! Can’t wait to do this as well.

    • hi carrie!

      the end of the video and the instructions below talk about how to attach it to the wall. i think that’s safer than attaching it to the bed, so that’s my recommendation :)


  • I absolutely LOVE this project! It looks fantastic!!! I may have missed this, but how many yards of fabric do I need?

  • just beautiful. i have loved that fabric since i first saw it in mexico on our honeymoon!

    question – how much fabric did you use?

  • I’m late to the game here, but have followed the other posts related to this famous piece of fabric and I’m wondering if you can tell me what is pictured in the original story…I think it’s a hotel? Can you share the info? I’ve tried to figure it out for so long. Thank you thank you!

  • I am so, so excited to try this. Thanks for such clear instructions! Really the most inspiring thing i’ve seen in forever, thank you!!

  • This is INSANE !!! you did such an amazing job, you cannot believe how long I’ve been looking for a good tutorial on how to make an upholstered headboard. I don’t know how I missed this post earlier since you are one of my favorite blogs !!! Thank you so much for sharing xoxo

  • Hey Grace – I absolutely LOVE the headboard. I’m looking to do the same project… do you have any recommendations of places to get pretty fabric? this is all new to me : )

  • Hi Grace! Amazing work!

    My bed sits against two windows, and Im putting curtains up behind the bed so I can’t secure it to a wall… Do you have any idea how I could secure this to my bed frame so it’s “part of” the bed? I haven’t been able to find a tutorial on that anywhere.

    Thank you for posting this and congrats on the spread in Lonny mag! I love your cavalier king charles as much as I love your home ;-)

    • hi erin!

      it depends on your bed base- if you have a metal frame you can drill the headboard into the actual frame :)


  • How would you suggest doing a full upholstered headboard instead of one with an unfinished back? I’d love any suggestions on how to make a fully upholstered headboard at home.

  • I applaud your courage and indeed, you have inspired alot of people with this finished headbord – it looks great!! Unfortunately, there is no way anyone would be able to get those kind of results unless they knew what they were doing. You have made it look FAR too easy and completely omitted the frame that was constructed to give your headboard stability. But in the end, I must thank you. It does wonders for my business!

    • upholsteress

      i’ll have to disagree- i’ve heard from so many readers and seen photos of the beautiful headboards they’ve made since watching the video.

      perhaps you missed the portion of the video where i stated i had the headboard made, but that’s not something i hid. i wanted to show readers both options- having a custom headboard shape cut (something many people have had done since we ran this- i’ve gotten some very nice emails from local carpenters who were hired to make them and appreciated the new business) or making your own. obviously cutting a pattern like this isn’t something everyone can do, but like the project clearly states, you can always cut a simpler shape, like a clean rectangle. that’s definitely not beyond most people’s range of skills.

      i’m glad that this is something you specialize in, but please read or watch the video more closely before you assume certain facts are left out. i work very hard to make sure projects are do-able, which is why i did this one on camera in real time. i wanted to literally show you than anyone could do this upholstery project- because if i can do it, most people can.


  • Pardon me, upon rereading me comments I realized I wasn’t very clear. I appreciate the fact that people are being industrious and making things themselves, but there is a reason professionals charge what we do to make a headboard like that. Noted, you mentioned that you had a carpenter friend constructing the headboard for you – but there was no mention of the thickness of plywood necessary for stability or how the legs were attached. The foam you chose, was perhaps the most basic quality imaginable (at that price) and the batting was not something I would ever use in my shop. Although I applaud how straight you cut your foam, it would be easier to take a template to a foam shop and have it cut for you. I can see you had a shortage of space – the board was large and tough to manuever – but attaching your fabric on the floor, site unseen is a recipe for disaster. How can you tell if your pattern is centered and the fabric is taught?
    What exactly are flush mounts? Where do you get them?
    Real time? What is that exactly?
    I have spent many years perfecting what I do.. and it would take me 1/2 days to have that done properly. You, obviously have alot of design savvy and know what things should look like. From having taught basic upholstery, I can tell you, this is not that common. Perhaps though, if people do try this themselves, they may appreciate their upholsterers just a litte bit more.

    • upholsteress

      did you watch the video? i have a feeling you didn’t.

      this isn’t a “professional” upholstery job (nor does it claim to be), but frankly most of us can’t afford that cost of labor. when i had this piece estimated at local shops they were asking upwards of $1200. i chose to go a DIY route. my edges aren’t perfect, but they’re pretty good for a home job.

      if you watched the full video you’ll see i walk you through or explain the questions that you’re asking about (what flush mounts are, how to center your fabric, how to protect it from the floor). there’s even a downloadable pdf of the shape to print out or take to a local carpenter if you choose to go with a complicated shape like i did. please watch the process and you’ll see that i complete most everything on camera to show people how easily a home-version can be made.

      i fully respect what upholsterers do, but i’d hope you’d have a bit more respect for what the average crafter can do. this project came out beautifully and many readers have replicated the look since. it’s definitely not uncommon or beyond the scope of someone with a little patience and elbow grease.


  • Grace-
    I am working on upholstering a headboard of the exact sampe shape- only king size.
    How in the world did you get your fabric so smooth where the top arch meets the flat portion? I’m having the hardest time with that!


  • I did it! And it looks great! Because I didn’t want to cut the plywood myself (or hire someone else to do it), I built a basic frame with 1x2s. Then, I cut the headboard shape with a kitchen knife out of thick styrofoam, and attached it to the frame. It’s sturdy (enough), and as Julia Child says, “Whoooo would know?”

  • Beautiful headboard.
    I also love the color of your walls. Do you remember what paint and color you used?

  • This is beautiful! Thank you so much for the step-by-step. My new husband and I move to our first house in Jan. and this is definitely happening for our guest room bed (although if it really turns out great, I may switch it for our master bed!) I might look for a more neutral fabric – any good suggestions on a neutral linen fabric? How high quality does the fabric need to be? I am just starting to learn about textiles!

    • hi alicia!

      with textiles, higher quality fabrics always make for a nicer finish, but they aren’t required for a project like this. though you do want to ask if the fabric is upholstery weight, which gives a nicer finish. i like purlsoho.com’s linens- but you could always try somewhere like joanne’s fabric for a basic like that.


  • Thank you so much! I just started reading your blog and will be a loyal reader from now on! What a fantastic eye you have for design!

  • Hi Grace! I am hoping to recreate a headboard as well. I checked your link to the batting website, but I couldn’t tell what type of batting would be best for this kind of project. What kind did you use? Did you get it from FairField? Thanks! Remy

  • I love this headboard – so much that this week I have been working on one of my own! It is almost complete but I am having some difficulty with stretching the fabric at the 90 degree angle. I cannot seem to make it where it is smooth in the front. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks for the GREAT idea!

    :) Christine

    • hi christine!

      sometimes it helps to cut a bit of fabric off so you can fold and staple more cleanly. i basically did a lot of pulling, stretching and stapling so if you need a few extra staples to keep it taut, have at it! :)


  • Grace- What website did you order the foam off of? It’s a beautiful project, and I’m excited to make a tufted version for my daughter’s room. Thanks for the great video for the “how-to” and the inspiration that it can be DIY!

  • Grace – I have been eyeing the york headboard from pottery barn for months now, but with the $900 price tag it’s way out of my league. I love the shape of the headboard. It reminds me of hollywood regency, which I love! I am so HAPPY that you have provided this great tutorial! I’m going to try and conquer this diy project! Thanks!

  • Grace!

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful and inspirational tutorial! Upon seeing your post I felt empowered and almost immediately set out to make my very own headboard from start to finish. I really appreciated that you posted the exact measurements of your headboard from your carpenter, as I used your design and cut out the headboard myself (thank you large apartment patio, new jig-saw and my mother for holding the plywood for me). I was finally able to put to use some of the yards and yards of vintage fabric I have stored away and now have a custom guest bed just to my liking.

    Keep up the great posts!!

  • Youre headboard is stunning !You have given me the courage to try this for myself.Thanks for providing very clear,easy instructions and sharing .

  • hey, love this!! I am going to attempt it this weekend. I am actually wondering what the color of the wall is in your pictures at your place?

  • Hi Grace,

    I know you stated that you used 2meter x 2meter fabric for your bed size… I’m wondering if you think I’d need to buy larger fabric for a queen size bed in the same shape you created…..?

    Thanks!!! Can’t wait to try this!

    • hi kelly!

      you might need a bit more. i had like 3 inches left on all sides (except the bottom, which had more leftover because i had a less solid shape there- legs) which wouldn’t be enough to expand it by much. but i actually have mine sticking out on the edges by like 3 inches, so if you’re ok with yours not sticking out from the edges (ie: being the same width as the mattress) you might be able to pull it off :)

      if you’re buying yardage, then i’d buy more. but mine was a pre-cut shape so i couldn’t change it.


  • Grace, For the past 2 hrsI’ve been searching for an Arch Tufted headboard online (in place of studying for my midterm haha). I FINALLY found one I loved at the neiman marcus site ..and it was ONLY $5600. that sure is a bargain…. if you’re a millionaire. lol. So I went back to google to continue my search, and i just happened to come across THIS site… one word..BEAUTIFUL! I WUV IT! About 4 months ago I purchased the supplies to make a rectangular tufted headboard, after seeing this shape, however, I’m headed back to Downtown, Los Angeles to buy more foam and fabric! lol. Quick question though, what size bed is that template you provided good for? My bed’s a queen.. I’m thinking the link you posted will be kinda small for my bed. Do you have a Template for a queen? Thanks a bunch grace :)

    • hi maddy

      that’s great! i’d just ask your carpenter to increase the dimensions by 3-5 inches all around. i have a full bed, so it’s not a ton smaller, but you’ll probably want it a few inches larger all around.


  • I hope you get this comment…I’m working with a local carpenter to cut out the headboard and was wondering how thick the wood was that you used??

  • that’s really really great work!
    i love it!

    i really want to try but i am not sure about the color.

    did you use red or salmon color?
    please~~~` let me know~!!!

    thank you sooooooo much!

  • Hi Grace

    It’s the first time that I comment on a blog and that’s because you are amazing!
    I finally did this headboard last weekend! it looks amazing BUT like Christine said and others, I could’nt get the fabric in the corner (6 inches part meeting the top curve). Maybe your fabric was soft and very easy to fold and stretch? I was so scare to rip the fabric, did not really work . I even cut a bit of frabric to take the tension away, no sucess :( Do you have any advise?

    • Hi Annie

      I had the same problem but I was a bit less scared to rip the fabric because the piece i had was pretty tough- are you using Otomi fabric, or upholstery weight fabric?

      I just did a lot of pulling, tugging, stapling and repeating- I was able to hide the staples on the side or back enough to make it work.

      If you try ehow.com or YouTube there might be an in depth video from someone on tricks for making corners easier


  • Hi Grace,
    I just finished this headboard a few days ago. A friend cut the headboard for me following the pattern provided which fits a queen size bed nicely. I used a peacock blue velvet upholstery fabric. It seems to be impossible to get a smooth edge where curves and straight edges meet. So unfortunately mine doesn’t look as perfect as I would like although after a lot of work pretty smooth but hardly professional. I’m so glad the fabric was half price. I think printed fabric is best for this as it hides a multitude of flaws. I’m thinking of a redo but my 18yr old daughter loves it(as it is very dramatic) so it may go to her. Also I used 54″ wide fabric which is just enough top to bottom on the headboard. I used extra fabric to cover the legs, just fold fabric and overlap where the headboard and legs meet. To the professional upholsterers all of us crafters know that it would be better to have you guys do this for us but if we had the money to pay someone to do it we would have just bought the bed of our dreams to begin with. In the mean time we continue with our DIY projects and are thankful that there are people like Grace to help us out! Keep the DIY projects coming Grace! By the way my headboard cost $134 and most important I used an electric staple gun.

  • Hi There! I just now came across your site. So far- amazing! I’ve been searching for the perfect How-to on making your own headboard, and so many of them have endless steps that seem so redundant. But yours was perfect- simple yet thorough, and the end result- perfectly crafted. I’m starting my own headboard this weekend, and am so greatful for the steps you’ve provided. Thank you so muhc! I look forward to following your blog. What a find!

  • Beautiful! It should be mentioned that most home decorator fabric is 54″ wide. You need to take that into consideration when planning the size of your headboard.

    • chelsea

      i bought a 6 foot square piece of fabric from jacaranda home. (they’re sold in sizes like that, not yardage)


  • grace — i know i’m late to the party, but ever since you featured that fabric i’ve been obsessed too!

    anyway, i was in marfa, texas last week (if you haven’t been, you would love it!) and saw the same fabric in blanket/bedspread form at jm dry goods and totally thought of you! if i would have had an extra $300 lying around, i would have gotten one. :)

    • i want to go there so badly. i think i might have to make a detour when we hit texas for the d*s book tour next year ;) that fabric in that pink is PERFECT!


  • Hi Grace – love your blog and just stumbled across it as we are attempting our own headboard. I clicked on the links above for the templates and they are not active. Do you have a template or know where I might find one for a kind size bed. Thanks Grace

  • Thank you very much – sending my husband to the lumber yard as soon as its posted – lol.

  • Hi Grace. I bookedmarked this project back when you first posted back in 2009 it and I am finally going to do it! Thankyou for your ever inspiring projects!

  • Hi Grace: Well I am in the process of covering my headboard…..I am having such trouble with the first two angles that come off the semi-circle at the top. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • patrice

      sadly the curves are the toughest part- you’ll need to pull really tight and staple over and over. it won’t be perfect on the back, but if you can staple, even on the sides, you can get it to look great from the front. i don’t have any secrets sadly- i just kept pulling taught and stapling as i went, then i cut off the excess after i stapled everything. it’s really just about adjusting and re-adjusting as you go along.


  • Grace- Just finished making my headboard using your tutorial. It’s the first time I’ve ever attempted a DIY as big as this and it went so so well! I did a rectangular shape for my headboard, which definitely made the pulling and stapling fabric easier. For fabric I used a cloth shower curtain from Target. I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me! If you want to see a picture of it let me know!

  • Grace, This is very inspiring! I clicked on the link for the template but it is still inactive. Thanks for this project and whatever you can do to get to the template.

  • This is so amazing! I’ve followed your site for a while, but for some reason never saw this post. It is exactly what I need for my master bedroom! Could you send me the pdf for the template? The link is broken. Thanks so much for all of the inspiration and detailed instructions!

    • emily

      thanks- so glad you like it. i just commented about the pdf- hoping to get a new one. the earlier one was lost when our ftp crashed :(


  • Gorgeous headboard!! Tried to downlaod the template but it said not available : ( Is there somewhere else I can find it? I would love to have this in my room!!

  • Hi,
    I am just now seeing this incredible headboard-and would love to make it myself, but the links for the template don’t seem to work……anyway I could see that somewhere?
    Thanks a lot!!!

  • oh oops, I just read the previous comments! will keep looking for the new pdf-thanks!!

  • It’s so pretty!! I’m getting ready to make my own and I was wondering what kind of frame you use to hold up the bed? Is it just the regular metal frame?

  • You did a very good job, very pretty. I hope you can get the PDF file soon.
    Thansk for all the Information.

  • I’d also love that PDF template! It’s great! I tried to click on the “Update” link but that one doesn’t work either. Is there another update coming soon?

  • Grace, I love your headboard! What an eye catching piece in the bedroom! Would you please post the template for the headboard again? The link seems to be broken. Thanks a million!

    • sandy

      i think a left a comment about this in the comment section above, but but if not- the template was lost when our ftp was hacked. sadly i don’t have another- so i’ve been emailing around trying to see if i can have someone make a new one. sorry!


  • beautiful! grace, i am making a headboard, but with a rectangular shape. i was just wondering–what are the overall dimensions of your headboard? ie: width and height? i love the height of your headboard, and i’m wondering specifically how tall it is. (this will help me determine how tall to make my own :) )


  • Beautiful! I am so inspired! When I click on the template link it comes up as “Page not found” do you have a different source or maybe I am doing something wrong? I am not sure how else to figure out how to trace the size and shape for the wood… Thanks again!

  • grace,

    so in love. so glad i found this post. Quick question…any idea what the dimensions would be for a queen size bed?

    Much thanks!! K

    • kristen

      i’m afraid i don’t know offhand, i’m so sorry. but if you check out any box store’s website (pottery barn, etc) and see what the dimensions of their queen sized headboards are you can use that as a ref. point :)


  • I am following your guidelines to make a headboard to my daughters cheap ikea bed and its going very well so far! Its my first big diy project and i’m so proud of myself. Thanks, Grace!

  • Hi Grace,

    I love your headboard and I was just wondering what were the original dimensions of the piece of wood you bought?

    Thanks, Frankie

  • I have been looking for a good tutorial to make a headboard. This is a great help for making my own.

  • Love the headboard, and one of the best video I have ever seen. Grace, I have a window behind my bed, and to the left alittle, not centered, and not very big. Any design suggestions for doing a headboard and it looking good. Thanks C. Do you look at pics and give design advice?

    • Hi Christine

      I help with design advice as often as possible. Though these days the book schedule has me with less free time than I’d like to do so.

      In you case it’s hard to tell without seeing the space- feel free to email an image and one of us here can weigh in :)


  • i REALLY love it, love everthing on yr website…as i’m from ASIA, HONG KONG…i never thought there are so much things we can D.I.Y or reuse with a litter inspire come out with a chic and great looks … thanks for all the nice work and tips. ;-)

  • It is an absolutely gorgeous headboard. Here is a question for you: how would you create an upholstered headboard if you had a wood bed frame/bed. So, the headboard is attached to the rest of the bed. I have looked online, but haven’t found anything yet. Thank you so much.

    • carmen

      does your bed frame have a headboard already? or just the bottom frame? if it’s just a flat frame you can screw the legs of the headboard into the frame itself :)


    • ah, do you want to upholster over that? you won’t be able to make one like mine for this unless you take off the headboard piece. this headboard i did is primarily for people with no headboard or just a bottom bed frame. but you can upholster yours if you want. it will just have a line on the sides where the fabric stops and the wood starts up again.

  • Thank you so much. I will be giving it a shot. Might even send some before and after pics.

  • Hi Grace, I’ve LOVED this headboard idea ever since you posted it, but every time I click on the link for the plans for the wood, it says the page cannot be found. Have they been removed? Is there a way to get them??? I’ve been saving my pennies to get the fabric and finally have enough and now the plans are gone! : (
    Can I get them somehow?

  • Hi,

    Love this headboard. On a diff. note: can you tell me the color paint shade on your wall?

    • thanks cc!

      the wall color is “senora gray” by benjamin moore. it reads more like a taupe/tan in person.


  • It’s amazing how long this has been posted and still people
    like me are recently drawn to it!! Beautiful Bed!!! I’ve been
    trying for 30 years to replace mine…never could find exaclty what
    I wanted…till now!! Two questions…How dense is the foam you
    used?? Regular density or High Density? Also what brand foam
    adhesive did you use? I’m looking to make a king size headboard!
    Wish me luck!

  • Hi! You totally inspired me to do it! Thanks :) I whipped up this guy in just a few hours!


    I also made a queen size headboard template (that is to scale) for my project. I see a lot of people have been asking about the dimensions for a queen headboard, and i’d be happy to let you use it if you are interested. It is posted at the link above, but I can email it also if you’d like.

  • Hello Grace,

    Thumbs up!!! You did an amazing job on this headboard. It is a head-turner. Ever since I saw this headboard, I have been returning to this web page time and time again. I feel inspired to take on a redecoration project but I am a novice and would really appreciate a few tips. I have had a look at Jacaranda’s website and there are different sizes and colours of fabric. Did you purchase the large Otomi fabric? Also which colour is the fabric and is your bed a double or Queen size? Is 3″ extra inches on all sides a reference to get the same “dramatic effect”?

    Moreover, I live in London, UK, and I could not find any store selling this handmade Otomi fabric in the size required for a large headboard nor could I find a Benjamin Moore retailer. Please help!!!

    I must also add that I prefer your headboard to the one on the magazine. You really have an eye for details & symmetry.

    Thanking you in advance.


    P.S: Furthermore, I have had a crush on Blair Waldorf’s bedroom in Gossip Girl and have been puzzling over the metallic silver backdrop. Is it fabric panels or a headboard? Do you have any tips on how to re-create such a room with a romantic boudoir feel?

    • hi caroline

      thanks! i purchased the large fabric in the red color. our bed is a full size, and it juts out by about 3 inches on each size. if you contact the seller i site below (jacarandahome.com) she can source a larger piece for you and mail it over :)

      *i’m afraid i don’t watch gossip girl so i don’t know the headboard you mentioned. but if you send a picture i can check it out and help.


  • This turned out great!! What an amazing job! Looks like the link to the wood template is not working – would you be able to send me the info?

    Thank you!!

  • Grace – I’ve admired your headboard forever and have now almost finished it; however it is stumped! I have a solid color fabric and CANNOT for the life of me wrap the fabric around the curves and edges without it looking like a 3 year old did it. What is your secret?

    • hi leslie!

      sadly there’s not a big secret- you’ll need to pull and adjust a lot and keep stapling until you get it smooth. it took me a while but a lot of extra side staples help. you can’t see the back of the headboard so the “3 yr old” portion of mine is hidden ;)


  • hi there! if you would be able to share the link to the headboard template? looks like the link above has an error.

    thanks so much!!

  • I love the headboard ( the fabric is beautiful) and your tutorial : clear instructions. Thank you so much for sharing. I will definitely use your steps.

  • I love what you have done so much I’m going to make it and try to make some slip covers for it for different looks!

  • What were the size of the fabric? I found a 75×68 piece not sure if that is enough for the full sized headboard.

  • I called a carpenter today. Can’t wait to make this!
    The pattern says 52″–i looked at a pottery barn bed frame and it says 53 inches wide. What bed frame did you use? Confused about the pattern. Is it 52 inches with 4 inches extra on each side? Thanks

  • Hi Grace, really nice step-by-step video, I’ve wanted t this for some time and now I’m almost 100% sure on how to do it, I just got one question. How do you fit in your matres? Is the headbord cut as the matres can be put into the hole, so you loose a couple of cm., or is the matres higher than the hole of the headboard?


    • hi ditte

      the opening in the headboard is about 3 inches lower than the height of the mattress. you don’t have to cut a hole/opening, but if you do, you need to account for that space.

      grace :)

  • Hi Grace,

    I am planning on making this headboard and am wondering where I can purchase the foam. Do they sell foam at Home Depot or JoAnn fabric? Thanks!!

    • andria

      fantastic! the foam can be purchased cheaply online, but joanne fabric usually has it as well (i’ve never seen it at home depot sadly)

      grace :)

  • Hey Grace!

    I’ve been wanting to make my own headboard for years now and after reading your tutorial and watching your video, I finally feel confident enough to take on the challenge. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    Dhwani :)

  • Exceptional post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Bless you!

  • Awesome blog! Do you have any tips for aspiring writers? I’m hoping to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m totally confused .. Any recommendations? Thanks a lot!

  • If a fabric is only available by the yard and not able to cover the whole headboard in one piece, what would suggest one do to prevent the overlapping of patterns that comes from sewing the fabrics together?

    • missy

      this project really requires fabric that is large enough to be used without cutting. i would suggest repurposing an old quilt, duvet cover, etc so that it’s large enough. if you need to sew them together i’d try to do it vertically and match up the patterns as well as you can.


  • hi grace – love how this turned out!! i am hoping to try a DIY headboard myself and would love to take a look at the wood template. looks like the link above isn’t working, anyway you could send me way? thanks so much!

  • I’d also love to get an active link to the wood template if at all possible. What a phenomenal project!

  • Hi, Grace,
    I know you are probably tired of this question and especially since this has been going on since 2009, but is there anyway I can get the headboard template? Love the bed, can’t afford to buy it and you have inspired me to make it. That is what happens when you are a good teacher!!! Went to the site but page was not found. If you could let me know how to get it I would really appreciate it! Love your work!!!

  • Stunning job! I was googling a DIY way to make a headboard and came across your page. Absolutely gorgeous! I want to make something like that.

  • So excited to try this tomorrow! We are using it for a king size bed, so the template will have to be stretched a bit. I purchased a queen sized quilt to use to cover the headboard. I’m hoping the quilting will allow me to get away with not using batting. Plus the quilt had accessories for purchase (throw pillows, etc.) to coordinate! I did a search for some specific advice on dealing with the corners and curves, and this post had some good ideas: http://decorallure.blogspot.com/2011/04/diy-padded-headboard.html If we manage to pull it off, I’ll send some photos (fingers crossed)!


  • Great project! I love this idea and we sooo need a headboard. :)

    One thing, the link to the template says it expired 9/1/11. :( Is there anyway you can put it up again? Thanks! And keep up the great work!

    *found you on Tip Junkie

  • Had a blast making the headboard. I have a pic, but I don’t know how to put it on here. What is your email?

  • Love, love, love this post. By far the best DIY upholstered headboard video ever. I really wanted an upholstered bed (king size) but it cost more than I’m willing to spend. So I think a headboard is the best choice for my pocket. Since I want a king size headboard do you know how much I need to alter the headboard dimensions? I’m thinking I need to add 2-3 inches all around.

  • Hi, I have cut out my headboard with your template and I have been staring at for a few days now bc I am thinking of doing a diamond tuft on it but I have no idea where to start with measuring out the button places. Any suggestions?

    • Krystal

      It really depends on where you want the diamonds laid out. I didn’t do that with mine so I’m afraid I can’t speak from experience but I bet YouTube would have a few tutorials that would be helpful. :)


  • I love this headboard! I made a similar shape but found it very difficult to upholster the fabric around the curves of the headboard without creating wrinkles in the fabric or uneven areas. Did you cut your fabric at all when upholstering? If you have any tips for working with curvy shapes and corners I’d really appreciate it! Thank you!

  • I just made a twin size headboard from your video! I found out that it was all as easy as it looks except getting the fabric around the curves…whew! I was left with minimal creases around the cruves, but I think it still looks awesome and my daughter is so excited! All in all My costs were:
    Plywood: $0 ( my dad had a scrap piece & my uncle cut it for free)
    Foam: $14 ( had some left over for another project too!) yay!
    Batting: $less than $4
    Spray adhesive$ 5
    Fabric: less than $20 (1 1/2 yards)
    Total: about $43.00!!

    Ps, I used 1. 1/2in thick foam and it cut perfectly with regular scissors!

    Time: about 2 hours, that’s with two toddlers trying to help!

  • you are SO CUTE! we would be best friends if I lived in the city. awesome job with the headboard. your video is super professional- thanks so much for posting!!

  • went to the website that you used for the foam and wasn’t sure which on to order, do you remember what the part number was? I am going to try and do the full size headboard.

  • Hi Grace,
    First of all, your headboard is beautiful! Secondly, I noticed in the comments above, that other people have come across some trouble with the upholstery at the 90 degree angle area. I am currently working on a queen-sized headboard, 62″ wide, 44″ high. I have adapted your template to fit this size. I am using 1/2″ plywood and 3″ foam and upholstery quality fabric. I ran into a lot of trouble upholstering at the 90 degree angle sections and actually went to ask some advice from a couple of upholsterers in my area. What they recommended might come in handy for some other people experiencing the same problem as me. They suggested making a border around the entire frame of the headboard and sewing this to the fabric that has been cut out exactly the size of the plywood (+ 1/2″). The border is then upholstered to the plywood (i.e. stapled). This allows for retaining of the curved shape of the headboard while maintaining a nice smooth surface on the front of the headboard with no ripples in the fabric that often occur with tugging and stretching. I hope this helps some other people who have decided to adapt your headboard style.

  • Like some of your other readers, my husband and I also tackled this DIY. We were off to a fantastic start. However, I wish you had included video footage of covering the curves and angles with your fabric. Or if there had been a disclaimer. At the very least, I wish we had read comments of other readers who actually attempted this themselves so we would have been better prepared ;) We are still trying to get all the wrinkles out. Should we cut? Just pull? When you stapled the sides, are they visible? yours looks great in the photos

    • elhaam

      honestly, all i did was pull, tug and staple until i got it right. the back isn’t neat and even- that’s why it’s against a wall ;)


  • I am having the same problem with the inverted corner. Can you please tell me if i have to make any cuts anywhere on my fabric to keep it from buckling??

  • Also, do you think it would be possible to use foam core instead of wood for this headboard?

  • Hi! You did such a marvelous throughourl job on the writing & bed board. Now that a few years have pasted how has it been to clean? Does it get very dusty? Please let me know! I really would love to emulate!!! Thanks! Keep up the great designing & sharing!

  • I wonder what the dimensions would be for a twin bed? Would love to see that template.

  • Love, Love, Love this! How big was the fabric that you used? and did you pay a ton for it? I’ve been looking and came across Spoonflower. Have you heard anything about them for fabric?

    • hi hideko

      i mentioned the size in the post above (6 feet), the price is on the site (it varies by size).

      and yes, spoonflower is great. although i haven’t used it for upholstery weight fabric yet.


  • great tutorial. thanks for sharing. yours turned out so professional and designer looking. didn’t even look like a DIY.

  • Hi Grace!

    This looks lovely! My husband and I are 95% done with ours and we are totally stuck on how to finish the legs. we have the top and sides staples…but can’t figure out how to upholster around the 90 degree turns for the inside of the legs and the bottom of the headboard (does that make sense?)

    Can you tell me how you did it? I thought maybe cutting a straight line at a 45 degree angle that meets in the very corner and wrapping the side around the leg and the rest around the bottom of the headboard but I think that you will be able to see a little bit of the batting and material underneath in a gap?


    Totally Stumped in Cincinnati!

  • Greetings! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic work!

  • Hi Grace,

    Absolutely love your headboard! It turned out so great! I am looking into doing the same thing for my bed and I want to have a local contractor build me the wood frame like you did. If you don’t mind me asking, how much did you pay him to do the woodwork? I am trying to get a good idea of what to pay someone. Thank you so much!


  • Thank you for this straightforward tutorial. I love both the shape and the fabric for this upholstered headboard.

  • Didn’t think I’d be able to pull this off, but the video made me feel more comfortable in trying and the step-by-step tutorial helps also. Wish me luck!

  • Just got an estimate from a local re-upholstery company and they wanted to charge $750 for a basic job! That didn’t even include designer tacks. Those cost extra. I’m so going to consider doing this as a DIY.

  • Thanks for this tutorial, I am going to try this! Are the measurements for a King-sized headboard?

  • Hi there – thanks for this great post. Just one question: where are the measurements? What size bed is this for?: King, Queen, Full? For the provided template, what size bed is it for? How should we adjust it to create each of these size category beds? Thank you!! Great post:)