Floral Artwork To Bring Blooms Indoors

by Bethany Joy Foss

Best of Floral Artwork on Design*Sponge

Summer is finally here and the days keep getting warmer and warmer. The flowers and plant life some of us tend outdoors are beaming under the intensity of the sun, while we often retreat to a cool spot indoors. Full of vitamin D and maybe a chilled glass of water, we try our best to not forget about those blooming beauties in our care. Maybe we grab a few snippets, throw them into a bud vase and sprinkle similar displays throughout our homes to add a flair of natural color. There is nothing quite like a fresh bouquet to bring a room to life.

Many of the homes featured here on Design Sponge celebrate floral décor of all kinds; thoughtful centerpieces, hand painted walls, and patterned wallpaper or textiles. These same spaces often show a penchant for reveling in this beauty year-round with two-dimensional floral artwork spilling onto the walls. It is no surprise that flowers are so often captured and retold through the eyes of artists. Expert and novice alike, this subject is interpreted time and time again throughout history as something special, beautiful and maybe a little mysterious. Below are a few of my favorite spaces from the archives that celebrate framed blooms that won’t ever wilt. —Bethany

Image Above: Floral designer Anna Potter is no stranger to natural beauty as the founder of Swallows & Damsons, and her Sheffield home is full of quiet moments like this one, captured by India Hobson. Her dreamy bathroom is filled with a lively plant collection and nicknamed “The Jungle” by her boys. This floral print adds a hint of pink to the green-filled space and echoes the ideas of growth and nature that overtake the small room.

Best of Floral Artwork on Design*Sponge

This floral oil painting found on Craigslist by Heidi Andrews inspired the color palette of the living room in her family’s vivacious San Diego home. The colors are reverberated by a colorful wreath and a giant red “F” found at an LA garage sale, complemented impeccably by the deep blue background.

Best of Floral Artwork on Design*Sponge

These watercolor pieces hanging in Claire Mazur and Chris Roan’s living space were painted by Claire’s grandmother, Shirley. After her passing, the artwork maintains her energetic and positive presence in their lives. They were even used on the couple’s wedding invitations and programs. I love how the sunflowers in the top painting sit next to their real-life counterparts on the left.

Best of Floral Artwork on Design*Sponge

Fiona Douglas created this delightful wall hanging to be “full to the brim” with color and flowers. This was one of the first pieces she designed for her business, Bluebellgray and is part of a blossoming collection of floral joy in her sweet Glasgow, Scotland home.

Best of Floral Artwork on Design*Sponge

William and Susan Brinson’s historic fixer-upper in Goshen, New York called Stony Ford is a work in progress and the makeover of their guest room took two months to complete. These two prints in the sitting area support their Greek Revival inspired style, framed with a rich wood that picks up on the warm tones from the scalloped sofa below.

Best of Floral Artwork on Design*Sponge

Sarah Hvass’ Copenhagen home reflects her playful illustration style with balanced color on neutrals. This 230 cm x 180 cm painting was originally purchased for the living room, but rests in the kitchen as it was too large to fit up the stairs. The oversized, classical piece looks as if it should belong in a castle instead of the small home and seems whimsical hanging next to Sarah’s bright, light-hearted décor.

Best of Floral Artwork on Design*Sponge

In Cleveland, Jennifer Harrison-Ciacchi and her husband Raymond have built their home to transform with their lifestyle and like to switch up the look every four years. This leaves them with a trove of flea market finds, garage sale treasures and a few DIY projects. Hanging above Jennifer’s flower cart worktable is this lovely floral piece that she created with plywood, trim and Anthropologie wallpaper to keep color flowing through the space.

Best of Floral Artwork on Design*Sponge

Claire and Parker Brody’s colorful 1960’s Bungalow in Austin, TX was decorated around the idea of creating unexpected color palettes in every room. Their dining room and kitchen is painted a light Farrow & Ball “Breakfast Room Green” with this giant black and white floral piece covering most of the wall. The feathery white flowers and dark background create a dreamy, oversized statement.

Best of Floral Artwork on Design*Sponge

This floral print by textile designer, Vera Neumann, was purchased by Julia Totten for her sister Ellen in their shared, Upper Westside, NYC apartment. Julia found the piece at a flea market and loves the ladybug signature at the bottom.

Best of Floral Artwork on Design*Sponge

Resting in Julie Holder and Bo Powell’s Greenpoint, Brooklyn apartment kitchen is this small piece made by pressing flowers from Julie’s wedding bouquet The quiet composition picks up on the warmth from the copper pots hanging overhead and the simple white frame blends in seamlessly with the wall behind.

Best of Floral Artwork on Design*Sponge

Laura Brunow Miner and Wilson Miner love how these floral silkscreens, purchased in a Kansas thrift store, respond to the rich wine color of the painted tin walls and the floral curtains of their San Francisco rental.

Best of Floral Artwork on Design*Sponge

After their wedding, Nina and Will Pace made cyanotypes of their rings and flowers from Nina’s bouquet and framed them as enlarged prints for the studio in their Philadelphia apartment. The various sizes are unified through color and form to create a stunning and cohesive gallery wall.

Best of Floral Artwork on Design*Sponge

Sarai Mitnick fills her home in Portland, OR with fresh blooms from her rose garden and likes to create temporary still life scenes just like this display on the mantel. This delicate floral print stays true to her vintage decorative approach and the elegant palette of the home.

Best of Floral Artwork on Design*Sponge

Vintage skis line the living room walls in P.J. Mehaffey and Dylan Hightower’s apartment in Brooklyn as salon style shelving filled with small, found objects and surrounded by various styles of floral artwork. The nature inspired elements play off one another and fill the wall to create an intimate and colorful display.

Best of Floral Artwork on Design*Sponge

This wonderful Paule Marrot piece hangs in Paula Madonna’s crisp, white kitchen. The open layout of the space inspired her to go big with the artwork for visibility from the great room that is just beyond the counter shown here.

Best of Floral Artwork on Design*Sponge

Bursts of color and a global aesthetic fill Paula Mills’ family home in Melbourne, Australia. The lovely blossom piece feels wistful and nostalgic hanging above a repetitive collection of canned tomatoes.

Best of Floral Artwork on Design*Sponge

Raya Carlisle’s sunny space in Ventura, CA mixes vintage flea market finds with quirky bursts of color like this charming vignette on the kitchen counter. The cool tones of the artwork reflect the blue of the glassware and sits against a wood panel wall that is covered with a refreshing green paint.

Best of Floral Artwork on Design*Sponge

After Roséline Lohr mentioned the idea of creating a gallery of floral paintings, a friend left five paintings with her doorman at a previous apartment, wrapped in paper and tied with a ribbon. This one, of pink carnations, found a home in the center of kitchen activity and rests on the counter amid warm tones from copper utensils, gold flatware, plum colored vegetables bundles and wood in Roséline’s home in Edinburgh.

Best of Floral Artwork on Design*Sponge

Hanging in Lynne Testoni’s dining room in Sydney, Australia is this lovely floral painting made by her old friend, Gary Baker. The piece, featuring native Australian flowers, is called “Grevilleas” and echoes the small amount of red pigment in the Porter’s Paints “Icelandic Stone” color on the wall behind.

Best of Floral Artwork on Design*Sponge

Leah Goren and Dylan Ousley’s Brooklyn apartment combines Mid-Century modern simplicity with pastels, floral patterns and decorative oddities from thrift store hunting. The first glance into their studio boasts this beautiful floral painting by Lulie Wallace.

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