15 of Our Favorite Sectional Sofas

by Grace Bonney


I love sectional sofas. Mainly because I spend a huge chunk of my life on the sofa, working and watching movies and TV when I take a break. I’ve always preferred a super comfy sofa with plenty of room to stretch out, so sectionals have always seemed the like best of both worlds- they can still have clean lines and great form, but they also provide plenty of room for multiple people to get cozy. But what I love most about sectionals is the bold design statement they makes. Smaller spaces often seem like they require smaller pieces of furniture, but for me, one larger sofa will always be a great decision (if it can practically fit in the room, of course). Sectionals give you a chance to go bold with a huge swath of color or pattern (like the sofa above) or create a soft neutral space to balance busier walls or rugs. Today I selected 15 of my favorite sectional sofas, from class L-shaped designs to curvy velvet models and lime green tufted pieces. I hope they’ll provide some inspiration if you’re looking to update your living room style. xo, grace

Image above: Jessica Helgerson created a stunning custom corner sofa for a Brooklyn townhouse she designed


I can’t get enough of this amazing orange velvet sectional in this Crown Heights home. That pop of turquoise against the orange looks amazing, too.


This groovy California kitchen makeover includes an incredible tufted green velvet sectional. 


I rarely see more classic designs like this carried into sectional form, but this pale pink velvet sofa is basically my dollhouse dream come true.


This converted ballroom contains a HUGE all-white sectional sofa that provides a neutral backdrop for a colorful wall of books.


This hair stylist’s home contains a DIY sectional made from two beds side-by-side, which provides plenty of room for stylish lounging.


This Brisbane home has a deep blue sectional accented by an amazing gallery wall of art a patterned area rug.


This LA home uses a comfy grey sectional as a neutral backdrop to colorful textiles.


This Arizona home’s sectional sofa is one of my favorites because it has a double-wide chaise on one side!


This NYC apartment’s grey walls are accented by a deep grey sectional sofa and an upholstered armchair.


This San Francisco home’s blue sectional creates a cozy little nook in the living room corner.


A soft grey sectional sofa (which seems to be the go-to color for most modern sectionals) is right at home in this Nashville house.


This Colorado home’s bright red rug is the perfect accent to a sleek grey sectional sofa.


This Brighton home’s dark grey section gets an added pop of color from bright blue pillows.

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