Rainbow Brights

by D*S Market Editors



There’s nothing happier than a rainbow. Whether it’s in the sky or on a card that someone sends you, the sight of those happy colors all shining together is an instant mood-lifter. So today I’m sharing some of my favorite rainbow-themed home decor. From funky modern neon lights and soft wool pillows to linen placemats and totally museum-level furniture designs. I hope some of these will brighten your day. xo, grace

Image above by @EBMNewhaven from the #dsrainbow feed


Image above, clockwise from top left: Rainbow Pillow $195, Rainbow Neon Light $60, Unicorn Pin $12, Rainbow plate (set of 2) by Oh Joy! for Target $14.99, Rainbow Linen Placemats $40, Rainbow Le Creuset Breakfast Gift Set $166, Rainbow Mug Set $60, Rainbow Chair (Just for fun, because this price is basically too high to even fathom), Rainbow Ear Crawlers $55, Rainbow Sandals $275, Rainbow Beaded Pin $95.

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Image above, left to right: Rainbow Notepad $8, Bamboo Nesting Bowl $70


Image above: Rainbow Doormat by Oh Joy! for Target $16.99

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