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deVOL’s Kitchen Showroom in Clerkenwell, London

by Sofia Tuovinen

deVOL’s Kitchen Showroom in Clerkenwell, London | Design*Sponge

On the corner of historic St. John’s Square in London’s Clerkenwell, a must-go neighborhood for any foodie or design lover, stands a beautiful and inviting yellow brick building with large windows facing two directions. A year ago you wouldn’t have thought there was much hope for this house — it used to be a rundown stationers and really wasn’t much to look at. The facade was dirty and dark, and all original features inside were hidden behind metal racks and reams of paper. Despite its tatty appearance, the talented team at British kitchen design company deVOL immediately knew that this house was a diamond in the rough.

Thanks to the instant success of deVOL’s first London shop just half a mile away, it had quickly become clear that one showroom couldn’t keep up with the amount of customers waiting for design appointments. Because of the high demand for beautiful kitchens, it wasn’t long before deVOL took the plunge and bought the entire building in St. John’s Square, with the intention to bring it back to its former glory. “As we explored not only the shop but the house above, we just thought it would be a fantastic place to display our kitchens and all the other amazing stuff we make and sell. From the derelict basement right up four stories to the roof garden with views of this historic square and beyond to St.Pauls, it was just an untouched, original property full of charm, character and history,” says Helen Parker, Creative Director at deVOL.

deVOL’s trusted builders quickly got to work, transforming the ground and lower ground floors into a showroom and design offices. The renovation took six months, and throughout the process the team wanted to make sure that they kept every possible original detail. The outside of the building was painted and cleaned brick by brick, and during each new stage of the renovation, the beauty of the old building became more and more apparent. “One of my favorite triumphs was getting the OK by listed buildings to replace the dingy shop loo roof with a glass one; it has completely transformed the feel of the shop and allowed us to create a light and bright and very useful pantry and new smart customer loo,” Helen explains.

When designing the showroom, Helen was inspired by the history and architectural details of the house. She also had an overriding desire to create something different from deVOL’s other spaces, introduce some new colors and be a little more daring. To achieve an English Eccentric feel, Helen chose deVOL’s Classic English furniture as the main feature. “This Georgian bespoke furniture is perfect for this type of building, large well-proportioned cupboards that have a substantial and classic elegance,” she says.

deVOL’s stunning new ground floor showroom at St. John’s Square opened up to customers this February. Walking into this unique showroom feels more like walking into someone’s kitchen and home, which is exactly what was intended. The space is authentic and comfortable, like it’s always been an integral part of the house. Customers are greeted by a beautiful mix of rich colors and textures; original wood floors, emerald green tiles, dusty pink walls and a large kitchen island usher visitors into deVOL’s world right at the door. It’s clear that the team at deVOL has great respect for history, functionality and beautiful aesthetics, and incorporates this into their kitchen designs in unconventional ways.

Eventually deVOL will be opening up the rest of the townhouse to customers, too. Although the upstairs rooms aren’t decorated yet, the showroom team is happy to take visitors up to the roof garden for a look over London. “We have a long way to go with the house but it’s exciting for me, I have a whole East End house to decorate and style, so my head is full of ideas every minute of every day,” Helen shares.

Scroll down for an exciting peak into deVOL’s unique showroom. You can get acquainted with the company’s kitchens, interiors and design services here. Sofia

Photography by deVOL Kitchens


Image above: deVOL’s St. John’s Square showroom in London exudes an air of history and warmth. Various colors and textures create an authentic feel with layers of interest. “When I started, we had a small office in a little shop with three other people and I designed kitchens with paper and a pencil […] Things just keep growing for deVOL, and our decision to open premises in London has really accelerated the growth — it’s such an exciting place to have a showroom and we have fallen in love with our new home in East London,” Helen Parker, Creative Director at deVOL shares.

deVOL’s Kitchen Showroom in Clerkenwell, London | Design*Sponge
"The house stands so proudly on the corner of this historic square, a place where so many people pass by and can see deVOL, it’s exciting and makes me very proud to work for deVOL. Designing showrooms and rooms that are already so special just makes everything so much easier -- if you have good bones things always look good on you, it’s a fact,” Helen shares.
deVOL’s Kitchen Showroom in Clerkenwell, London | Design*Sponge
Pink walls, a green ceiling and cupboards painted in deVOL's "Clerkenwell Blue." All kitchen cupboards are still made in Loughborough, Leicester, where the story of deVOL began. The wonderful wooden floors are original and the beautiful chandelier is antique.
deVOL’s Kitchen Showroom in Clerkenwell, London | Design*Sponge
The beautifully substantial countertop cupboards from deVOL’s Classic English range run along the back wall of the showroom. “I was very influenced by our Peckham Rye kitchen, its completely new feel was such a big hit with our customers that I felt maybe it was time to be brave and step outside our comfort zone,” Helen says.
deVOL’s Kitchen Showroom in Clerkenwell, London | Design*Sponge
A corner of the showroom is adorned with deVOL’s brand new handmade Emerald Green London tiles.
deVOL’s Kitchen Showroom in Clerkenwell, London | Design*Sponge
The lovely big island situated in the middle of the showroom is made up of cupboards from deVOL’s Real Shaker Kitchen range. Recently introduced ceramic Crackle Pendants hang above the island.
deVOL’s Kitchen Showroom in Clerkenwell, London | Design*Sponge
The Aged Brass "Ionian" taps are made in collaboration with Perrin and Rowe. deVOL’s fluted ceramic sinks are made in collaboration with Shaws of Darwen.
deVOL’s Kitchen Showroom in Clerkenwell, London | Design*Sponge
It’s all in the details - Aged Brass cupboard catches are the icing on the cake in this glass cabinet.
deVOL’s Kitchen Showroom in Clerkenwell, London | Design*Sponge
A doorway leading to the pantry and customer restroom. The showroom’s pink walls were achieved by mixing and layering three pink paints, using sponges and dry brushes for a textured effect.
deVOL’s Kitchen Showroom in Clerkenwell, London | Design*Sponge
The showroom pantry features open shelving stacked with pots and plants and dried food. A brass hanging rail on the opposite wall is the perfect place to hang utensils and linens. The back wall includes a secret door to the customer restroom. For added natural light, a glass ceiling was installed in the pantry, and a frosted glass version in the restroom.
deVOL’s Kitchen Showroom in Clerkenwell, London | Design*Sponge
Dried herbs and linens hang in the pantry. Walls are painted in "Drop Cloth" by Farrow & Ball.
deVOL’s Kitchen Showroom in Clerkenwell, London | Design*Sponge
Two deVOL Bum Stools stand at the end of the kitchen island. The worktop is a large slab of honed Carrara marble. The ceiling is painted in "Breakfast Room Green" by Farrow & Ball.
deVOL’s Kitchen Showroom in Clerkenwell, London | Design*Sponge
A view of the cooker run, with an entire wall of wooden cladding that adds charm and soul to the space. A brass rail for pots and pans hangs above the Wolf range.
deVOL’s Kitchen Showroom in Clerkenwell, London | Design*Sponge
The beautiful Aged Brass Pot Fillers are made in collaboration with Perrin and Rowe. “This traditional old style kitchen gadget is so handy and perfect if you're a keen cook.”

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  • I didn’t know it but this is my dream kitchen. I wouldn’t spend time in any other room in my house if this was mine!

  • So fantastic to see how deVOL has evolved and grown over the years. My first ever job was for them, in a tiny little showroom in Leicestershire in the summer of 1998. The new London showroom is beautiful as is their one near Loughborough which has a gorgeous selection of home accessories and vintage finds too.

  • Thank you for sharing this. I’m so inspired by deVOL’s take on design. I wish I lived in the UK!

  • I wonder if you might share the exact color of the window frame and off-white wall? This color scheme is my FAVORITE, but I can’t pull the trigger on a pink wall, and want that off-white to go with an emerald green couch! Thanks!

  • my dream kitchen …. so beautiful and perfect all this colr are perfection together