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Before & After: A Drab Laundry Room Becomes A Bright Dining Nook

by Erin Austen Abbott

Liz Kamarul on Design*Sponge

When Liz Kamarul and her husband Tim were looking for a new home in Portland, OR, proximity to restaurants, bars, movie theaters and shops — all within walking distance — was important to them. “This was our first home purchase and we chose this house because of the neighborhood. We knew it was perfect because, for the most part, it needed very little renovations (except the laundry/dining) and the backyard was adorable, but mostly because the location was perfection,” Liz shares.

Switching the placement of a few rooms and making key changes around the home created the flow the couple was looking for. As you’ll see from the “before” images, the old laundry room was a dark place that was sure to become a catch-all for odds and ends. Now, with the addition of french doors, new floors and the beautiful hand painted wall, done by Liz, the back part of the house is a dining room that breathes new energy into the home. “It only took a month or so to lay new floors, open the entrance and put in french doors,” Liz says. “Originally we thought it would be Tim’s office but once we finished, [we] realized we wanted Tim to be where the original dining room was since it’s more open to the rest of the house.” As for the new washer and dryer location, Liz explains, “We were able to keep the laundry in the same area — just moved it to the back corner of the room and there were already hookups for it, so it was super easy. We just bought sliding doors that block the noise, to section off the laundry room from the new dining nook.”

Putting her graphic designer and graffiti artist background to use, Liz hand painted a wall of pink flamingos, giving the room a dramatic focal point. She added fringe to an IKEA table and completed the look with thrifted chairs and a light fixture. I’d say, overall, Liz did an amazing job. I now want a wall of flamingos in my home, too… —Erin

Photography by Liz Kamarul

Image above: The completed dining nook, with hand painted flamingos, done by Liz Kamarul.

Liz Kamarul for Design*Sponge
From the old dining room, with a look into the previous laundry room to the new home office and dining nook.
Liz Kamarul for Design*Sponge
What was once the dining room, after renovations, it's now the home office for Tim Kamarul.
Liz Kamarul for Design*Sponge
A peek at the drab laundry space transformed into the beautiful dining nook that it is today.
Liz Kamarul for Design*Sponge
A peek into the newly completed dining nook.
Liz Kamarul for Design*Sponge
With only one little window, closing out a view of the great backyard, the before image leaves the room dark. Now, with full french doors, the natural light streams into the the dining nook, giving the hand painted wall its true glory.
Liz Kamarul for Design*Sponge
A lovely look through the new french doors to the calming backyard from the transformed dining nook.

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