18 Wonderful Wicker Chairs

by Bethany Joy Foss

Wicker Chairs on Design*Sponge

One of the reasons that wicker chairs are so special is that they were made by someone. No machine can completely twist, braid or bend these pieces into existence without the touch of a human hand. Wicker is the term that refers to the process of weaving materials like rattan, bamboo, and seagrass to form a beautiful and functional piece of décor. These twigs, leaves, reeds and vines work together to build strength and structure through intricate, geometric patterns that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Wicker chairs are one of those furniture pieces that have made comeback after comeback. They give a gentle nod towards nature and fit perfectly in spaces that are layered with patterned textiles or plant life. Wicker can be painted or rely on its own natural color to add character. Today, wicker chairs are as easy to find in antique stores as they are brand new. Below are 18 homes from the archives that use fiber woven chairs to enhance texture and create spaces that are nostalgic and contemporary all at once. —Bethany

Image Above: This musical moment was created by Megan Pettipoole for the Whealy’s home in Omaha, NE. The wicker chair at the piano echoes the wicker burst wallhanging above that brings in a soft, natural feeling to the bohemian-inspired space.

Wicker Chairs on Design*Sponge

Keila Marino’s colorful, southern living room is painted a soothing green, complemented perfectly with this vintage peacock chair surrounded by bright artwork and textiles.

Wicker Chairs on Design*Sponge

This unique pair in Christina Meneses’ rental home in Beverly Hills, CA are tightly woven and set around two twin beds to create a cozy effect in her son’s bedroom. These lounge chairs, patterned textiles and fibrous rug pull together the Moroccan inspired room.

Wicker Chairs on Design*Sponge

A magnificent peacock chair with intricate pattern work sits in the sunniest corner of Michelle and Karim Qazi’s home in Long Beach, CA. Michelle shares that this chair was originally an item for her shop, but she loved it too much to give it up.

Wicker Chairs on Design*Sponge

Casey and Evan Bovee’s Creative home in the Midwest combines various textures and styles to let their different tastes shine. Casey found these vintage, rattan chairs on Craigslist and uses them to section off the open floor plan in their living room. She likes that they don’t obstruct eyesight and keep the space open and airy.

Wicker Chairs on Design*Sponge

Nez and Yasin Kaya love to fill their home in Turkey with handmade treasures. The weave of this small, one-of-a-kind seat echoes the wonderful pattern and line work layered throughout the home.

Wicker Chairs on Design*Sponge

This hanging chair is where Manon, Michel and Micah sing together as a family every night before bed in their home that used to be a spice warehouse in Amsterdam. Their travels and time spent in Kenya inspired the earthy, eclectic style of the space and this swinging egg chair adds to the transitional, bohemian feel.

Wicker Chairs on Design*Sponge

Joey and Mark’s New Jersey home is bursting with vintage wicker like this Craigslist find sitting close to the front door in their reception room. Wonderful textures from wood, plants and patterns are mixed together to create an eclectic and inspiring home.

Wicker Chairs on Design*Sponge

Toshiko Shek shares that after searching for years, finding this $25, vintage peacock chair at a garage sale was one of the happiest days of her life. The white texture blends in perfectly in her bright, patterned apartment.

Wicker Chairs on Design*Sponge

Colina Terui and Justin Ono’s home in San Francisco is light and airy with a tinge of bohemian style through patterns, plants and these wicker living room chairs. The peacock in the corner is an item Colina drove an hour to pick up after finding it on Craigslist.

Wicker Chairs on Design*Sponge

Traveling photographers, Caroline and Jayden Lee’s spirited home is full of bright color and textures to reference their global adventures. They found this chair on Etsy and hung a festive piñata overhead to create a playful corner in their bedroom.

Wicker Chairs on Design*Sponge

Wicker chairs in the kitchen? Yes! This perfect pair from IKEA brings in warm, fibrous color to the white space and creates the perfect breakfast spot in Stephanie and Patrick’s Los Angeles rental.

Wicker Chairs on Design*Sponge

This wonderful wicker bench in Katie and Nicholas Sarokhanian’s mid-century home in Dallas, TX sits in their lofted bedroom. Furniture items like this are great for their three young girls to crawl all over as they listen to bedtime stories.

Wicker Chairs on Design*Sponge

Patti and Brian Wagner’s reading corner in their 1920s home in Minneapolis, MN is sweet and simple with this rattan chair and footstool purchased from Target.

Wicker Chairs on Design*Sponge

Woodworker Rochelle Chavez’s home in Studio City, CA is full of natural textures and warm, earthy tones. This ornate wicker rattan chair was found at an estate sale on a road trip to Arizona.

Wicker Chairs on Design*Sponge

The warmth from this wicker chair reflects light in this moody master bedroom in Leicestershire, England.

Wicker Chairs on Design*Sponge

This Vietnamese chair is from One King’s Lane, draped with an authentic New Zealand sheepskin for a cozy touch in Toni Brogan’s New York City apartment.

Wicker Chairs on Design*Sponge

A breathtaking peacock chair is peeking from the dining room corner in this century-old home in Dallas, TX. The black embellishment woven into the natural fibers responds to the small black forms in the rug pattern, print frames and table.

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  • I LOVE wicker chairs; it started with one I bought from a girlfriend for CHF 30.-. She had it from her grandmother and didn’t want to keep it. From then on it went on and never stopped. I bought (and passed it on later ….) an original Lloyd Loom chair in UK, had it shipped to Switzerland when we moved back and then, when we moved to France, I offered it to the buyers of our house as it was too frail to be used as a chair but made a very sophisticated ‘letter box’ – my mail was never received in more manorly fashion!
    Later on, I received from my mother in law HER mother’s armchair and that one I still use daily – a lovely, well woven and light but sturdy little gem. We have two Loom (style) armchairs in our master bedroom, it looks wonderful and we generaly love the light and holiday’ look of them. Counting, we have a 8 place garden furniture set (permanently outdoors), 2 fauteuils in the veranda, also in the artificial woven ‘plastic’ rattan style, wonderfully light and weather resistant, we have 6 more in the house – maybe I should open a Wicker Chair Sale ? :) Lovely post – thank you – there are some items to make me drool …..