An Ode To Bunk Beds: 10 Examples We Love

by Grace Bonney


Growing up, there were few things I wanted more than bunk beds. Well, bunk beds and backstage passes to a New Kids on the Block concert. As an only child, bunk beds were never a realistic option, so I’ve always wanted to find a way to sneak them into my grown-up home for some reason. Until we have children I don’t think it will happen, but I keep pinning and bookmarking creative bunk beds that would work well for little ones and adults alike. So today I’m celebrating 10 of my favorites that are great reminders that bunk beds can be a fantastic way to get creative with your DIY skills — and relive some childhood decorating fantasies in a modern way. xo, grace

Image above: This Austin home turned an unused closet space into a modern bunk bed + trundle combo. The blackboard back wall is a fun touch and a great way for kids to create their own personalized space.


This Icelandic cottage has grown-up bunk beds that turn a small space into a cozy little nook accented with salvage wood.


Another vantage point of the amazing Icelandic cottage with its grown-up bunk beds.

10Natalie  This Arizona remodel proves that beds can have a cool, industrial vibe when pipes and plumbing materials are embraced.


This San Francisco home has a GIANT net over the living room that you can actually nap on (!!) so it’s no surprise that the kids’ room would have these amazing treehouse-style bunk beds.


I love the simple frame of Sara’s boys’ bunk bed and would love to see this updated for a grown-up room. The white cut-out space would be a great chance to add a bright color, a piece of wallpaper or fabric, or even some decoupage or metallic detailing.


This Amsterdam home‘s owners decided to get creative with their children’s bunk beds and create small cut-outs to act as windows and vintage ladders to serve as access to the second-story bed.


A little bit of spray paint turned David and Rumaan’s boys’ bunkbeds into a neutral backdrop for fun patterned sheets. These would be fun in a beach house for grown-ups, too. I love the idea of pairing a grey or olive-colored metal bunk bed with patterned sheets inspired by traditional Indian patterns.


This cabin renovation uses curtains to provide privacy in a room for three and a slim design to work with the room’s modern feel.


Emily Henson’s kids have my dream-come-true bunk bed situation: their corner of the room feels like a perfect forest nook. I love the painted tree and birds above the beds and the birdhouses complete the look.


Bunk beds don’t have to be traditional beds, and this little bunked-nook from Max and Linda’s home is a great example of how a smaller alcove can be turned into a nap and play nook for younger kids.

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