10 Shops for Affordable Artwork

by Garrett Fleming

10 Shops for Affordable Art, Design*Sponge One of the most exciting home projects on my horizon is the creation of a brand-spanking-new gallery wall. The first step is already done: my special guy and I have doused the wall where it will live in a deep green hue. Our hope is this rich color will give the pieces a background that’ll help them shine. Which actual works will be shining is yet to be determined, though. There are just so many options out there, we can’t nail down which pieces to pull the trigger on. While we may not know which ones will be coming home with us, one thing is for sure: throughout the process we’ve uncovered a goldmine of art resources, and they’re all a click away.

All of the sites we came across are so fantastic, in fact, I’ve gathered 10 of them up to share with everyone today. Some are the e-commerce versions of fabulous brick-and-mortars and others support museums and charities through their sales. One thing they all have in common, however, is they’ll each help any gallery wall sing without breaking the bank. Click through to check out the entire batch. Enjoy! —Garrett

10 Shops for Affordable Art, Design*Sponge
After you check out the hand-picked collection of artists on Artfully Walls, make sure to click around to explore shoppable gallery walls curated by designers.
10 Shops for Affordable Art, Design*Sponge
The online storefront for Stacy Anne Longenecker's shop, Leif, is full of color. Most of the pieces are abstract, and it's one of the few places where you can get an original piece for under $200. If that's a little out of your price range, check our her set of $50 prints.
10 Shops for Affordable Art, Design*Sponge
10% of Paper Collective's sales go to the charity of their artists' choosing, and every piece is certified eco-friendly.
10 Shops for Affordable Art, Design*Sponge
Foursided is one of my favorite Chicago shops. Their collection of artwork is ever-changing, and once you've found your piece they'll frame it for you.
10 Shops for Affordable Art, Design*Sponge
Neighborly's another Chicago-based shop with an online inventory that's second to none. Their works are all under $50, making them a stellar option when decking your walls.
10 Shops for Affordable Art, Design*Sponge
1000 Museums aims to bring attention to their collection of fabulous institutions by offering high-quality reproductions of the art hanging inside them at an affordable price.
10 Shops for Affordable Art, Design*Sponge
Print Collection is a great go-to source for throwback travel posters and Audubon-esque, museum-quality prints.
10 Shops for Affordable Art, Design*Sponge
20x200 produces pieces that are signed by the artist and each comes with a certificate of authenticity. They also focus on giving a platform to up-and-coming artists.
10 Shops for Affordable Art, Design*Sponge
Kelly Lynn Jones founded Little Paper Planes Shop in 2004 with the aim to give herself and her artistic friends a platform for selling their work. Since then the project has spawned a brick-and-mortar location in San Francisco that hosts artist lectures and workshops.
10 Shops for Affordable Art, Design*Sponge
If you're looking for kid-friendly prints, Kindergallery's collection of worldly finds is a must visit.

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  • These are great selections! The Morroccan Shawl is perfect for what I am looking for. Love you blog.

  • Jenny from Little Green Notebook just launched a print shop with downloadable photos and art. Jenny’s Print Shop. It’s a pretty nice selection at a great price point.