10 Planters to Celebrate Earth Day

by Quelcy Kogel

10 Planters to Celebrate Earth Day

There were three occasions that really marked my elementary school experience: the book fair, soft pretzel day and Earth Day. Every April, we budding environmentalists would leave school with our very own pine tree seedling — a single stem in a little plastic pocket. I can still practically feel the squish of whatever nutrient gel was used to pack the plant.

I would burst off the bus, ready to create my pine tree grove, and then, inevitably, my seedling would die. Why they didn’t give us something more manageable, like an herb or a tomato plant is beyond me, but nonetheless, I am grateful to E. Merton Crouthamel Elementary School for instilling in me an appreciation for Mother Earth.

As an adult, Earth Day came to take on extra significance, since it’s my pup Julep’s birthday, and Julep is a nature lover! She is a diligent farmhand at our urban farm, so in honor of nostalgia and Julep, I bring you a roundup of inspiring planters. Whether you have an acreage, an acre, or a balcony, whatever you plant will contribute to the greater green. Mother Nature needs us now more than ever.

Happy Earth Day! —Quelcy

Image above: Designed by Capetown-based Laurie Wiid van Heerden for Indigenus, the Soma planter pairs lightweight reinforced concrete with wood to create a showstopping element to your patio or interior. If used outdoors, the materials will age and evolve over time. He also created a smaller, tabletop series in case you’re not ready to commit to the drama of the full size.

10 Planters to Celebrate Earth Day via Design*Sponge
Your neighbors will think you have superhuman strength when they see you arranging these substantial planters with the greatest of ease. Made from a lightweight resin composite, these Cityscape Planters are perfect for dividing outdoor spaces or adding dimension to a deck garden scheme.
10 Planters to Celebrate Earth Day
In the spirit of Earth Day and thinking globally, head to your local Ten Thousand Villages to pick up one of these vibrant hanging pocket planters. Cambodian artisans use recycled lightweight plastic fish feed bags to create this solution for vertical gardening. It’s also a great option for organizing your garden tools.
10 Planters to Celebrate Earth Day
The honeybees need us to kick planting into high gear, so consider all surfaces as fair game for greening. These Woolly Pockets turn ordinary walls into colorful, ever-changing masterpieces.
10 Planters to Celebrate Earth Day
Bring that same concept of vertical gardening indoors with the Urbio Big Happy Family Kit. For a stunning wall statement and better air quality, you can completely transform a room.
10 Planters to Celebrate Earth Day
Hand-forged in California especially for Terrain, these geometric hanging planters will take you back to sculpture class. Have fun with hanging vines and more textural plants.
10 Planters to Celebrate Earth Day
Made from reclaimed plastic bottles that would otherwise be sent to landfills, these Root Pouch Planters offer a more modern, minimal take on planters. The material is even biodegradable, so you can put it directly into the ground when transplanting.
10 Planters to Celebrate Earth Day
Who says Earth Day isn't a gift-giving holiday? Surprise someone special with a little plant in one of these handmade marbled concrete and rose gold planters from The Birch, Bear and Bee.
10 Planters to Celebrate Earth Day
Don’t have a green thumb? Let science and technology take over with this very futuristic planter, and you’ll be clipping fresh, nutrient-dense microgreens to garnish every meal. The Urban Cultivator is your fully automated kitchen garden solution.
10 Planters to Celebrate Earth Day
Don't forget the second "R" for green living - "Reuse." These vintage Canadian maple sap buckets from Through The Porthole would make great planters, especially for heat-loving plants.

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  • Thanks for featuring Ten Thousand Villages!! We’ve got a store in our town here in Ontario and I love it. I buy all our coffee there, and gifts for weddings. In fact, next time I go in for coffee I intend to get a few nice outdoor things. They also have beautiful planters. Best of all, the proceeds go to artisans around the world so it’s win-win!

  • Deeeeelightful white flower planters with the pocket planters–do you have the resource? Yay for Earth Day!! 💕🌺