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10 Of Our Favorite Organizational DIYs To Jumpstart Spring Cleaning

by Rebekah Carey

Ladder Storage Solution DIY On Design*Sponge

Spring is here — the days are getting longer, blooms are beginning to open up, and all your winter organizational procrastinating has started to rear its ugly, cluttered head. While the prospect of cleaning doesn’t particularly inspire us, it does feel good to know where our stuff is when we need it! Instead of focusing on the cleaning element, we offer a little more procrastinating in the form of some organizational crafting. We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite DIYs that are perfect for tackling spring cleaning, and getting organized in style, so you can focus on more exciting things — like picnics and finally putting away your winter layers. —Rebekah

Image above: If your space doesn’t allow for a full mudroom, you can create an organized corner for your shoes and go-to bag with this step ladder shoe storage. It’s totally customizable, but we do love the look of the light wood here!

Canvas Magazine Holder DIY On Design*Sponge

Image above: With a glut of gorgeous magazines these days, it can be hard to part with them. This canvas magazine holder gets your magazines up off of cluttered surfaces and hanging on the wall.

DIY Desk Drawer Organizer On Design*Sponge

Image above: Simple DIYs are our jam. This desk drawer organizer will help keep your office clutter at bay, and the marble contact paper is pretty and helps keep your small items from hiding against a darker background.

Corner Organizing Bar DIY On Design*Sponge

Image above: Corners can often be wasted space, so utilizing them with a corner organizer is a great way to jumpstart your spring cleaning. This simple wood DIY bar can be used for hanging jackets, plants, or if you’re getting really ambitious: it would be perfect for hanging the clothes you’re going to wear the next day!

Marbled Plastic Bag Holder DIY On Design*Sponge

Image above: Reusing plastic bags is better for the environment, but they can get unruly — jamming cupboards and clogging drawers. Having a plastic bag holder ensures you’ll always be able to find a bag when you need it, and covering it in contact paper makes it feel more high-end than their plastic counterparts.

Clay Catchall Dishes Made From Leaves DIY On Design*Sponge

Image above: Finding your keys when you’re in a rush is a special kind of (often self-inflicted) torture. Having a beautiful catchall, that you made yourself no less, is a great excuse for remembering to put your keys in the same place each time. These air-dry clay leaf catchalls don’t have to be used only for keys, but somehow their beauty seems more inspiring for keeping up the effort of placing your keys in them!

Marbled Clay Hooks DIY Found On Design*Sponge

Image above: Clay crafts are a great way to pay homage to childhood. Here they’ve been reimagined in a modern way. These marbled clay hooks are perfect for jewelry or organizing your keys.

DIY Magazine Holder On Design*Sponge

Image above: Why fold over a magazine corner when you can save your place and display your current read proudly with this minimalist magazine holder?

A Perfect Gardening DIY For Spring On Design*Sponge

Image above: Gardening season is upon us and this adorable (and functional) canvas sunprint tote is the perfect organizational gardening tool! Whether your garden consists of a few potted plants or a backyard refuge, having these tools in one place and easily at hand will make your potting (and weeding) a breeze.

DIY Desk Paper Holder Craft From Design*Sponge

Image above: Another great organizational tool for being more sustainable is this desktop paper holder (made from painted oven-bake clay) for rounding up scrap paper. Having the paper in one place ensures it will actually get used, and it clears up desk space.


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